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  1. good job Wyrd!! i hope after the other lanfuages are done, the next step are the statcards as promised
  2. really good news. i'll check my time and i think i could help in german one's.
  3. hey dudes, are ther some news about the translations? specially german 😁
  4. Hi there, title is program. Ich rougarou uses his tactical action "challenge the alpha" all Models will be pushed towards himself. Does "pounce" trigger and resolved immediatly against all targets they were pushed. In the case of crows rpugarou can trigger "on the hinter". So it has another placement and has perhaps other targets dir pounce? Or will the trigger resolved afterwardS
  5. I like this Model. Have painted the guy in the cage before assambling him into the Cage. The Same way i did the Cage pieces. I'm Not a perfect painted, but i'm proud of the outcome. I have painting the first time without washes. Only with selfmade glaces . I Hope you enjoy the pics
  6. in Addition to the last Topic "Speeding up Lady J" i've read a very interesting sentence. "I dont take her er pretty often, cause of the strategies and schemes". so my minds are spinning around i hope for some helping needles. Speed is a General Problem on Guild-Models i think so. Right? I'm still a rookie in Malifaux and playing always Guild. I only have Sonnia and Justice on Board with some other models (such as DMR, Brutal Effigy, Witchling Handlers, Guild Astringers..) . I'm learing by doing different schemes and change only 1 additional model. But i think i'm not as efficient as i should be or can with the right Master to the right schemes and strategies. So i hope to see here some effective tips. What are youre experience with the different Masters. What Schmes are you like to do with then. I dont Need "Building Lists" only MAster and the favorite Stratege/Schemes with them. Thx for your participation. Greetz Maniac-Eye
  7. I Hope to, that someone can add the GG2017, perhaps they'revwaiting on GG2028 final and Broken Promises? i think that adding the Schemes are Not as much work than adding wave 5?
  8. Stimmt die sprechen ja auch Multi was für ein fataler Fehler. Wie man sieht antworten die zumindest also wenn du mal Bock hast gerne
  9. okay thank you dudes. This will help. Next time i will look at the Upgrades
  10. In one Match, my Opponent told me, that Zero-Cost-Upgrades dont' count as Restriction for the amount of Upgrades of a Model. Further why for example has Nothing Beast the Upgrade "Void Shiels" two times? The RB says that only one UPgrade with the same name can be attached. Can someone explain me, how this works exactly
  11. /Hey Dudes, are there German/Austrian/Swizerland Players out there to Play Vassal? Greetz
  12. Yeah this is a very great Deal and i hope this really fantastic games get more dudes on it!! I have posted it in our Austrian Portal. Are the statcards also in progress for translation to buy them afterwards?
  13. Yes i think this will help. i will try it this method on my next models.
  14. Thx at all Hmm... okay i seem i see what you are meaning. Ok lets see were is my mistake. 'm thinning my colors surely. But the most i do this, the color run down the figure. So I've started to thin less than before. I think i put really much color on my brush to get the color on my figure with 1 layer. only with bright colors like yello or lemongreen and so on, i have to put more layers on it. Is it usually to thin the color and give the brush a short dry on a towel? so that less color is on the brush but enough to get some color on the figure? (sorry for my broken english, but i'm from austria and it's long ago I've learned it.
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