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The Battle for the Breach - 21/22 March 2020 - Element Games, Stockport


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A two day, 5 round Malifaux event. The event will be fixed faction and crews will be 50ss.

Schedule will be announced shortly, but it will be 3 games day 1 and 2 games on day 2.

There will be an array of trophies and awards to be won. There will be a skewed raffle and a charity raffle with a special prize.

The rulespack for the event can be found HERE. This has all of the rulings regarding proxies, deck etiquette, round timings and schedule, prizes and also the ENCOUNTERS. Please read.

The entry fee will be £25, please send payment as a FRIENDS AND FAMILY to carl7lee@hotmail.com. Any payments that are not sent as a gift will be refunded and requested to be sent in such manner. This is to ensure that all ticket sales go directly into the event.

Any questions just ask

Facebook event is HERE

1. Dan Brown (P)
2. David Cameron (P)
3. Radek Bry (P)
4. James Crosby (P)
5. Jon Cooper (P)
6. Cai Bird (P)
7. James Joynson (P)
8. Allie Whitfield
9. Lee Dowbekin (P)
10. Kyle Douglas (P)
11. Steve Johnston (P)
12. Michael Arnott (P)
13. Kiefer Bentley (P)
14. Jamie Varney (P)
15. Matt Lewin (P)
16. Stephen Thomson (P)
17. Andy 'Bush' Bushell (P)
18. Dan Knight (P)
19. Craig Colley (P)

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Happy new year Wyrdo's

Quick update regarding the event

A few early birds have got involved (thanks to those)

Prizes have arrived from Wyrd and I am going to organise them and decide how these are going to be divided out between raffles (charity and standard)

I am going to start reaching out to companies for support in various ways so keep your eyes peeled on further announcements regarding that.

The rules pack is going to get started over the weekend and hopefully I will have that done, it will include the encounters and some things I am implementing for fair play and etiquette.

I plan on making this the best event I have ran and I would love for people to get involved and be a part of something that I hope will step up to the brilliant standard of big events we have and maybe even surprise a few people as well.

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First update regarding prizes - if you place last you will get a lovely commemorative trophy as well as entry to a future event and a new deck.

Obviously commonsense has to prevail here so you can't forfeit all of your games etc. :D 

More prizes will be announced in due course, and plenty of tickets are still available

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Good morning Malifaux peoples.

A quick mid-week announcement - Gaining Grounds Season 1, the FAQ and upcoming errata.

As long as these are released prior to March 13th (a week before the event) they will be used. As soon as they are released I will revise the encounters to have new schemes and strategies, I will provide the errata/GGS1 and FAQ links before the event and some printed copies during the event.

Happy hump day :D 

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Unfortunately with the current discussions and conversations regarding Covid-19 I think it would be irresponsible as a TO for me to wait any longer before making a decision regarding the event and as such it will be postponed until further notice.
Element are currently open but this is being reviewed daily based on new information etc. making the decision now rather than hoping it goes ahead seems the logical choice, rather than leaving it until the death to decide.
I am deeply saddened to 1) let people down as I know many have made a great effort to be attend and 2) lose the time and effort I have put into making the event a success.
With the virus threat even if the event went ahead I doubt it would be of the quality I want it to be and ultimately the players would lose out on the experience I want my events to offer.
If you want a refund please let me know and I will send it over, or if you want to keep the payment for when this is rearranged/a future event that is fine too.
At the moment Element is still open so if there are people who still want to make the trip and have some casual games then maybe a smaller but social gathering can happen (if Element stays open of course).
Thanks for the understanding and apologies again.
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1 hour ago, Reservoir Dog said:

Cant imagine anyone not agreeing with this decision. Thanks for letting us know. Can I get a refund please as whilst I'd like to say I'd definitely come to the rearranged event my work/wife might have other ideas.

Thanks for the understanding bud, I will get that refund back to you in a min.

Hopefully see you at an event soon.

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