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Ophelia Lacroix vs. Parker Barrows 50SS


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I was the Parker crew in that game. It was my first time playing that crew. They are pretty tough, the Run and Gun is awesome. 

I messed up towards the end by charging Doc Mitchell into the Gremlin on the rocket. My goal was nothing more than to tie him up and hold him in place to to be able to drop the scheme markers around him for Detonate Charges, as well as keep Parker alive until I get him over to the enemy scheme markers to cash them in for Soulstones. I did not know that he had ways to move my models and himself out of melee, and that totally screwed up my strategy on that one. I didn’t get the markers, plus it killed Doc and Parker. Lessons learned, but a great game. I always enjoy the games with capopriest.

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2 hours ago, Hot4Perdita said:

So you are saying that you have to win the duel for your defensive trigger to go off?

As a general rule yes. Some triggers might go off regardless of results because they are after resolving triggers which would happen on both success and failure. 

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13 hours ago, Forgotten said:

Impressed you were able to get picture and details down. Thanks for sharing.

Btw, how long does it take you to play a game?

So far the games have ranged between 3 to 5 hours. I've gotten used to recording the Battle Report and I personally feel that the battle report portion only tacks on an additional 10 minutes or so of additional time to the game. I use a recorder to quickly say what happened in a given activation and then take a picture. 

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