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  1. Mmm the inly thing both would have in common is a shotgun, Mad Dog isn't a man/monster Hunter capable of soloing and doesn't have the mobility of Von Schill. In fact, I want the return of his pseudo-From The Shadows, although maybe I was the only one paying for that upgrade in M2E. My configuration used to be from the shadows, the old upgrade that allowed you to declare an action against models out of LoS and The Shirt Comes Off.
  2. I would like to see again a less-supporting and more beater Von Schill M2E Style, but well done. Maybe with a Chesterfield-type shotgun and gunfighter like Basse, and a couple of nice triggers. Special ammunition, for example. Like extra blast, no blast and ignoring armor, or incendiary bullets.
  3. Disagree. You are not flipping a red joker in a damage flip. Red Jokers are treated as severes on all purposes, so I think it would be 1 damage.
  4. Really, Wyrd should consider to improve a bit the leap on some models. The Necropunks were too good for 5ss IMHO, but there's better scheme runners out there, like Silurids or Gupps. I understand taking the mask, but maybe instead of less than 25% success rate, they could have gave them on the stat, so they still need a mask, but you have closer to 50% to succeed. Probably the Midnight Stalker could uave the same deal, specially since the nerf (if necropunks are garbage for 5ss, Midnight Stalker is 3ss more expensive and has the same issue with the leap). What I strongly disagree is with the huge nerf on Leveticus. Totally undeserved.
  5. I would add Stolen to the awesome totems. They are not easy to take down, saves Hamelin from death, deals surprising damage, buff vermin, and are three. EDIT: Oh, and when they die they summon two rats and do more things.
  6. I think it means the family values trigger, that allows a friendly family to take the concentrate action or draw a card.
  7. Yes, Hamelin is quite slow to play until you're very skilled with him. First, in the Rat generation engine, you must be careful where you put the scheme markers to 1 - be at least 4" Apart of each other. 2 - be in 4 from a place you are going to be with Benny (and not forget the LoS from that point). 3 - be in a place where they place rats in Hamelin's range and LoS. 4 - be in a place where they can move and do the things you want they to do. Then, in Hamelin's turn you use Unclean Influence and must be careful with 1 - each rat is moved in the right order and the right place, they don't disrupt the others rats's movements and actions. 2 - new scheme markers (if WP are in range) are dropped in the right place, having in consideration the previous 1 to 4 steps. AND WP neither blocks /disrupts other vermin movements. 3 - rat king are generated (if generated) in the right place. The Hamelin takes 3 actions. Sure it will be faster with practice, or if played in other ways, but still many much things to have in your head.
  8. Maybe something like the old "blight trap markers" (Can't remember the real name) that they gave him in the las M2E book?
  9. Von Schill breaking his shirt again, please.
  10. Because of big-leaping-beating monsters. I'm tired of facing him (my usual opponent main crew) and those Cerberus are just insane. Also, my opponent is a very casual player, so not interested in sharp lists, but I have nightmares with double Cerberus with Ss cache, blessed, ss miner and silent one with magical training. They have astonishing mobility, three killing machines, ss generation, card draw, healing, board control, and the miner...
  11. Yeah. I 'm not sure if Outcast is the weakest faction. I'm only quite sure we are not the strongest, and that maybe our strongest crew is a bit weaker than the stronger crews in other factions... Wait... XD. In our meta we've been talking about power levels, and are resolving that this game have a really weird balance, because with so many different objectives, mechanics and tables, one crew may be stupidly strong in some games, and almost useless in others, while the most useless crew could make counter to the strongest and erase it from the table. For example, I think that the strongest crews out there are Dashell, Sandeep (not so much actually), Shenlong, Von Schtook, old Colette and Zoraida, with old Dreamer, Marcus, Yan Lo and probably the non-Tara Summoners just next, but some (or probably all) of those crews are not easy at all to play. So if you are not very careful and exploit their best shenanigans, they are far from being unbeatable.
  12. Wow, not sure wich world I'm living at, because I feel you left out our three best crews xDD. Also, I think Mercenaries are like poor man's Nephilim, since they can be a bit faster in general, but has way less movement tricks, can't ignore terrain and are squishier as a crew. Parker is considered in my meta a really weak crew, because it's lack of defenses (Family-style). But I really think internal balance in Outcast was really good. If the game wanted to spread and interact, both Tara, Zipp and Viktorias were good options, if you wanted to bubble and keep your ground/the center, both Hamelin, Von Schill or Jack Daw could do the job, with Leveticus being able to do almost everything with effectiveness and Parker being left a bit behind. Now Leveticus crew is quite less impressive, so not sure in wich scenarios you would take him over other options, but increasing scheming necessities in gg2 boosts Parker a bit IMHO. And Barbaros is obviously the best leader in the crew. The true loyalist Nephilim.
  13. The same for me. I was heading to buy him the next month, but now I'll be looking other things. Not happy with wyrd just now.
  14. I think change in Leve's demise is too bad. Also the change in Leve's attack stat cames from nowhere. Not sure about Scavengers. I mean, they're a lot worse than before to the point I feel them as useles in opposite to being too good (they needed some tweak), but maybe they find some place as tech pieces. Change in Necropunks expected. They where too good and still are quite good. Change to Midnight Stalker... Not right. I almost never hired him and now without that Eternal is even easier to kill him than a Necropunk. Not sure who was complaining about him. Change to Big Jake is a bit weird. I didn't expect it and not sure if he needed it, but he feels a bit better now. Change to Talos seems to me excessive. Only allowing him to beat buried enemy models with his hammer was enough. The rest of improvements makes him an auto-include. Really hate the Wanted Criminal change. It was pure garbage out of Bandit and now is pure garbage in any keyword. I was thinking about Amalgam, being not the top keyword in the game, has receive nerfs in 5 profiles in the last two erratas. I wonder if in the next they would also nerf the OP Desolation Engine and Abominations, since wyrd's testers seem to fear so much the Leveticus's crew.
  15. Bad comparison, since Stolen are astonishingly good Totems. I would rather compare them with Desperate Mercenaries or Winged Plagues, where all three of them are fighting in the mud for being the worse 4ss model xDD. Yes, Pistolero are really bad and need some fix. I agree with that. What about allowing Bravado to use focus to reduce damage? Like "When this model suffers damage, it may reduce its Focused condition by one to reduce the damage by 1/2/3 that cannot be cheated" Like using a ss but with a min of 1 damage.
  16. Every time I see someone saying "this gives extra shoots to Mad Dog, so it's good" (Like this Hold Down or the Pull trigger) I think maybe, but it's better on the Drachen. Then I realize that nobody hires the Drachen because is garbage.
  17. Sorry to hear that. Having an actual date for actualization, FAQ and errata was IMHO one of the greatest things from Malifaux. We could hope for some buff/nerf and actual changes. Our Hype was growing firmly under control. Now, as with any other company. We have no idea of when some things are gonna be adressed (or if there's gonna be any issue adressed). A bit sad I think.
  18. I have no idea what are they, but if the Brawler is a tarpit, then he will step on another versatile model, Barbaros. Not impossible, but I doubt it. Also, as player of a crew with already 2 models with augmented fists (Hannah and Arik) I hope he has another attack. About the riflemen, depending on their cost they could easily take Desperate Mercenaries role in Mercenary crews. Let's see how they finish. No idea about what to expect from the lady. Do you imagine a model in Outcast with Obey?
  19. Not sure what to think about this. Leveticus is IMHO the best Outcast master, but is far from being in the top of the game, so not sure why do you think it's necessary to nerf his crew to play casual. Why not try to play with the opponent's crew? That way maybe your friends would learn how he plays and hoe counter him.
  20. I disagree that 2 damage+slow each turn is a good deal for a 8ss model, no matter the range.
  21. I think he means slow or staggered, not both.
  22. Not sure about this. We have quite good versatile pieces and very useful versatile tech pieces. Midnight Stalker is an extraordinary Scheme Runner, what makes our whole faction better by himself. I bet Guild would love to have him instead almost any other of their versatiles. Prospectors are really useful support pieces. They provide us with resources that many other factions would love to have. Hodgepodge Effigy is an ultra cheap healer that can help lots in crews without healing (like Plague or Tormented) or improve the survivability of any crew for cheap. The Emissary is... Well I really don't use the Emissary because 10ss for a support model is a bit much for me, although he really improves both mobility and durability of the crew. Johanna may not be the auto-take it was back in M2E, but she still beats like a truck and is a star against heavy conditions crews. Barbaros is what every tank should be. He can beat, is tough, heals himself, attracts aggro and does damage to enemies when attacked. Pride is the best of Crossroad seven, wich by itself doesn't mean a lot, but he's very useful both supporting your crew and messing with the opponent. The child is a 3ss significant model that can help your crew. Can't ask for much else at that price. Hans... Wel, as the Emissary I don't like him much. He's obviously not good enough as sniper damage dealer, but he can indeed nullify any model at a good range by giving it Slow, Distracted and Stunned. Specially good against crews that rely on Terrifying/Manipulative for defense. Maybe we don't have the best single versatile model, or the best group of versatiles. Damn, we don't have any OP-Broken versatile, bit we have very good gap-filling pieces and even our worse versatiles may have their niche role. Yes, I would like to see some improvement on Hans damage-dealing capability, but it's almost the only thing I really think needs help. Maybe we don't need some pieces because we don't need them, but that doesn't mean they're bad.
  23. You forgot Quick Getaway, which allows them to run out of LoS/range/engagement. Its 4/6 shots, wich means from 8 up to 12 min damage with 4" Larger range versus from 6 up to 9 min damage with 4" Shorter range. It depends on how the wounds are distributed, of course. Not saying that Bandidos are good or bad, but they're quite well liked as far as I know.
  24. In the fantasy world of "you engaged both Viktorias without killing none of the squishiest master in the game, and they hit with twelve attacks with 6 masks without missing a single target" Yes, they can hit three times with masks, allowing the other sister to attack antoher three times, and then the other viktoria chain activates and does the same. But is not reliable to start the activation engaged, because you know, Df6 Wp5 Wd8 with no defenses.
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