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  1. Yeah, my level is somekind of "one plus one is two, and so on".
  2. Man, I really don't understand maths. If one deck is 54 cards, and 20 of them are weaks, aren't weaks like almost 38% of the deck? And, if you flip two cards, aren't the chances of flipping at least one weak lile double (75%)?
  3. Yeah. I'm quite sure this is not true. Ot maybe I've got the worst luck in the world, because I can be hitting moderates with negative flips like once or twice a game, and I've got more games without a single moderate than games with 3+.
  4. Just to be clear, when I say I doubt it I don't mean I doubt they would see table with weak 2 damage in their gun. I mean I doubt Wyrd does that change. The proble is that they gave them in the beta a Clockwork Rifle, so not only the had a 14" Stat 5 2/3/5 gun, but they also ignored cover, and two of them used to do a heck of a gunline for 8ss. I think making the Rifle 2/3/4 would be enough to make them see a lot of table. Even would be good to give them a collier pistol with 12" 2/3/4. What kills them is that weak 1.
  5. At least this one isn't "so fragile" Against ping damage.
  6. I think the use for specifically Enemy scheme markers are: Bandit Raid (Parker1) Cashing Out (Parker1) Abandon All Hope (Parker2) Carry the Loot (Smuggler) At Gunpoint (Bandido and Dead Outlaw) Ever-Changing Wind (Wokou) I think the best by large are the ones from Parker1. So changing him for Parker2 basically makes easier for the crew to drop enemy scheme markers, and also quits the most useful shenanigans with them.
  7. I was thinking, you cannot obey a Rat Catcher to do a melee attack, but you can obey him to charge right? Then he could do his melee attack.
  8. Well, If Toni Ironsides is attacked and wins the defense by less than 6, she does a 2/3/5 damage flip with a due to accuracy modifiers applying to defensive triggers. What happens if Toni loses the duel, since her defense trigger specifies "after resolving" Wich is the accuracy modifier when you loose the duel?
  9. I just want that the new dual Bandit work better in Bandit than in the oher kw. Unlike Benny Wolcomb, Dead Outlaws, Bayou Smugglers or even the Wokou Riders. It's like every model with Bandit and other kw fits better in the other kw.
  10. I'm more into "sensible crossover character" Than into compatible mechanics. A monster from the iced mountains fits extremely well in both Rasputina and Eurípides, to the point I'm really shocked they still haven't any shared model. For example, somekind of low-street thug that smuggles some kind of substance of doubtful origin that makes no good would be a union point for Hamelin and Jakob Lynch. I wouldn't be surprised with some outlaw living in the wasteland working for Parker and/or Basse. Some ancient undead neverborn related to the Abominations may perfectly be following Titania or Leveticus.
  11. My guess is Euripides with Rasputina, wich would have all the sense.
  12. Kaeris with Pandora (Iggy) Asami with Brewmaster (Akaname) Sonnia with Nexus (Spelleater) Jedza with Euripides (The Damned) Lord Cooper with Titania (Malisaurus) Marcus with Basse (Paul Crockett) Colette with Maxine (Harata Ngaatoro) Brewmaster with Shenlong (Fermented River Monk) There's lot of masters with shared models wich haven't bee paired, Mei Feng and Mah are the exception, not the rule. I think a good fit for Hamelin would be Jakob Lynch. Agree with Leveticus being best suited with Von Schtook, although Titania would also be a good partner in his box. Parker Barrows would fit greatly with Basse. And Zipp... I have no f****ing idea. EDIT: Zipp with Misaki, because Flying Pirate Ninja Gremlin sounds right to me.
  13. It's a pulse, so it should work.
  14. Step 1: declare Pine Box. Pine Box action has been taken, you decide if drop a Coffin Marker. Step 2: pay any costs (none) Step 3: targeting. Did you dropped a Coffin marker? Then you can target an enemy within 1" Of it. Didn't you? Then the action is range 0"
  15. I find Terrifying just much better than HtK. More than half time I hire models with HtK the model is reduced to 1 wound without even triggering HtK, and the rest is widely more often HtK prevents 1 point of damage than 2+. Maybe just my bad luck, but I'm tired of losing models with HtK without time to heal them. Almost as tired as failing Terrifying duels from the damn Cerberus.
  16. Zebo

    Tara and 33

    In fact, you don't need the Emissary at all. Tara hits 33 with Rewind + Burn Out. Tara buries 33 with Stutter time and gets a couple of Pass Tokens. Tara unburies 33 with expedite (6+base= 7"), 33 places himself 2"+base with Two Places at Once (10") And takes a walk (16") Now, if Tara was at the edge of her own standard deployment, 33 is 6" Into enemy table half, ready to activate and move +charge up to 28" From your deployment, wich in standard means he could touch the other table edge. Tara still has one action to spend. Ahe could walk and unbury 33 even further, but also can do other things.
  17. Zebo

    Tara and 33

    I didn't made the tactic, just thought about how put 33 on enemy deployment first turn.
  18. Zebo

    Tara and 33

    Not if he's not buried.
  19. Zebo

    Tara and 33

    I guess is: Tara activates first. Targets 33 with Rewind and burn Out, giving him fast. Then targets 33 with Expedite and makes him walk (6"). Then 33 can walk twice (18") And charge (24") EDIT: In fact, if 33 activates near Emissary, that turns into 27". EDIT 2: Fuck, I forgot about A Wery Road. That would turn into 30"
  20. Zebo

    Tara and 33

    Some wise man talked us about Hans. Not the best plot in the world, but there is it. Hans discards a and puts Staggered+Stunned+Distracted on a model. Talos puts Burning on the same model (and buries it) Then the Scion puts fast on the same model, and makes 10 damage with a single attack. The fact is that Hans sinergizes with the crew. Maybe not outstandingly, but there is the shenanigan.
  21. There's any place where we could find a brief explanation of the models that are being shown on other media? I would love to see aome explanation on why Von Schill looks like a Blood Bowl Blitzer.
  22. I like a lot both models. Don't think VS is better or worse. He's different. He can remove any marker (thanks god, I wanted that in Freikorps... Now we only need some buff in Drachen, including Burn It All trigger on the Flamethrower), improve the crew's aoe damage, is Ruthless and plays more agressive tank than ranged support. The Metallurgist is also quite nice, recovering a pseudo Freikorps Suit in aura, healing any non-minion Freikorps and giving them an extra action or giving out upgrades. The only thing I miss is something in new Von Schill/Metallurgist to take advantage of the scraps markers Von Schill can create now.
  23. Maybe, if Wyrd realize and gives them weak 2 in their gun they will see some table. But I doubt it.
  24. Also that pseudo-better-than-armor 2 against shoots is quite sweet. Their only weakness is no attacks. I like that, while both profiles are good killing, the new one wants to be engaged and is less resource intensive.
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