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Lady J's Secret Terrifying?

Yore Huckleberry

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I ran Lady J in a 4-way game running the Halloween farmhouse event last night. My three opponents literally all toilet-bowled around the opposite half of the board, leaving me a full board half to myself.

Turns out, they'd played against her before. XD

I wonder how useful this is psychologically in tournaments? Maybe instead of a Henchman and minion, bring Lady J as a second master and time a mid-round pass token to make your opponent blink?

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This is half of Lady J’s super power IMO. She’s a psychological threat as much as she is a beater with a greatsword or a leaper scoring starts/schemes. 

Im able to get away with using her as a scare tactic now since I’ve learned just how far to extend her (lots of early games where she died much much too soon 😢) and when to leap in to battle / leap out to go scheme. 

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18 minutes ago, 4thstringer said:

I think half of my success with Sonia against one of my friends comes from my friend having played Duncan in a vassal league (without knowing who he was).  He got tabled turn 2, and to this day struggles mightily against her.

I played against his Sonnia list in vassal as well. It was not that scary and he's the one who got tabled.

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