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3e Guild Healers

Irritated Walrus

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7 minutes ago, Myyrä said:

Who else finds it annoying that the app finds word health on literally every card?

Searching for "heals" seems to do the job. Not sure if anyone has a heal that doesn't include the 's'.

Is still a fairly significant list, but does narrow it down from about six pages of results, to about two and a half.

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Efficient mono healers :

Domador, Steward (bonus action not spammable), Orderly (short range)

Conditional mono healers :

Queeg and witchling handlers (with loyal servant), Hoffman on construct, Sonnia on witchling

Pulse healer :

Rider, Emissary (conditional on end of activation of models on 3"), Exorcist (conditional corpse/scrap removal)

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