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  1. You do realize they can be summoned, right?
  2. Solid advice. The extra movement is something that I did not consider. I’m going to get him painted and on the table. The anti scheming tech is also clutch. I’ve had a lot of success with Daschel, but just haven’t got Queeg in there.
  3. Has anyone figured out how to use Queeg? I feel like making models Fast gets them too far up the board to be healed and the two damage is kind of a lot. Maybe fast Riflemen that can shoot three times and be healed by Daschel/The Guild Steward in the back?
  4. I really like bringing two Executioners and two Mounted Guard in my list and summoning some Riflemen. The Executioners and Mounted Guard are terrifying, but sling shotting the Executioners up the board with Ride With Me is terrifying.
  5. Played with Sonnia against Von Schill a few days ago. Won 6-2 with this list. Sonnia with Lead Lined Coat Purifying Flame Witchling Thrall with No Prisoners Witchling Thrall with No Prisoners Sammael Hopkins Guild Steward Sanctioned Spellcaster Witchling Handler 2 extra Soul Stones I scored two on Public Enemies, two on Spread Them Out and two on Catch and Release. I used the Spellcaster and the Flame to run to the corners and drop markers on his side for Spread Them Out. The Flame just kept dropping markers on his side the rest of the game, the Spell Caster dropped another, which gave me plenty of schemes to score the second point of Spread Them Out at the end. One thrall made it to the middle untouched and dropped a scheme. Von Schill came at me hard and wrapped up the other Thrall which scored me a point for Catch and Release. The Thrall was healed like crazy by the Steward and made it across for the second point of Catch and Release. Sonnia damaged Schill really well, but died. The Thrall then killed Von Schill. There was some more killing for each side, but overall my army held up better than his since he had to endure a lot of shooting on the way in to melee.
  6. Since the 3e beta I’ve played quite a lot of Dash. The last errata really helped get him to a decent spot.
  7. One of the issues with our faction is identity. In 2e we hit hard and could take a punch. In 3e we don’t hit harder than anyone else and seem to go down quicker than a lot of other factions. Raising min damage or making things more survivable would help. Quellers desperately need gun fighter or a melee attack. Guard Patrol are fine. Orderlies should be lowered by a stone. I’m not really seeing the issue with DMRs other than their damage output being too low. Field reporters need a melee. Pistoleros need more as well.
  8. Yeah, but you’ve got to be in the center of the board or deep in their half for that.
  9. Again I see how Loco get the Blown Apart and Scheme markers, but without killing him or someone else (preferably your opponent) I'm not seeing a third marker.
  10. It's usually pretty quick, but with everything that's going on right now I wouldn't expect them before summer.
  11. I like Hoffman for Research Mission. Blown apart markers, corpse, scrap, and scheme.
  12. For research mission, I see how we can get blown apart markers, drop scheme markers, but other than strat markers where are we getting the third type from?
  13. It’s new. I barely know anything about the new schemes and strats. I’ve only got one game in with them. Getting across to the other half shouldn’t be too hard though.
  14. You have to be on the enemy table half for both. That’s not hard, especially in flank. Farting out that many markers in Guild is what is tough.
  15. Nice. The combo of a Riot Breaker and a Union Steamfitter would be nice. Drop a blown apart marker with the Riotbreaker, drop a scrap with the Union Steamfitter, and have the Riot Breaker or the US drop a scheme. You could huddle and do that in the corner like the GG0 Dig Your Graves cheese.
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