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  1. Any schemes that require us to kill stuff. I also like schemes where we can score in the center of the board. If you need to out maneuver things, and drop markers, I like Guard, Witchling/Witch Hunters, Journalists, Elite, and Frontier.
  2. Here is how it's worded. Since it says the minion gains Sharpshooter, I think that's the gained ability. I still think we get the armor piercing trigger. This model gains the following Ability: Expert Shot: This model's Attack Actions ignore Friendly Fire. If this model is a Minion, it gains the following Ability: Sharpshooter: This model's z Actions ignore Cover and Concealment. This model's z Actions gains the following Trigger: t Armor Piercing: When resolving, damage from this Action ignores Armor.
  3. Does Sonnia get the "ignore armor" option with Expert Marksman? Since it's listed under the minion only section, I'm not sure. That being said the ability above says minion only, and the "ignore armor" section doesn't.
  4. Trained Raptor is incredible.
  5. Even if you are in base contact with more than one scheme marker, you can only remove one at a time unless you have a special ability. Nellie can literally force a model to put out a scheme marker with every attack. When I've played Nellie, the field is usually littered with them even if they would choose to remove them. Remember, other Journalists models also put out markers as well.
  6. Her built in trigger on her "One More Question" attack forces models to take the Interact Action even when engaged. That means they can pretty much only drop a scheme marker. Daschel's TN for summoning off an enemy scheme marker is a 10 of instead of a 12 of on friendly marker.
  7. It can. I try and hide him, screen him, run schemes away from trouble, or shoot then hide. Turn one no one will get close, he just has to make it through turn two. You then can heal him to full with the Guild Steward to really piss off your opponent.
  8. Daschel and Nellie is a combo that interests me. Daschel isn't the best of beaters, since he is only 10 wounds, but he can summon off her markers.
  9. I really need to buy some thrall for my Sonnia list.
  10. How are you forcing charge actions? I'm missing something obvious here I'm sure.
  11. Good point, if you are trying for an alpha strike. I tend to use the Effigy to Emissary as a back line turn three beater/reserve.
  12. To save on points, take the Brutal Effigy with his upgrade. Turn three he turns into the Emissary. No soul stone tax for that either.
  13. Yeah, all the cards will be free to DL, but I want a card and not just not a piece of paper.
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