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  1. That's a fair criticism. Although GP aren't wiping anything off the table, they also have the ability to reach out and shoot a model if necessary.
  2. I don't love Mounted Guard as beaters. No armor, no HTW, no HTK, no healing. They are fast models that I usually use to drop schemes since they can run circles around the board. They have enough wounds to soak up some damage if they draw attention, but they really aren't preventing or minimizing incoming damage. I don't think they are OP, I just think you fought against a list that wasn't prepared to deal with it.
  3. Also, a lot of people are bummed out about dogs getting killed too easily. If you use terrain or screen them, they can cause a lot of schemey headaches. They shouldn't really be near danger unless you just want a cheap tar pit or a distraction. Also, if your opponent is focusing on killing the dogs, that means they aren't killing your more important models. I really like summoning dogs turn one for Power Ritual. Keep them in the back corners on your side of the table, and have them drop schemes in the corners later in the game so your opponent doesn't have time to react to them. Use a faster model like Mounted Guard to run to a corner/corners your opponents side of the table. Also, Using Queeg to make your dogs fast, then healing them with Daschel or the Stewie can be nasty. It allows for an 18" move. If you have a more killy scheme summon in Executioners, Mounted Guard, Sargents, etc. Make sure to take some extra Soul Stones with you to build in a to your flip. That way, if you don't have a . Any high card will do. Make sure to try and get the Dispatcher's push ability off with the trigger to put a enemy scheme in base contact with him. He'll take a point of damage, but between the Steward and Daschel, we have plenty of heals in Guild now. This is lessen your TN. Lastly, remember that you can summon more that one model with a single action. A 10 of off an opponents scheme can summon two dogs at once.
  4. Keep in mind that the placed Guard Patrol does not count against the summon upgrade if the Mounted Guard was not summoned.
  5. Well, if they die, which they often do, they do not count against the limit since they aren't in play. I had them come in late game and help with Search the Ruins one game.
  6. Yes. I've played him four times, and have to think about it every time!
  7. Targeting an friendly scheme marker only increases your TN to 12 not to 16. If you are targeting an enemy marker, its at 10. So, with you Stat of 6, you'd need to flip a 12 of rams.
  8. I hire them in the back of the table turn one to drop markers in the corners if I take Power Ritual or use them for Search the Ruins. It's a risk, but it can be worth it.
  9. I totally get it, it's a little tricky at first read! I had a 5-4 win vs. Kirai last night where some summoned doggos helped, me score my second point on Search the Ruins. Paying attention to the Dispatcher's trigger to put an enemy scheme marker in contact with him would have helped me.
  10. Tactical Actions- Rg Stat Rst TN Call in Reinforcements 8" 6 - X Once per Turn. Name any number of Guard Minion models. The TN of this Action is 10 plus the Cost of the named models. Target a Scheme Marker. If the target of this Action is friendly, the TN of this Action is increased by +2. Summon each named model into base contact with the target, Attach a Reinforcements Upgrade to each Summoned model, then remove the target. The CA never lowers from 6. The TN simply increases. These are the rules that were listed on the last update to cards on 3.22.19. The real key is getting a opponents scheme marker off the Dispatcher so you're looking at a TN of 10instead of 12 .
  11. If he gets conditioned to death, for example fire kills him, your opponent wouldn't take the damage flip, would they? Also, he has kind of a big effect if you don't kill him since he's healing and removing conditions.
  12. Man, the Steward is basically an auto take at this point.
  13. Can that 4/6/8 be cheated? It doesn't say that the flip is at a
  14. I'd think about a Guild Steward and Queeg. Stewards heal/remove conditions, and deal out focus. Queeg can convert another models focus to fast if he is close enough to them. Summon in more cheap models for scheme running.
  15. I'm not understanding the problem of focus continuing across turns. In order to focus, you need to spend an activation. It's preventing you from doing other things. Crews that get it for free are limited in other ways, for example family MUST use focus offensively and defensively or they are toast due to lack of armor, htw, and htk.
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