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  1. I have really liked him as well. You can jump out on others or drop schemes early. That being said, his Keyword seems much more squishy than others. What are you doing to keep your models alive?
  2. Lol, I am a mess today. Typos galore.
  3. You are completely right. I think I may have been getting game systems between editions or other rules confused.
  4. When you "drop" a scheme off a trigger it is different than "dropping" a scheme. Markers cannot be dropped within 4" of one another. They can be dropped within 4" if trigger tells you to drop a marker. Its a nasty little detail that I over looked when playing against TT Akaname Trash Can Demons that shat those things all over the place for Detonate Charges. Remember, if a marker is dropped from something other than the interact action, it can ignore the 4' rule.
  5. Can I just finally get my Carrion Emissary that I ordered from Wyrd on August 1st?
  6. Teach me how to dougie. Teach me, Teach me how to dougie.
  7. I'm taking Perdita and Sonnia as a second master. I'm shooting the hell out of Pandora and lighting her ass on fire. That takes care of Reckoning and Assassinate. I'd also take Ley Lines.
  8. I love that pool for Hoff. Especially with Hunters and S.S. Miners. Hunters can move over twenty inches a turn if made fast by Hoffman. Miners can pop up anywhere turn two which is great for Outflank. Guardians can throw your models 10" before they activate as well. Ley Lines and Outflank would be easy for this crew. Turf War isn't hard since a Hoff crew is so killy.
  9. You are right: "As long as the Black Joker is not also revealed,the Red Joker may always be chosen during a flip, even if there are one or more cards revealed because of-Fate Modifiers". Taken from the 3e rule set.
  10. I think you are wrong there. If you flip an RJ for damage it MUST always be chosen unless you flip the BJ for damage.
  11. That's providing you were at a on the attack though.
  12. Good point. Poor decision making on my part.
  13. As a Guild player, you also have to be really careful not to wipe something out completely so you can score full on the scheme. In attempts to lower a model to half wounds, I've flipped the RJ on damage and murdered a model before scoring the first point.
  14. Our meta is super in your face. No matter the faction the idea is usually, "The enemy can't score if they are dead!" There is no master that can't be killed. That being said, I hate going against the ones with built in to your attack.
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