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Looking for the Hoff and lj lists from the weekend


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The Hoffman one was Joss and Langston both with LLC, peacekeeper, hunter, watcher. 

Apparently it tabled Nekima T2 in final round. Deployment was corner, standard then flank so good to see the Hoff-alphastrike works on corner/flank which are a bit further away. 

(Just from reading about it on AWP)

Not sure about the Lady J list. 

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2 hours ago, Delvan said:

That list was specifically to play against Nekima, loading both with power tokens turn 1 to go stomp things.


I prefer to have a guardian to toss things around for scheming normally, the extra 10" of movement helps hoff and co deploy more efficiently.

What do you drop to fit the guardian in?

Congrats on the win as well!

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Howard normally, it's quite useful to be able to toss a Joss bomb/hoffman/hunter/watcher to where you need them turns 1&2.

But in killy pools where the opponent is coming in at some stage, a fast Howard using tokens to declare execute (or crit strike) adds a lot of pressure to your opponents hand and stones.

Not many games require three beaters or even generate enough power tokens to make use of them.

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51 minutes ago, Starrius said:

This really is the hardest part atm for me. Due to the different in style of play between US and EU with having second masters compared to not it feels very card comparing our mileage atm 

Not all of EU has decided to play using non-standard rules.

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