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  1. I'm wondering about the interaction between "Exclusive Interview" and "Chasing a Story" (or "Breaking News"). Exclusive Interview: When an enemy model within a2 takes the Interact Action, it is treated as a friendly model and the Action is controlled by this model. Chasing a Story: After an enemy model within a8 resolves the Interact Action, this model may gain Focused +1. Would an enemy model which is forced to take an interact within a2 of say a Field Reporter, and hence which drops a friendly scheme marker cause said Field Reporter to get +1 Focus? My interpretation is that the FR wouldn't get +1 Focus.
  2. Witchling Thrall, Witchling Stalker, Purifying Flame "No Love for Witchlings: Friendly Witch Hunter's Attack Actions ignore this model purposes of Friendly Fire" Should probably read "...ignore this model FOR THE purposes of..."
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