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  1. I took my above list again last night into Colette for a narrow 4-3 loss. Taking only 2 stones wasn’t the end of the world, as long as you can pick corpse markers up to replace them (which has been achievable). Losing the very fragile dispatcher slows the crew down, I could always use it for a summon until it died. Will need to hide it a bit better - also need to pay more attention to where minions are for the quick action to ensure I can get it off. Wedge deployment so I was in the thick of it T1 as planned and didn’t some decent damage but once the distracted and stunned started on everything my damage output really dropped. It was a really good game.
  2. Dashel, Queeg, 2x executioners, 2x mounted guard, steward (2 stones). The goal is to ride with me the exe’s up the board, move Queeg to the right place, focus->fast with Dashel and Stewards quick actions, summon a sergeant then have 2 fast +1 move executioners that push 3” and are ~8” up the board already. I’m still working on it to decide if it’s actually good or not but it’s been reasonable so far.
  3. In my games with Dashel I’ve got a lot of use out of mounted guard. Their ability to pick an executioner up and get it where it needs to be is pretty strong. Mounted Guard are the best models in the crew imo. Riflemen are good but surprisingly I haven’t had much success with them. I get excited every time I put them in a list but they never seem to have the impact I want. I tend to build a crew that starts with the big models then brings them back when they die (which happens a lot). Everything in the list seems pretty easy to kill but can also put out a lot of damage. I’m going to try adding in a few guild patrol or hounds next game for the cheap activations and to use them as ‘speedbumps’ against beaters. Outside of summoning Dashel isn’t that exciting... Queeg I really want to work but I just don’t find him that’s useful and I’ll be dropping’s him from my next list. His focus-fast conversion is too resource intensive for normal use, requires focus (either from another models fast action or their own+card) and then costs health. He does provide a good alpha strike option with pushing mounted guard/executioners (the only time I use the fast-conversion as well)
  4. Haha does is count as the ‘keyword’ if it’s only the master??? I’ve only played Lucius, Dashel and Nellie and I would put them in that order for power. Might try your list Trikk and see if it changes my mind.
  5. How do you find using the chess clocks? (And how do you do it?) if it’s just per activation then if the other person is deciding to cheat or not on your clock that could be unfair/frustrating.
  6. Thanks for the replies, reassuring that people are saying they’re getting it done in 3 hours. We had the schemes and strats all set up, maybe it is just knowing our crews better but this was my ~8th game with Dashel.
  7. Probably maybe 3 activations each turn per player where we’d stop to think for up to a minute (which I guess adds up). Cards are probably checked every activate for a quick check of a stat and we consulted the rulebook maybe 3 time in the game. So o guess there are a few efficiencies
  8. I’m wondering how long everyone’s typical competitive/close game is taking to play? I played a fantastic and close game as Dashel vs Tara in flank/corrupted idols. The game ended 4-6 with about 5 Tara models remaining and about 10 from Dashels crew. The problem was we play on a weeknight and despite the board being set up prior to arriving as well as schemes strats and crews chosen, the game took over 4 hours. Too long for a regular game session We both tried to play quickly and couldn’t think of much we could do to speed it up. Do we need to not play summoners, or get better at killing things... So, how long are most peoples close games (not really interested in turn 2 blowouts) and any suggestions to speed up games?
  9. If Lucius ‘issue command’ Agent 46 to take a melee action, when does Agent 46 draw the card (with the Following Orders ability)? Before the shoot is taken or after? Does the timing change if it’s a charge action? (Eg is the card drawn after the push but before the melee?) Finally, if Lucius commands a changeling to then command A46, when does the changeling draw it’s card? Thanks
  10. Which forces an interact not a dropped marker, so any player with a brain will chose not to randomly drop scheme markers against Dashel...And if they do drop a scheme marker then they have a reason to, that outweighs the downsides (so probably pretty bad for Dashel). It was a loaded question, anyone can read the card and get excited but some simple thinking through of the sequence shows that Nellie can’t actually force enemy scheme marker drops.
  11. How are you forcing enemy scheme marker drops with Nellie?
  12. Pale Rider is probably a good choice because there’s some undead synergy with domadores. Also probably a good choice because Pale Rider is ridiculously good imo.
  13. I'll echo this for the Retainer/Ancestor and Tormented crews. I've played Retainer/Ancestor+Kirai ~8ish times now (playing Guild Dashel) and it always feels like I've bought a knife to a gun fight. There's possibly a skill disparity, I certainly make mistakes in every game but not to the extremes I've experienced. Similarly a very experienced m2e (new to m3e) 'Faux player played the same guy with Tormented+Kirai (he was playing Levi) and it was one of the most one-sided games either of them had seen. It's hard to tell if it's the keyword, Kirai as second master, me/us not figuring out the correct counter or what but man...those Games, So Hard.
  14. With 7 mv though he likely can stay out of danger until he activates and does Revel. The trick is staying alive to do it twice!
  15. The Pale Rider charge affects models already engaged so can be used as a free disengagement as well, it’s absolutely ludicrous in Lucius. Turn 2, cards, heals, movements or the flexibility to hold off until t3 for a huge slow, damage pulse. 11 stones for 9 wounds does mean you have to play very conservatively early.
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