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  1. While Guild may have strong second masters so do all factions, and I think some factions have much stronger second masters. Hiring Zoraida as second master or Kirai for example is way stronger than anything guild have in my opinion. It's not like Guild are winning everything in the US (which I believe does allow second masters). Saying "oh well they only play single master in the UK" is irrelevant, even with second masters Guild is a less-competitive take to a tournament.
  2. Lucius only draws if the pass token is used to skip an activation.
  3. I never find myself summoning dogs because they don’t activate so are then slow for T2. Means they take far too long to get going, I prefer a double Guild patrol for bodies on the board. Dashel does struggle with card draw. If you don’t have a 5+ of masks then you have to rely on the enemy dropping scheme markers. I agree he’s only good into pools with lots of scheme markers.
  4. What do you drop to fit the guardian in? Congrats on the win as well!
  5. The Hoffman one was Joss and Langston both with LLC, peacekeeper, hunter, watcher. Apparently it tabled Nekima T2 in final round. Deployment was corner, standard then flank so good to see the Hoff-alphastrike works on corner/flank which are a bit further away. (Just from reading about it on AWP) Not sure about the Lady J list.
  6. What are you using to get the staggered on? Do you proxy Alan Reid or use investigators (I hate their 0" range so much...) or something else? I've played gunline Lucius but honestly after Turn 1 I find myself in combat anyway and just using melee attacks.
  7. Holy.... seems unintuitive but maybe technically correct. Jury with inbuilt mask is legit, witchling thrall with inbuilt rams for that 3/5/7 damage are the first two that come to mind for A46’s uncheatable goodness.
  8. I play a pretty aggressive Dashel with only 2 stones because he picks them up so quickly from either enemy or friendly models deaths/corpse markers. Other than summoning I don’t find myself needing the stones that badly as my beaters etc are minions and Queeg isn’t that stone hungry. It sounds to me more like you drew really poor cards and then lacked card draw. Keeping stones for 2 extra cards a turn is just one way of getting those cards. Do you think you’re misinterpreting lack of cards as lack of stones? Just my thoughts though, maybe I’m playing Dashel all wrong. I’ve played Lucius with 4 stones and wished I had more so will be trying out more like 8 for a couple games this weekend with him.
  9. Why the double witching handler? I haven’t played Sonnia much so more of a question than suggesting you change it.
  10. Keep buying things that look cool or you think would be good fun on the tabletop! (Particularly if you're in a fairly casual scene.) Maybe grab The Lone Marshal and The Jury to round out your Marshal. The Guild Steward and Pale Ride are both really great. PR being almost too good against someone who hasn't played against it before. I haven't worked out a really good Nellie crew yet but her core box + those 2 is a good start. Maybe an Allison Dade and the undercover reporter (when it's released). That would be a pretty solid Nellie collection. In terms of new masters, I would suggest Sonnia or Perdita. My reason for this is: They're ranged crews so going to be a different style to your face-punching Lady J or schemey Nellie. Most of their keyword is released so no waiting for key models. Both Lucius and Hoffman are dual faction so you'd probably want to buy a few models for them which you cannot use in your other masters. Dashel is a summoner and operates best when he has access to his whole keyword to decide exactly the right model to summon. I have no idea about Basse so can't comment on him. I like Sonnia best of the two. Pick up her core box, some witchling thralls and sanctioned spellcasters and that's a great start as well. Most importantly, do what you want! I completely ignored my own advice because I love the idea of Lucius (my favourite master currently), and didn't mind buying a heap of models for Dashel.
  11. I played my first game with an Investigator last night, in a Lucius crew. Lucius, Scribe, Pale Rider, 46, Doppleganger, Lawyer, Changeling, Investigator. Normally I would have a pathfinder instead of the Investigator. It wasn't a great scheme pool for him, neither of us took schemes which needed markers but I put claim jump on him with the plan to get him in position and move any enemies away by placing markers. He ended up dying turn 3 before he could score even with getting shielded from the lawyer each turn and a few cards dropped on intimidating authority. He was fun and I can see enough potential that I'll try them out a bit more, but I'm fairly sure it will always be better to hire in that Pathfinder instead. I love the models though!
  12. What about Samael? Does he make it into many lists? Sonnia is next on my painting list so I haven’t got her on the table yet. Sam seems like he would make it if I had just a few more stones...
  13. Top of page 3 of this thread. I’ve played it a few more times since then and still like it. Good early turns can set up decent late game and it has surprisingly good mobility. Give it a go and let us know how it works for you!
  14. What about unreleased models? (Dashel’s totem for example)
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