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  1. There's a small tourney running in the UK via vassal to generate some interest. I'm sure the guy running will open up to a larger audience if he runs another 😁
  2. Best thing to do is test it, if you like the results stick with it, I really wish the DMR was versatile! If you see yourself getting value, then the model is working for sure, but at 9 stones I have Grimwell instead, he will kill the enemies scheme runners or key models, deny schemes and strats completely, lock down certain parts of the board and can use soul stones, he could even get you some cards! For 2 more stones (DMR and an upgrade) I have a pale rider wandering around! For a stone less I get Alan Reid, min 3 alot of the time, execute trigger can be brutal late tu
  3. Difficult to justify bringing in DMR when you might not get much benefit from him other than a potential damage track (not going to be surrounded with living minions to convert into death marshalls or benefit from buried models to target), he can be a little easy to kill as well. Personally I prefer to tax in ranged options depending on the board & terrain types a pathfinder or rifleman (or even exocists depending on the matchup) can be handy. AP can be shoved into them via orders being issued if required, or 46 can copy for a better stat line to remove key models turns 1 or 2 without you
  4. She is pretty good but I'd rather bring a peacekeeper 🤖
  5. Give it time, lots of the high skill players are just following the crowd and picking the OP masters, doesn't mean we can't compete 😁
  6. The changes don't affect Guild too much anyway, and that's the main thing 😅😅
  7. I've had good success with Hoffman, but it's a little sad that he is better in arcanists. I agree, Perdita is playable, with enough synergy and setup you can generate lots of focus or cards through her various tricks; Nino shooting (+ out of activation) to hand Perdita/others extra focus and cards. Some impressive turn 1 alpha strikes are possible, but it's all to easy to disrupt. Basse and Lucuis at least offer some interesting options, and there is of course Nellie if you can wrap your head around what shes actually doing!
  8. Howard normally, it's quite useful to be able to toss a Joss bomb/hoffman/hunter/watcher to where you need them turns 1&2. But in killy pools where the opponent is coming in at some stage, a fast Howard using tokens to declare execute (or crit strike) adds a lot of pressure to your opponents hand and stones. Not many games require three beaters or even generate enough power tokens to make use of them.
  9. That list was specifically to play against Nekima, loading both with power tokens turn 1 to go stomp things. I prefer to have a guardian to toss things around for scheming normally, the extra 10" of movement helps hoff and co deploy more efficiently.
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