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Here's how I've seen her used against me (as Aby) by Cult:

She's got snapping heads. Lots of them. Maybe she has one thing that's not snapping heads, but I swear the only thing that comes up is snapping heads regenerating.

Portal marker near-ish to my deployment zone. Stalking Portals and other portal support in the Cult forces. Early on in Turn 1 Goryshche pops through the portal and places in such a way where she's already engaging things that really need to be moving or shooting.

What this does is put a regenerating Distraction Carnifex right in my business before I can really start doing what I planned on. I can ignore her, sure, but she's going to cost me Tactics Tokens to walk away from if I'm not using various abilities to try and move (outside of the Advance Order move) or place away from her. If I try to kill her, that's going to cost me precious Activations and keep my units near my deployment zone instead of pushing the Operation, and that's assuming that it even works.
This typically lets the Cult player either get an early edge on VP and board position or a resource advantage that starts to snowball around Turn 3, depending on Company composition and Operation.

Remember: she's still in base contact with a Portal Marker, so if she's starting to get overwhelmed (but survives) or is no longer in as advantageous a position, she just pops through and comes out somewhere you can continue to use her as a blocking effort.

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Keep in mind that while Adeodatos can't move the Goryshche around with Twisting Paths, the Doomseekers CAN with their Translocation Ritual!  Also, as per the FAQ, if a non-Titan's standing on top of a Portal Marker she can walk through them onto the Portal Marker and go through it, which is a handy little escape she (and Horo) can pull off.

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Can someone explain this for me?

Rapid regeneration allows for attaching one snapping head asset.

I have one snapping head asset card (which I assume I should make some copies of??)

And some that cost 1, one that cost 0, which all have slot (body) or slot (tail).

How does my Goryshche get those tail and body upgrades? I assume I can purchase ONE of them from the get-go, does that include the 0 cost body slot upgrade? Which means I can pick 1 of those 5 upgrades and the rest of the game I can only get snapping heads, which I only have one card of? Also, I assume it matters whether I have a body or tail upgrade somehow?

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The slots (body, tail, head, processor etc) you can only take 1 of. Eg for Goryshche you couldn't take both "Fast Regeneration" and "Writhing Coils" since both are for the Slot (Body). This is in addition to the 3 asset limit for Titans.

Personally I like to take "Splitting Tails" and keep it, the extra movement is awesome, especially as it allows a push from portal travel. I then take "Writhing Coils" with the intent to remove that for card draw once in glory. 1st activation for Goryshche I don't generally find her in glory, so just discard 1 card to add 1 "Snapping head" to bring the total assets to 3, the max for titans.

Once she's in glory I will remove a "snapping head" for 1 or 2 card draw, and then discard 1 card to readd 1 "Snapping head" Though I sometimes remove the "Writhing coils" first to replace for a second "Snapping head"

Once she has multiple "snapping head" assets I add a token to the card represent the fact I have 2 on her.


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Like all Titans you can hire up to 3 Assets for the Gorysche when you create your crew, but each "slot" can contain a maximum of 1 asset. (If the asset doesn't say a slot, then it doesn't matter, but you can't have 2 body assets for example)


Rapid regeneration allows you to attach a snapping heads asset during the game. But this doesn't allow you to pass your 3 asset limit. The Snaping head asset has the plentiful rule which allows you to have multiple copies of it on the Gorysche.


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