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  1. I'd like to play around with this, honestly don't mind if it's the kickstarter one, I didn't have time during the campaign to do playtesting so hadn't requested it. I want to try some mirror matches though and it's really annoying to do that via proxy models.
  2. And it can't be cheated as not the result of an action of a fireteam. Since movement is not an action. Cheers. As for enemy who flips I'd run it next in initiative order.
  3. So who does? Pen flips are performed by the 'opposing' player but they are essentially self inflicted, so does the acting player flip? If so does this mean that they can cheat fate and lower the flip? It says 'opposing player' and not 'other player' and since the game has rules for 3 or 4 players, I can't just see it being one of the others doing the flip. Though equally it feels odd flipping to damage my own forces, especially when drawn into a pool by a Siren or such.
  4. Thanks, it was helpful. We will be playing 2 commander from now on, so many more options and resources for all the factions. Belle and Frenzy were picked as we'd not tried them before, but I feel I also hard countered the KE list. The goal was to use the scouts and dragoons to negate the hordes reinforcement with pinning t1. The whelks totally negated that, which again I picked as wanted to try them out instead of skulkers. I feel that a Kings Hand will be deployed most 2 commander games being able to shoot into combats and over fireteams seems really strong as can pick out the weak, and although later on, being able to flip allies to glory is really good. Especially as you say, RRC are amazingly good.
  5. Excellent write-up! It is remarkably complex rule considering it's goal is to allow a unit to teleport from one to another. Thanks for this.
  6. I've not got a list as such, I try and adjust things based on the operation and enemy commander picks. Also not got vast experience with this matchup yet. I always like mech infantry, and I do believe they can outshoot KE, though keep the titan behind the infantry as is remarkably easy to kill (and thus flip KE to glory). In most cases I try and take electricutioners too, their glory side is immense being able to move rapidly across the board to claim objectives or just pulse targets down. They also get 10vDf attack with a 3MV +1str Commanders and Titans I will always take max assets on them. Makes them tougher to kill, and per scrip, I feel they are worth so much. eg "Deflector shield", neither Belle or Edmonton really want to take a Str5 hit if used to target the commander (each a good source of accurate) which means the damage will fall onto the rest of the squads. From here you can reinforce injury, especially if Mehal. Or "Radio Transmitter" to add a suit to a duel maximising the effects of the fewer actions of Abys. Kassa with KE envoy is nice, can then use behind enemy lines with South Wales Borderers, a very resilient unit which can force engagement (often being able to spawn in melee range). Other alternatives I feel are much more likely to die before reinforcing to KE shooting. This will then force tactics use and/or card discards to eliminate. I've not considered the use of Bosotho for body blocking, however at 5 defence and armour I can't imagine they are going to block for long then allows KE to glory off them. If I took the second list I'd get rid of 1, add 2 engineers and 2 more points into commander assets.
  7. Any more input into this? Just finished a KE vs GH 1 commander. I was GH but it felt like a total walkover Margaret, Dragoons, Grenadiers, 2 scouts Vs Frenzy, Speckled, Whelks, Eel, Karkinoi Played on Scavenge, with corner deployment. The karkinoi took a few choice hits t1 but the frenzy promptly healed that back up and the speckled crawlers were able to provide reinforcement to the whelks allowing them to survive the grenadiers (only just mind). The dragoons and grenadiers then got engaged, and belle with supporting summoned welsh attacked my back line of the frenzy. Scouts capped an objective and duplicated off an egg spawn. However by t3 the frenzy just wiped the welsh out leaving belle exposed, and the karkinoi finished up the dragoons. We called the game cause although KE was leading 4-0 VP I could easily cap all remaining objectives in 1 turn and hadn't even played "spawning moon" or "unchecked magic" to push my advantage further. We expected the GH to die a lot easier to shooting, they got injured yes, but finishing up the fireteams to flip to glory seem nigh impossible. There wasn't any cover either really around the central objectives, but the cost of discarding to shoot into engagements was more limiting. There were certainly misplays by KE which were more costly than the GH misplays,
  8. Yes. So long as it's not the second unit you activated in a row as per usual.
  9. When the card is in your hand you don't need to spend the 2tokens again for it. You buy from the stratagem deck and play from the hand. So this card costs 2tokens then 1 card per turn, and for the most part I feel that spending tactics for cards is a waste for Abyssinia. A lot of places for Abys to get cards to discard one for. Not all the prototypes are Unique, so some you can have copies of some. Great for getting more shots off and flipping to glory on Eureka! Also giving someone shock batons, or getting extra hits with them has a lot of potential for sniping adjuncts. At worst it's like Cult's "Fire from the Sky", Hordes "Thunderstorm" or KEs "Artillery Strike" they allow extra attacks outside of activation. "Overclocked" is a cheaper, more versatile albeit probably weaker than the aforementioned in terms of damage.
  10. I've been operating on the later "Only on the affected Fireteam's activation" with the caveat of if they are forced to move then that take the damage then.
  11. Yup, they are a fireteam in the unit, but not a squad fireteam in the unit (ie can't shove hits from commanders onto the walker or cutter) To OP: Mech infantry are amazing. Theoretical max pen flip for them is 32 or something. In actual it's not that good due to the number of shots they take mills your own deck to low cards preventing the potential mess. But 5-8 attacks each adding +AV and thus damage is so very good, getting a 20 pen flip per activation is really achievable which will wipe any 3model squad.
  12. - Survival of the Fittest: can you eat a fireteam if you already are in Glory? Yes, good for getting reinforcement tokens from eggs - Siren's Call: Does all the fireteam must move toward the same pool? I would say yes, all fireteams need to remain in formation regardless. So even if not it would usually be needed to. - If an action (like The Spawning) or Stratagem says to Reinforce an unit, do you have to use a Reinforcement Token? Yes, and it does nothing if they are lacking a token. Since Reinforce requires a token to be discarded before you can add the 2 models - If a solo Frenzy reinforce, can you respawn 2 Frenzy? Yes - Are the Versatile Actions of Alpha Crawler "free action" ? Yes, it may use each versatile asset once per activation.
  13. Yup each duel is resolved in full first. So card will be in hand for future ones. This is where tactical order of duels and pen flips comes into play! So KE player will likely want to resolve the other duels first so that Kassa doesn't result with the card advantage early.
  14. @rancor709 "Then, the player who did not initiate the duel (if another player is involved) may Cheat Fate and/or use any Tokens." Simple duel has no other player involved, only the acting player.
  15. Unfortunately I've just not got the experience with 2C just yet, limited on the play space currently. Once I've had some more 2C games, hopefully I'll have some more insight to this topic. I have all factions though tend towards GH, so hopefully can give feedback from their point of view as to what I find tricky to face. Have you tried Margaret? She might be a good fit here, and although it would probably never happen, using Rapier Wit to remove one of Horo's own assets would be just wondrous. Yeah behind enemy lines for Borderers is amazing. Though if you run with the abys envoy consider Basotho, automatic pinned application (7vsWp and 10vsWp in glory) with triggers to apply more, also in glory they automatically gain reinforcement tokens 6" within enemy deployment zone. This can be immensely disruptive to GH plans. The wallet always loses One reason I mentioned the mech was due to the titan hunting topic in Abys, insane potential with them. Hitting 3 or 4 damage with them against horo is entirely possible. But abys envoys in general is useful for the extra card draw, I love having cards with KE.
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