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  1. Thanks for the update! I'll keep an eye out for the shipping email.
  2. I'm curious about the shipping as well. I've got a friend that received his shipping notification sometime last week, but I've yet to see anything come through. Any updates on shipping statuses?
  3. Thanks for the answers everybody!
  4. Bit of a rules question that keeps coming up. So incorporeal reduces damage from attacks. Shockwaves cause a mv simple duel for the model. Since it's a simple duel and not an opposed duel some people are arguing that the damage isn't from an attack action. Other people are arguing that the shockwave markers are made as a result of the attack action so they should be reduced. Who's right?
  5. Just started getting into Ressers with M3E. Coming from outcasts, I've really enjoyed the discord channel they have set up, and was wondering if you guys have a channel set up somewhere for talking strats, and going over models/keywords?
  6. I'll post up pictures in a bit, but for my pledge for the month I'll be working on my Shenlong crew. The goal: at least one of each monk keyworded model! (minus Fermented, Peasent and Sensei Yu) Altogether : Shenlong (15ss) Thunder Archer (6ss) High River Monk (5ss) Low River Monk (4ss) Wandering River Monk (7ss) Lotus Eater (6ss) Charm Warder (5ss) Tanuki (bonus model! 5ss) Total points is 53ss. As a personal goal I'm also going to try and paint a bit better than table top. Going to try some new techniques, like free hand tattoos for Shenlong and the Lotus Eaters for example.
  7. @Athiko Haha, I was thinking the same thing when I saw your updates earlier. Great minds think alike I guess.
  8. Alright here are my models for the month. Original pledge was for three warped, but I ended up painting a bit more. Group shot: Decided not to do the glow on the big guy. My dry brush is pretty much dead. So the osl is going to have to wait till I get a new one, but for now I'm happy with them. Test model for my crow runners, and the last model I need for my Jack Daw crew. Last couple models I need for my Parker Crew. Total comes out to 49 stones. Not particularly happy with the photos. I need to get a better camera. In other news I finished up the last models I needed in order to submit my henchman application.
  9. @Caedrus the warped are done and all of the extra models except for Johanna are done. Just need to take pictures. I should be able to get the pictures and final points total up tomorrow.
  10. I don't know who or what it would be for, but Miss Draw is begging to be used. Maybe Lynch? For ToS, not sure. I like the Fenton idea. Maybe Miss Spell? Couldn't really come up with a good crazy/shaken pun.
  11. @Viruk Thanks for the kind words! And I have to say, that's probably the best painted fur that I've ever seen.
  12. Derp. Might help if I add the link. Edited the first post with it.
  13. Some of the pictures are posted here in this thread. edit: From the looks of it we're getting a two player starter set featuring The Guild and The Court of Two. There's also artwork for two new factions. One new Earth side faction: The Three Kingdoms, and one new Malifaux faction: (something I can't really make out but it starts with a 'k' i think).
  14. @Nikodemus, and @Burnin' Coal thanks for the kind words. And Coal, I did run into that issue with the paint. I was surprised because a lot of people said it was supposed to go on smooth, but I had to water it down quite a bit, especially the Tesla blue. In any case though I should be wrapping up the third warped today which means I should be finished with my pledge for the month! @Chou nicely done! I love the highlighting on it. @prof_bycid looking good as well! On a separate topic I'm running out of shows to watch, Anyone have a new shows to recommend? Netflix just put out a bunch of new stuff recently.
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