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  1. OctaBit

    10T - ALT MODEL

    An alt version of shenlong with a more dynamic pose would be pretty cool. Maybe in a transparent plastic, with some dragon thing around him. That way you could paint in shenlong and have this cool spirit dragon around him. Sensei Yu would also be a good choice. Edit: I know McCabe just got an alt model but it would be great to see a Miss Adventure.
  2. So why do other ways of gaining extra upgrades sometimes specify that they ignore all other restrictions? Such as Sensei Yu's promising disciple.
  3. So Jack Daw's new upgrade says that when a guilty model is killed jack may "Choose a Cursed Upgrade that this model does not have attached and that is not attached to an enemy model." Does this allow him to attach the Suffocating Injustice? I'm assuming it doesn't since he's not an emissary of fate, and Growing doesn't say that you ignore restrictions. I also assume it doesn't let you go above your upgrade limit as well.
  4. OctaBit

    Wave 5 Master Upgrades: Outcasts

    I think she can have 10 upgrades (her 7 including the two new ones + 3 generic). Still its pretty funny to see a master with 10 upgrades rolling around. Meanwhile jack daw is crying in a corner...
  5. OctaBit

    Wave 5 Master Upgrades: Outcasts

    Well it's 8 points before you get into the non-specific upgrades. Still seems like fun though.
  6. OctaBit

    New Outcast Master upgrades?

    From what I've seen there's something about placing her blast marker up to 12" away and in los. I think there was also mention of a trigger or something where she gets flay I think (cheat damage even with -). Unfortunately its a limited upgrade... Her other upgrade sounds fun. Its called risk and reward. At the start of the turn you ditch any number of soul stones and gain a condition with value equal to the number of soul stones. At the end of her turn you heal equal to the value of the condition, then you get stones equal to the value. That way you can trigger her risky venture whenever you need to, and its any number so you can save some for prevention.
  7. OctaBit

    What new Upgrades are we Getting?

    I heard some rumor about raspy having a melee ca or something. Nothing definite but that's what I heard.
  8. OctaBit

    What new Upgrades are we Getting?

    Any news on Marcus?
  9. OctaBit

    Outcast Broken Promises upgrade speculation

    I've been trying to think of what they could add to some of the masters, and I really can't imagine what they could add. Maybe an upgrade for Tara that ups the number of models that can be buried by glimpse? They can't just remove the limit, but maybe increase it so you can bury 3 models?
  10. I saw a thread in the Arcanist forum with this idea and thought it would be fun to do here. So pretty much what the title says. What upgrades would you like to see on some of our masters?
  11. OctaBit

    Malifaux tarot

    @retnab I like a lot of your picks. Sandeep for the magician is especially interesting. As well as Hoffman being the reverse of the wheel. I'm a curious why you put Lucius as the reverse aspect of the emperor though. Not disagreeing with you, I'm just curious. @Viks_Masamune neither do I. I just really like the idea and background of the tarot cards. Especially as a plot device. I've used them a lot when building campaigns for RPGs. It can actually make quite a lot of interesting plot hooks and characters.
  12. OctaBit

    Malifaux tarot

    Thanks, it's amazing what being stuck in a train for two hours will do to you. Perdittia might be a good choice for the world. Another idea I had which might work could be using the breach. It might server better as part of the background art, but it's an idea. Ya a gremlin might have to be it for the sun, but who? Sommer? That does sound like a pretty good idea to use molly as the moon. It also really fits in with her character and theme. I did like the idea of brewy as temperance. If for no other reason than irony. I was originally thinking Marcus for the chariot. He's got a very strong will and natural drive. He also has a lot to do with combining his body and spirit to become an Apex predator. Hoffman is an interesting idea for the lovers. I hadn't thought about that connection. I was thinking kirai because her story involved her and her fiance. They were star crossed lovers and her need for vengeance came from her fiance being murdered. Keep in mind yan lo is also a resser. I also liked him for the role since the heriophant is always portrayed as male, but also because he captures both the spirit and the physical world.
  13. OctaBit

    Malifaux tarot

    After seeing the new tarot deck it got me thinking. If you were to represent the various major arcana with masters from malifaux who would you use and why? Since I'm currently stuck on a train and have had a few minutes I decided to throw up a quick list and some of my justifications for some of the choices. I'm stuck on a few though and I'm curious what other people think. The other thing I'm curious about is if I someone were to make an actual tarot deck how would you go about displaying the the 22 major trump cards. In a standard fate deck you've only got twelve face cards and two jokers where you can really show off a bit of art without breaking the theme. I suppose you could dip into the 10's and 9's and maybe put a frame around the art so it matches the other moderate and weak cards. I'm curious what people would think about that though. Anyways here's the list I've come up with: 0- the fool - the dreamer The fool is generally represented by someone on the beginning of a journey. Generally holding a stick with a bundle of possessions representing untapped knowledge or abilites. To me this sounds a lot like the dreamer. He's definitely the youngest master in the game and is just now starting to really tap into his power. For the art you could also include a teddy/daydream following him instead of a dog. 1- the magician - Collette or Ramos The magician is usually represented by someone who's able to wield the classical elements to reshape the world around you. It also generally refers to having the tools at hand to achieve your goals. There's also the connection of being a bridge between the earthly and the Divine. The straight forward answer is Collette since she is the magician of malifaux, but I think Ramos is the better answer. He's mastered his craft and his abilites and is always pushing to achieve his goals. 2- the priestess - Pandora So this one might not be a perfect fit, but I think works pretty well. So the high priestess often refers to listening to your mind and you're inner instincts. Pandora generally focuses on a lot of the mental aspects of a person. Albeit to generally kill them. The priestess is also ment guide the fool on his journey after meeting the magician, which Pandora is sort of doing for candy. She's also supposed to be the sister of the empress which is... 3- the empress - lillith The empress is supposed to be heavily connected with nature. As well as showing compassion and nurturing and other maternal instincts. Lillth seems like a dead ringer for the role. 4- the emperor - governor general, Titania, Lucius The emperor is an authoritarian leader who represents strength, control, and structure. I don't want to use the gov, mostly because he's not a master. Titania is an option but I'm trying to keep along the gender lines. I think Lucius is the best bet. He's the second in command in malifaux and definitely fits the control and power aspects. One of the symbols in the art of the emperor is that the throne is decorated with Ram heads. Which to me just adds to it. I can easily see the picture being Lucius in his office. 5- heriophant - yan lo The heriophant is supposed to be the bridge between the earthly world and the spirit world. To me this seems like yan lo. Since he is able to walk between the paths of both worlds. 6- the lovers - Seamus & Molly, the Vik's, kirai Here's where I start to have some issues. The lovers are supposed to represent well, love, but also an intimate connection between two people. It doesn't have to be romantic in nature. Still I think kirai might be the best choice. I'm still not sure though. 7- the chariot- Marcus, zipp, kaeris, This one I have no idea. It doesn't have to be a literal chariot. It's supposed to represent an upcoming victory. That when you combine your mind and spirit with your natural drive you can achieve your goal. So Marcus? Maybe? 8- strength - Ironsides Strength represent strength of fortitude, character and courage. The art also generally depicted as a woman opening up the jaws of a lion. Seems like Ironsides to me. 9- the hermit - zorida, Marcus The hermit is about withdrawing from society to find answers from within. Since Marcus might be used in the chariot I think he's out of the running for this one. Besides I think zorida might be a better choice. 10- wheel of fate - lynch The wheel represent a change in state's. Whether it's a change in status, situation, or fortune. Seems like a good pick for the gambler. 11- justice - lady j Justice is about karma and knowing your choices have consequences. Also it's called justice. 12- the hanged - jack daw Again this one is pretty straight forward. 13- death- Nico, Reva Death isn't necessarily about death. It's about things ending and sometimes about new beginnings. For a necromancer death is just the beginning. 14- temperance - misaki(?), Shenlong, Molly, Sandeep, brewmaster I've got know clue on this one. Temperance is about peace and patience. Taking life as it comes and trying not to force things. Another interpretation is a play on temperance itself. Where one tempers themselves like a metal. The art generally depicts a woman or an angel. 15- the devil - lucius, hamelin I really want Lucius for this but he fits really well as the emperor. So I think hamelin fills the role nicely. The devil represents a feeling of being powerless, like you have no control. When in reality you are bound only by internal limitations. Also tyrant, devil, same thing. 16- the tower - raspy and temple of December, Sonia The tower represents a great upheaval or calamity. I think Sonia could fit well. Her ordeal with cherufea and it's lasting effects on her could be a good representation. 17- the star - Collette, perdita, Mei, molly The star represents hope, healing and inspiration. The art generally depicts a person with one foot on land and another in water. I have some ideas but I'm not sure who. I've got some suggestions but none that stand out. 18- the moon - Seamus, Pandora, zorida The moon deals with ones dreams and subconscious. It also deals with ones fears and inner doubts. There's also some mention of ones animal instincts. Since Pandora is being used for the priestess maybe Seamus? 19- the sun - I have no idea. Who's happy in malifaux? Mcmourning? The sun represents joy, happiness, and optimism. It's a sign for things going well, but malifaux is about bad things happening. So I don't know. 20- judgement - Levi Judgement is about your past and future. Reviewing your actions and making sure they are inline with your end goal. It's also a representation of the final judgement. Since Levi is the Crux upon which malifauxs fate revolves it seems fit for him to represent it. 21- the world - The world is the end of a cycle before the beginning of the next. It symbolizes complete understanding of ones self after ones travels. I don't even have a guess for this one. So what do you guys think? Who should represent which trump?
  14. OctaBit

    Wyrd GenCon Newsletter

    Sorry if its been asked but has there been any pictures of the actual tarot cards? Im curious as to what they actually look like.
  15. OctaBit

    Need help picking three masters to focus on

    So what do you generally do in a very kill heavy pool? Do you play Hamelin with more of an elite crew focused on obeys?