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2nd Edition Character Sheets


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So I was all excited for my first session of 2nd Ed TTB tomorrow night when I realised that I didn't have any character sheets. Quick check online tells me there are no digital versions available.

Looked at the 1st ed sheets - a few differences. Probably nothing that can't be remedied once sheets are available but not fun with a bunch of newbie players telling them to pencil in things that aren't there and ignore others :(

I would have liked to have been able to photocopy the sheets in the back of the book but due to the printing, the second page can't be photocopied properly as a few mm are stuck to the black inside leaf - something that should have been picked up prior to printing.

If anyone happens to have whipped up a new sheet, I'd be very appreciative if they could ping me a link!


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On 8/11/2017 at 8:03 AM, Mason said:

There are no plans at the moment.

That's a shame. I always used my FM's screen as my critical effects table so that I didn't have to keep looking it up in the book. With the change in crit tables, that's a bit of a pain. 

Any chance we could get those in a printable form on the resources page? 

For the record, the other section that I find that I have to look up almost constantly is the master skill list, just to remember which skills are available, which stats they go with, etc. I eventually broke down and just typed all that into an Excel spreadsheet. I'd rather not have to do that with the crit tables. 

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something that might be nice is a minion sheet for Tinkerer's and those whom "improve" the human design to better keep track of their minions.
If I had a hair of skill or a half decent graphics program I could try it myself.
You can just use the front page of the current sheet but theres alot of extra's that you dont need.

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On 8/13/2017 at 1:32 PM, Nathan Caroland said:

Poke me after Gencon and I'll see about a resource being put together for online - maybe we can do some 'sticker' updates for the FM screen for the things that have changed. 


If you guys need help I will be more than happy to pitch in making a Fate Masters Screen.  I just got QuarkXPress and need to lean how to use it.  I just need a pencil rough draft of what you need and where you want it, also some typing data.  I am too new to the game to know what is fluff and what is actually needed. 

The reason I got QuarkXPress was you just buy it vs Adobe rent system.

Thanks Quark!



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