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Horomatangi's Choice

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Just doing some Theoyfaux. What are the best units for Horomatangi to take for his Factions?

Cultist Commander

1. Yarazi - These guys look like they could be fun. Their speed with our portals could give them insane range. I think they'll have some good synergy with us.

2. Karkoni - I was going to make these guys number 1, but the Twisted Horrors give us some tough to put down units. Of course, the Egg Clutch could change this.

3. Striped Skulkers - They lose a little bit of their luster when the Tide Pools are taken from the equation.

Barbed Crawlers?

Armored Whelks? I hope these guys go great with us. I love their design.

Speckled Crawlers?

Horde Commander

1. The Warped - Some nice hard hitters for the Horde. They also give out Shaken Tokens.

2. Twisted Horrors - Nice hardy unit, but not sure how much The Gibbering Horde is going to like discarding their deck.

3. Stalking Portals - They are awesome for us, but I can't imagine they are useful to any other Allegiance. Maybe if you're going against The Gibbering Horde and want to get rid of the Alpha Crawler's reinforcements.

The Broken?


ECB Black Ops?

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I'm currently not hugely excited about any of the hordes models in the Cult (except maybe Karkinoi) but I'm keeping my eye on the future releases. Getting some cheap activations might be handy for activation control.  We currently have very little ranged units (Horrors have a range 10 Ca attack) but that will probably change when the Doomseekers and ECB Black Ops show up. Maybe the Armored Whelks for position holding? There's still so much we don't know it's hard to say, can't wait to know more.

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Looking at it from the Horde perspective, theres not much I see as very attractive to bring yet from the Cult. Ranged is certainly going to be a big help though. It all depends on what Horomatangi brings to the table, and what Doomseekers and ECB wind up offering. 

I'm also curious how worthwhile Horomatangi will be if you don't feel like taking advantage of the expanded hiring options. 

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I wrote this in another thread, but I'm definitely going to christen this guy Horace! 

His mechanics as a Commander Titan seem pretty strong so far, look forward to seeing the rest! Wish people would hurry up and pledge so we can get a few more add ons!

Not a huge fan of the render pic. It could just be the angle though as the others don't look so bad.

As for what the Gibbering Hordes bring to the Cult, well not a lot that I can see really... Armoured Welks might be a good tank unit? We'll have to see! I think it's definitely something we're going to need the whole picture for and a few games to understand each Allegiance's strengths and weaknesses.

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9 hours ago, JDAntoine said:

Love the godzilla vibe, perhaps even some flames could be put onto this model (like he's breathing fire).

Could mix the Hordes and Cult really well together that way :P 

For me, he kinda looks a bit of a mix of the Matthew Brodrick Godzilla (terrible movie, but my favourite Godzilla!) and King Kong with that big chest and huge arms...

Was any of that intentional?@Aaron

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