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Carrion Effigy- anyone use him?

Anung Un Rama

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The effigy is always a consideration in kill heavy pools for me. Just the basic effigy stats alone, armor +1, hard to kill, df/wp 6. The effigy is not easy to kill. If neutralize the leader is in the pool and your crew doesn't have demand for corpse markers, he adds a little healing to your master. Even if you don't have a corpse near by, you can also just discard a card for the heal. He is also a minion, so interacts and scheme scoring are all possible. 

It's unfortunate that he only drops scrap when he dies, a corpse would be nice. Other than Toshiro, I don't know of any resser models that can use scrap. 

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i've tried him in Horror molly and he's ok... I need to start taking him as a scheme runner as others have suggested. I'll probably run him with Reva the first few games to make sure she's topped off on wounds while he runs schemes. He's probably the model/box I most regret purchasing besides the Canine Remains (I never get to summon them with McM too often, and one has usually been enough. To top it off, I find they're our worst in faction scheme runners/low point models for their cost.)

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