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  1. I've always wanted to run a squad of Gaki and some master like Yan Lo or Kirai to enhance their abilities. However, they're just too squishy and unreliable. We just have more powerful and solid minions. As others have stated, they're merely an afterthought and mostly just spawned via Kirai or Datsue ba triggers. Much like with McMourning, trading one of their models for one of yours is a huge advantage. I personally only have two based and painted. I've only needed that many. However, getting the box isn't terrible... just I would prioritize models like The Hanged and Shikome over Gaki w
  2. I feel as if Rogue Necromancy is much more of a niche piece than it has ever been for us now that we have more options for high point enforcer beaters. I find he's great in those niches, however, like in a Hunting Party Yan Lo/McM list. I like him with Yan Lo for Pack (helps keep Yan Lo mobile without using AP) and Yan can keep him topped off. It's not competitive, but it sure is fun! Izamu is an all comers beater. He is incredible, just be careful around pieces that ignore armor!
  3. I will have to give it another shot. In my experience, needing a 9+ and still trying to beat down with models is very situational and requires an optimal setup, so often opt for the attrition gameplan
  4. Izamu is probably the best, but Valedictorian provides more utility and doesnt require as much babysitting. I've yet to field Archie. I personally find the Undead Crowning to be a waste of an upgrade and too conditional. If I have a high card, I could instead be flooding the board with more punk zombies/Flesh constructs/Hanged/Necropunks to accomplish my schemes, as opposed to giving + flips to Ca actions. Especially given how poor of Ca actions we have in faction currently IMO.
  5. I'm excited to try Vincent for generating additional corpses alongside the Emissary I tried Anna and wasn't impressed, mostly because she doesnt jive with anything he does besides being controlly and potentially generating mindless zombies. The fact she is living means she cannot get + flips to Df duels nor be healed by Decay. If she could, she would be a damn near auto include along with the Emissary. Rush of Magic is great for cycling throguh the deck, but I still prefer Phillip for that.
  6. i've tried him in Horror molly and he's ok... I need to start taking him as a scheme runner as others have suggested. I'll probably run him with Reva the first few games to make sure she's topped off on wounds while he runs schemes. He's probably the model/box I most regret purchasing besides the Canine Remains (I never get to summon them with McM too often, and one has usually been enough. To top it off, I find they're our worst in faction scheme runners/low point models for their cost.)
  7. Have to agree here. Tara doesnt get enough out of it to justify its cost, and the mindless zombies are a nobo. I havent seen a reason to use him with McMourning except to make the Autopsy's guns more accurate with the generic upgrade.
  8. From Fetid. It depends. What are you trying to do with them? SH5 isnt very accurate, and their main use is as a somewhat durable 4 point harassing model, one that can apply poison at range. The issue I have with them with Molly is that they largely are useful in hunting scheme runners down, as they cannot shoot into melee with any guarantee you will hit your target.
  9. I've been using them with the Emissary in this way, and they become much more effective and become a great gunline for protecting a piece of the table, and once they get close enough to engage you, throw a Punk Zombie in the way
  10. Also note that Spirits have just been released in plastic for the first time very recently, and many dont have them available yet to play. Horrors are also much easier to play, as they have no complicated synergies, and support the "kill everything" playstyle that new players find easier to grasp. Not that Horror Molly is bad, but she more of a one trick pony in that regard.
  11. There are many ways to generate scheme markers outside of just using 1AP interacts Phillip can turn opposing markers into corpses Emissary can turn corpses into markers The Drowned/Crooked Men drop scheme markers upon death Datsue Ba has an action on Spirit Whispers to have friendly spirits within a range to drop scheme markers when killed. Among others. I find Phillip incredibly useful with most masters due to her ability to just slam through your deck to find the suits/numbers you need, especially with kirai who wants Masks for her trigger to move damage to a fri
  12. Pretty much all of the W3 resser models sans Sloth. He does have his uses, but doesnt seem to do enough for me at 8ss to justify him over other support henchmen/enforcers at this time.
  13. I think a singleton Nurse is mandatory with McM, and as such, Chiaki is a natural fit to prompt Wp duels so you're not just all in on defense duels, as well as healing on a ram, condition removal (even on the opponents) which can be combined with the Nurse's crow trigger to heal your models to full for 2AP. Given Shenlong's tricky playstyle and ability to take all comers, you need to force him to activate and react to you and not be able to take advantage of his numerous ways to abuse conditions. A few autopsies can apply poison all around and Rafkin/Shikomes can mop up models poisoned.
  14. I think she can, depending on the scenario. She can use her 0 to move your spirits around, Weigh Sins to summon more models, or her melee attack to ignore armor when against arcanists/outcasts/nb/etc. She's not an autoinclude, but if I need chi fast and she can help outside of that, I'm probably going to take her. Yin is the only potential "auto include" i could mention for Yan, given she does a little of everything well. Plus, Gnawing fears is downright evil.
  15. They should all be used specific to what you need Vulture has some staying power with its high Def, and is useful for ferrying corpses upfield, allowing Nicodem to cast through him, Walk 10 to enagage models for Interference/hunting scheme runners is incredibly useful as well. Grave Spirit I find best in scenarios where you have a high point model (Emissary/Izamu/Valedictorian) who you want to hold an area and not move far. I used to take him all the time. Now I lean more toward the Vulture. Malifaux Child is best for Poison/Support builds IMO, as being able to hand out fast o
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