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Sammy speculation


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I'm assuming he's talking about the situation with Seishin.  Kirai can have up to 5 on the field at a time, but currently the only way to get any in plastic is to buy Kirai's box, which comes with 2 of them.  The upcoming Datsue ba box will add the remaining 3 (she also has a strong synergy with them), but the time between the two has been rough for Kirai players.

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With a bit of patience and some good searching I have managed to acquire a metal taxidermist and a set of stuffed piglets. I'll get my second half when they come out in plastic. I'm a bit confused on this whole proxy thing. Is that even allowed in the major tournaments?

If a tournament claims to be using the Gain Grounds rules, then from the Gaining Grounds documentation:

Conversions & Proxies

Proxy models are not allowed in M2E Tournaments. A player must use the official Wyrd Miniatures model. This prevents a score of issues, most notably an opponent not being able to visually "read" the table.

Conversions, however, are acceptable. They are an excellent way to show off your modelling skills, and that is part of the fun. Original sculpts and conversions are allowed if the Organizer deems them to be accurate representations of the models portrayed. If using a model that was converted with manufactured pieces, no more than 33% of the finished model may be built using other game companies’ models, while the rest must be either wholly or a combination of original sculpt or Wyrd manufactured pieces, as determined by the Organizer. If a model has an officially released (non-beta) stat card available, but no model is yet released, the player may field a conversion, but it must be easily identifiable, as per the Organizer’s discretion.

 There are official exceptions (the text in the box doesn't want to select and copy/paste nicely), so here's the first paragraph

Official "Proxies"

The rule disallowing proxies is in place because it is unfair to expect an opponent to memorize which models are something else entirely. Limited edition models, such as the "Miss" series, Nightmare models, or the Dead Justice crew are legal models that may be played as the models they were noted as in their original release. Check the FAQ for additional notes with regards to the Dead Justice crew.


But the important summary is:

  • There are models that you can officially use as something other than what it said on the box.
  • For everything else, event organizer's approval.  You can build a model to use for something that hasn't been released yet, but you probably won't get approval to use an unmodified proxy model in a tournament.

 Thus all of the talk about making models.


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