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Rasputina & Neverborn


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So I've won some and lost some when facing Rasputina.  My losses usually start with loosing initiative and the opponent having amazing cards and easily killing three to four things in a round in her one activation.  I am trying to figure out what others use against Rasputina.  Normally I play Lucius with the Illuminated but they seem to be able to be taken out during that one round of wonder. What does everyone else take, do you ignore Rasputina and focus on schemes/strategies? Any suggestions or recommendations would be appreciated! Thanks!

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Raspy lists can be very different so not super easy to know what else is causing trouble (also play for schemes and strat etc.) but hopefully some helpful general tips:

Don't stand so close that she can blast multiple of your models.

Engage/kill her favoured Ice Mirrors (use a single of your models since she likes blasting her own to hit you).

Pull her models closer to you so she can't cast through them (she needs 10" and LoS to her own model, no point giving her that).

Hang out in cover or melee since she has :ranged on her spells.

Take Waldgeists who make terrain and are damn solid minions in several ways. Take something (McTavish or Juju) that lets you deploy geists from the shadows and mess with her acolytes!

Make your likely targets hard to wound with a Lawyer.

Take Freikorp Trappers and harass her from your deployment zone turn 1. With a crit they also one-shot Ice Gamin.

Use the doppleganger to always win initiative when you have to and copy above trappers.

Kill her schemers and engage as little as possible, just pick off any models she is likely to try casting through. Try out-activating with hounds who stay hidden and then kill of any threats before she can blast through them.

If all else fails try playing a different master ;)


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I like out activating her when possible so I can force her to commit her Ice Mirror choices and I can engage them or face them as I see fit.  I also look for chances to get her stuck in combat, preferable when nothing else can extract her or kill the engaging model easily.  I have had a terror tot dash across 20" of board to get her in combat right before he was going to launch his storm, and the only other model left to activate could not charge the Tot and get her out of combat.  Ended up doing like 3 damage to the Tot with Raspy but it did not die so he was stuck trying to leave combat *ended up going Defensive then trying to disengage, still failed*.

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Lilith and Waldgeists to create some cover for your advance, as well as Lilith being able to force one of her units to come into your crew to be quickly killed.

Dreamer can stall activations of his beatsticks with daydreams and alps so that Raspy has to come up to get in range of your beatsticks.

Bring long range mercs to pick off her Ice Mirrors.

Use cover

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Some scenarios like reckoning are very difficult vs her since her models are tough as hell. I played her on turf war tonight with lileth and got the 9-5 win despite losing everything but doppelganger and Barbaros. As mentioned above waldergeists were key to my success, them + trees = a dysfunctional raspy casting line.

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I've used a tag-team of Lilith and Nekima + Nephilims (including waldgeists) often against her. While my choices were more due to my unshifting loyalties, it did pretty good many times. A Mature Nephilim that ignores armor is also very handy, and Lilith combined with a lilitu can seriously mess the spellcasting network.

Nekima can be killed easily by Rasputina and some of her better minions, but with :melee3" she can avoid that explosive demise and her damage is just enough to scrap the smaller minions in a single activation. Same goes with Lilith when she is upgraded. If you take off the sprawling LOS network, she can become isolated and too slow to affect the game.

With all nephilim causing Black blood sprays, alot of extra damage is bypassing armor, so it becomes a destructive trade when things connect in melee. It's always a huge mess when those two crews have met.

Subzero is annoying as hell though, obviously, but it's manageable overall.

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As a Rasputina player myself I'd say cover, so yes waldgeists. I usually focus for that (even 2 times if necessary) if I can get good blasts but it takes so many activations away.

That point actually leads me to my second point: Never ever clump up. Tina can and will get her blasts if she really wants to and range is rarly a concern for her from turn 2 and onwards with mirroring.

Engage her. Throw things like silurids and terror tods at her. If she hasn't taken armor of december its annoying her very much. With armor of D its costing her very valuable AP as she does the lifting for her crew. With def 4 she can't disengage very good. Thats why I nearly allways take armor of december for some time now... a bad engage and Tina can be screwed.

Engage her Mirrors. An engaged mirror is no longer a mirror. But be carfull this opens up for some ice gamin explosion sacrifice, so try to keep only one model in blast range.

Take out Snow Storm. Snow Storm can be very tanky but can also go down quickly depending on many factors. He is probably more vulnerable to quick burst damage than the death of thousend needles. Snow Storm and his (0) open up so many oppertunities for Tina and he is covering her weeknesses a lot.

In my opinion fighting Rasputina is all about positioning. Neverborn are fast, have many ways to create cover and have many ways to engage on long range. Personally I prefer to play rezzers with Tina ;)


Ah I forgot one imortant point. Tina is good at the killing game, very good. But she and her crew (and she needs her themed crew) are actually not that good at schmeing. So as allways play for points not for surviving or killing. In both departments Tina is top tear and can be frustrating to play if you look to much at these. Scheming is totally another story.


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Couldnt agree more with the silurid/ tot remark. My regular opponent is raspy.. A tot in her face is hilarious..4ss to deny a whole turn of tina ranged death? Yes please. I play lucius mainly, so that tot is in her face turn 2-3 usually if shes poorly positioned. 

My other favourite suicidal trick is to swap lucius in with the tot.. Red tape is great... Lucius generally dies.. But the panic it puts into people..watching a golem trudge back across the board or a cerberus.. Thats a turn usually two wasted for tina and the unit concerned.

Especially if im happy to burn 6 stones to keep lucius alive as long as possible.. Dont forget where possible to switch lucius straight back out with the tot or other nearby minion..

Shes good but she suffers heavily from out of the box play, her playstyle is so kill orientated...i would be so bold to say this often stretches to the personality of the player. 

Take that away and watch them panic and scramble. Meanwhile you just scored all your VP requirements and killed off any now threatless gamin.

Tuco is good fun too. From the shadows and immune to charge? If you have good terrain setup you can waltz right up shotgun her in the face and walk into melee..costly but again the main death dealer is useless for at least a turn.

Lucius, hidden assets + 2 guild riflemen is also quite rewarding if you can get her engaged.. Shes goes down very fast with concentrated fire. The trick is tying her up to get into range.

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I'm true Neverborn, but occasionally I sneak over to other factions, and when I play Arcanist, it's nearly always Rasputina. 

Check her upgrades. Most people will pick the limited upgrade that improves ice mirror. If so, she completely falls apart in melee. Engage her and you should be golden. Watch out for The Captain and Snow Storm though, because they can help get her out of melee. As others have said, kill Snow Storm quickly. Targeting Silent Ones for an early death is also important.

Engaging her is much more difficult if she takes the other limited upgrade, because that gives her a 1 push and armor. I like this one since it is the easiest way to get Rasputina out of a bad spot and blasting again.

Never get into base to base with her crew if possible though or you'll find yourself paralyzed. Engaging them is fine, but if something moves into base to base with you, expect a paralyze coming up.

Utilize your speed. Nobody in the entire crew besides Snow Storm has any type of mobility. Utilize cover and don't bunch up. Come at Rasputina from all directions and she can't run away to hide.

Oh, and she will sacrifice her models in a heartbeat, so don't count on them for safety. She'll happily blast away at Ice Gaimen to catch you in the blast, and within the gaimen's death blast if needed.

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Ah I forgot one imortant point. Tina is good at the killing game, very good. But she and her crew (and she needs her themed crew) are actually not that good at schmeing. So as allways play for points not for surviving or killing. In both departments Tina is top tear and can be frustrating to play if you look to much at these. Scheming is totally another story.


Don't forget about Skate Dancers. Those models are crazy good with Tina as they fill the gap of the scheme runners in her mainly killing orientated crew and personally I think when supported by the Dancers, Tina is one of the best Masters in the game.

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