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Who would you have lead an oni crew


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Ama No Zako... She's an Oni!


Otherwise, either Shenlong or Misaki, but Ama would still be in the crew!


Quick list:


Ama no Zako - 7ss Cache

- Recalled Training - 1

- Of Wings of Wind - 1


Komaitachi - 4


Toshiro - 9

- Command the Graves - 1


1 Dawn Serpant - 10

2 Obsidian Oni - 12

2 Tengu 8


Ok the Dawn Serpent (could swap him out for the Emissary) isn't Oni but he's close enough in my mind! & Toshiro ain't even close but he brings so much to this list!


Might do ok, I'd love to try it one day!

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I'd say Shenlong, and I'd also guess that in time (wave 4, I guess?) there will be upgrades for masters that can radically alter the way they play and what abilities they have, and that Shenlong will have some oni themed action going on.

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@Tomjoad, why do you think there will be an upgrade that radically alter what a master can field or work with?

I think it's easier to do that than to introduce entirely new masters. I could see, at some point, a system where they make new models for some/all the masters that aligns with some changes to them, but still allows you to use the original models with the new upgrades attached. That we, we aren't FORCED to buy new models (even though we all will, so no complaining), and Wyrd is able to change up the most important characters without having to completely rebalance/design them from the ground up.


Just a guess, 100%, but it makes the most sense to me.

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