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War Rooster opinions?


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So, despite having a smattering of gremlins since last edition, I've only just started looking at playing them (primarily somer and zoraida, probably eventually ophelia, and brewmaster when he comes out) and therefore building them...


I've got the weird old War Rooster, which was okay as a weird pig last edition since there wasn't anything else it could be, but now I'm not sure what to call it, since it should technically proxy the current war pig, but it's also on the small side and there's now a rooster riding model...


Leaning towards calling it a rooster rider (on the appropriate base), but, thoughts? Would you be okay with either? Would one be really weird?

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Okay, sounds good. Rooster Rider, she is.




Chances are people will stomach a lot better a Gremlin riding the ugliest chicken in the world being a Rooster Rider than a pig, or at least, that's how I see it. Probably warranted to add that proxy to the official list too...

reminded me of




And yeah, that thing's hideous. But I like the more grotesque side of gremlins, so am happy with it.

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First game with it, got blasted second turn without doing anything but planting a scheme marker, but that got me 4 points from the marker and frame for murder, so I think that counts? Would be nice to see it flip out and super-charge, but 4 points off a 6SS model was pretty solid (shrug)

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