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  1. Sammy is a good addition to any crew, the rest of the Kin are situational IMO, of course I tend to run non standard lists to unlock more of the potential of the faction. As for crutch models, there are more than a few in the faction cough *Slop Haulers* cough. The best advice I can give any player getting a new master is to play the base box for about 20 games to understand the crew before adding or subtracting various models.
  2. Was speaking of the other Kin, evidently I thought it but didn't type, my bad. I still maintain that Ophelia herself doesn't need the so called staple Gremlin models outside of Lenny.
  3. I use Bugs in lieu of Haulers, Merris to me is meh, and Frank while good has low Df and Wp for what I look to do. YMMV.
  4. So long as people discuss it like adults, I don't see a problem where the discussions are held.
  5. I don't know that I can take them seriously. Some of the advice is to counter list the rat list, but as crews are chosen at the same time, I guess you would have to take the anti rat list everytime someone declares Outcasts, sounds a lot like the previous edition.
  6. Ophelia doesn't need much just Old Cranky and Lenny, rest of the crew can be Riders and it won't matter much to her at all.
  7. I must say I am intrigued by these Stuffed Piglet lists. Also Grems can deploy KJ turn one as well though you often enough will not be out activating your opponent.
  8. I believe yhat Wong must win the duel for his pulse to take effect.
  9. Gremlins are as random as you want them to be, they have plenty of models that mitigate the must triggers and plenty of options that do not have a must trigger.
  10. Ideally you would want Ophelia and Wong boxes as they are the most complimentary and give you some flexibility in list building. Somer should ideally have at least 8 Bayou Gremlins, but if you read the Pull My Finger entry on Ophelia 1.5 you can play Somer that way also.
  11. Low df high cost models are fun to eat. If you can get close enough, discard for thepush, then double focus and bite down hard on that model. Laugh hysterically, profit.
  12. YMMV, I love them and Bugs since I rarely run Haulers. Its all about playstyle as well as the opposing faction.
  13. Gators are extremely useful for killing strategies. When coupled with Somer they can be devestating. It takes some setup but you can have gators eat any target. I have had one eat Pandora. Gators present a problem for your opponent because if they discard too many cards it leaves them susceptible to being a gator snack. Again, they work really well with Somer since he can get cards from summoning, thus negating their discard to push action. They also arent as slow as some because of unimpeded. If you couple them with McTavish then they can benefit from his Ability to give out cover to all non claw attacks. Again, with Somer this can be deadly since Somer can cover the back line and generate more Bayou Gremlins and McTavish and Gators can act as a screening force, or if you have the cards, you can use the old Soviet ha,mer and anvil atrategy against your opponent. All in al they have a place in any reckoning strat becauses they are purpose built to kill, more so than any other model in the faction.
  14. There should be no filler anything in a good crew design. If you dont need it, dont take it. Soulstones are very versitile, so the more of them the merrier.
  15. Drop the 2 young and jug rocket. Get the student of conflict and leave her parked next to Rami
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