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  1. Thanks for the replies. While true, for me personally I'd prefer going the other way and choose a master/crew that isn't as cutthroat from the beginning. E.g. you could probably build and play a great Lady J list using its full potential even against someone who is new to the game. There isn't much shenanigans going on, so even if he looses they'll probably see where their mistakes where. On the other hand, even if you play something like Colette using only 50% of her potential, chances are high someone fresh won't really get what's going on.
  2. I got into the game during first edition and played Arcanists since then. While it's fun to play with the super crazy stuff against other people with an equal skill level, games become pretty one sided against lesser experienced players. Since quite a lot of new players started recently in our area I'd like to try out something new for myself that's not super shady filth and enjoyable for everyone at the table What I mean with "fun" ... while subjective from individual to individual, basically common sense here. It's not much fun out activation your opponent all day long with Hamlin, killing everything in sight with Vics or simply going crazy with complicate actions in a Colette crew. What I mean with "fair" ... to be fair, most things in this game could be considered overpowered and therefore match eatch other. For the most part I mean not executing their models in a very fast order, like throwing Killjoy into their deployment zone on turn 1 or engaging their stuff with a fast, reactive Howard for example. Also insane action economy like Colette or other masters have for example fall into this category just as much. What I mean with "easy" ... the crew should be viable for demo games and games against new players. Therefore some masters are simply too complex; sure you can explain something like Tara or (again ... ) Colette to them, but it will probably take 1 hour which you could have spend playing the game. Not having them understand what you're actually doing isn't really fun and won't really courage anyone to continue playing. I hope you get the idea So any ideas what some fine masters and crews could be to choose here? Only thing I'd like to avoid is something Arcanist again ... have too many of them anyways Thanks a lot, cheers!
  3. I converted myself an unique Lazarus a while ago, pictures are down below. Since I never played him since then it would be a shame to not use him. So if someone's interested in purchasing or trading it, feel free to send me a PM with an offer I'm from Austria, so please also consider shipping cost. Cheers!
  4. I'm really struggling not to order this box right now Just in case I get weak and will buy it ... who knows ... has anybody here already made plans what they will add to the crew? The theme is imo a mix of Steampunk and Mad Max (gorgeous btw), but I haven't really come up with any cool ideas what could be some cool additions to add in there. Ideas are highly welcome
  5. Ah damn, right. I'm still stuck at the old Strategies where it didn't matter if you're engaged or not. Thanks for pointing out.
  6. Sorry to bother again, but I think I'm still missing something. Tbh I don't really see why they should be amazing at Interference ... they're peons, so they don't count for the strategy. I guess I just really don't get something obvious - would be really cool if someone could point it out.
  7. Just wanted to give an update and some feedback here. I reported my issue to the community service via the contact form. Within a day I got a response and was promised that the missing/wrong cards will get replaced. Got them today in the mail. Not only has the issue been dealt with really quickly but also in a very great way. I'm buying your miniatures since Malifaux 1st Ed and never had a problem so far, this has been the first time. The way this was proceeded was very customer friendly and should be exemplary for other companies. Long story short, thanks a lot for the great support. Not only have you kept my already high opinion of your company and your products but also improved it. Bravo to you guys - keep up the great work!
  8. It's a lovely model, but mainly for the reasons you listed I prefer keeping my metal one.
  9. Cool miniatures, keep up the great work
  10. Probably one of the best pieces of painted Wyrd stuff I've seen so far, bravo! Thanks for sharing
  11. Mind explaining the Raptors? Only because of Practised Production?
  12. Would be cool if someone could give an answer, thanks in advance
  13. To be fair I haven't seen them in action so far, so I can't really value them correctly. Are any of them material to hire them into our Arcanist crews as mercenaries, or are is the 1SS more for them to much to get great use out of faction? Can't remember his name, but our own Crossroad 7 looked rather unspectacular if I'm honest, so I probably wouldn't hire him even in-faction
  14. I haven't proxied her up so far, but on paper she seems to be really ridiculus ... her ability to shut down pushes and other movement shenanigans is just bonkers against some crews. What's your thoughts about her, would you hire her out of faction?
  15. Since Miss Fire is about to see release at GenCon and I don't own Willie yet, I'm curious what the best use for them would be. Tbh I never really considered buying Willie since I considered him rather underwhelming, but I read the card again recently and have to admit he's probably better than I initially thought. However I still don't really see in which schemes and strategies he can really shine, so I thought I'll ask here where you field him. Thanks a lot, cheers!
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