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How many heavy hitters and tanks?


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So on average how much "oomph" do you need to prepare in a list to survive and get the Job done? For example I usually see Ramos lists with Howard, Joss, Johan, and the brass arachnid for a total of up to 4 activations of heavy hitting.

Currently I'm thinking of some Colette general ideas and I've come to something along the lines of:

Colette, Upgrades

Mech Rider


December Acolyte



7 SS left

This seems to me like a great start (swap things in and out as needed for schemes). But I'm left without a strong central model like Joss, Howard, etc. Mech Rider and Cassandra are nice, but with 2/4/5 damage tracks are really more of Flanking/Support pieces than a central brick that dishes out tons of hurt.

How many models is one comfortable to start with without worrying about heavy out-activation?

Is not having a big scary tank in the middle going to be a large downside?

Etc and so on. Any comments greatly appreciated :)

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Depends on the strats/schemes


Colette is stupid good at any of them that require interacting, but her general crew can struggle to put out significant damage. (Though I don't really play her so someone may correct.


In other strats/schemes that require a lot of killing I would use a different master/crew that is better in that area like Ramos and Marcus.

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Colette can combat out-activation by summoning pigeons. Mech rider helps with that too.


You might want to switch Effigy to Johan(na). You would still have your condition removal and would net a model that's a decent prompt target. You can take the difference from your SS pool, because Colette isn't usually that starved for soul stones.

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I'd take out the effigy and the acolyte and put in Johan and 2 mole men.

Johan does what the effigy does but better and hits really hard with his hammer, and his flurry is a lot easier to pull off with Colette.

The molemen have great synergy with all the markers you'll be dropping. So they can run off and do schemes with the performer while the rest of your crew smashes face.

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The first question you need to ask yourself is do you need to kill anything?


 If you imagine you can score your points and prevent your opponent without killing his crew, then the answer is none.


Colette herself doesn't go in for the killing, rather movement and interacting. It you want to kill, then you will need models to support her. But a crew that hands out slow and paralysed can stop an enemy pretty effectively,


I have run 5 model crews and not worried about being out activated becasue of my plan, but that was a deliberatly elite list for reckoning, and my opponent aloso only had 5 models I think.


My personal style likes to have at least 1 big hitter that I can use to deal with an enemy proble piece, but I've certainly run games where I have much rathered 3 models doing 2/3/5 than 2 doing 3/4/6/.

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All I have to say is Collette + Ice Golem = horror!

You can absolutely get away with no major hitter with her in most strats, but if you can find a way to squeeze in even a moderate beatstick (someone mentioned Johann/a as a great option) you can really either influence or hurt your opponent without paying out the teeth for it.

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