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US Ranked "Live Free or Die Cheating" May 2nd 2015 - Milly's Tavern, Manchester, NH


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Pre-registration REQUIRED:

PURCHASE here: $24.32 via EventBrite (EARLY BIRD UNTIL APRIL 7th), then ~$3 price increase

Date: May 2nd, 2015

Time: 9am (Cards Flip 9:30)

Format: 50ss Fixed faction Gaining Grounds 2015

Address: 500 Commercial St. Manchester, NH 03101


NOTE: Food will be catered as part of your registration fee

(If you have dietary restrictions please let me know)



Tournament Organizer (TO) will be myself, any questions should be asked here or day of event.
NOTE: The most important thing about this event is that it requires that we sell all 32 tickets before the event in order to fund the downpayment of the venue. If we do not reach the number of players necessary, we will have the event at a different venue. With that said, this is going to be a great event where we get to socialize for a longer amount of time, and is meant to not only be a tourney but a way for all New England Malifaux players to get together. So share, share share share this event with your local area and come have a great time and meet new and old friends!!!


------------ FINAL STANDINGS, BLOG, and PHOTOS --------------


-------------UPDATE 04/22/2015--------------

Rules Packet, stayed tuned for 1st round pairings. Some things to note: There is no painting requirement, but there is a painting competition and a raffle. If you play with fully painted crews you'll get more raffle tickets! 


----++++++UPDATE 04/16/2015++++++----
Attendee list as of date in this update (will update as more come in). If you want to share the faction you plan to play feel free (trolls allowed :D )

Last Name      First Name      Wyrd Name      # Tickets
Afghahi                  Arash                                                 1

Almeida                 Manuel                 mjungledog           1

Bogert                   Corbin                  Hagisman              1
Carr                       Edward                                               1
cassidy                  matthew                                             1
Cenkus                  Alan                                                    1
Chambers              John                                                   3
Clapp                     Drew  

Dalzell                   Fred                                                     1

Feinman                 Alexander            AFEINMAN             1
Gagne                    Jeremy                                                1
McCreary               Jonah                  Jonasty                   1
Michaud                 Marc                   MICHAUD               1
Nelson                    Ian                      Drool_Bucket          1
Perry                       Matthew             ZOMBIE1701          1

Sirokman                Gregory                                              1

Sloan                      Brad                                                   1
Smith                      Micheal              Truaskew                 1

Talbot                     Adam                                                  1

Weakland               Andrew               Guy In Suit               1
Yohe                      James                 ROLLRAIDERZ         1 
TOTAL 24 22


  • Deposit placed for Milly's Tavern, this event IS happening regardless of number of players
  • Pricing for tickets for EARLY Bird still available see here for more info
  • Strategies and Schemes have been announced:
    • Round 1 - Interference, Flank Deployment (Schemes: Line in the Sand, Distract, Cursed Object, Assassinate, Protect Territory)
    • Round 2 - Collect the Bounty, Standard Deployment (Schemes: Line in the Sand, Take Prisoner, Spring the Trap, Bodyguard, Assassinate)
    • Round 3 - Guard the Stash, Close Deployment (Schemes: Line in the Sand, Entourage, Outflank, Bodyguard, Protect Territory)
    • (IF NECESSARY) Round 4 - Squatter's Rights, Corner Deployment (Schemes: Line in the Sand, Breakthrough, Bodyguard, Vendetta, Power Ritual)
  • 1st round pairings pre-announced 7 days prior to the event with all pre-reg players
  • There will be a painting competition, please have a minimum of 3 models completely painted for this event to display. They must be models you used the day of the event and they must be Wyrd models. You can include more than 3 models in the painting competition just note that for painting you will be rated based on model composition as well as painting quality and color choices
  • Proxies are allowed for models not released or hard to find. Basically this is a fun event, so if you can't get your hands on a model cause it is in metal and no longer able to find (i.e. looking at you Widow Weaver) and you have a proxy that is representative it is ok. Also if it is a model that has not yet been released obviously an acceptable representative proxy is allowed too. However, you MUST show it to the TO before the event. 
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  • 3 weeks later...

Thanks for pre-regging, Jonah. This is the only way to get into the event. So if people are even remotely thinking of coming please pre-register.


Manny, I saw you are planning on coming but I don't have a pre-reg ticket in the system for you. Did you pre-reg via the link above? Let the rest of the "Tabletop Games" people know as well. This is how I will be asking people what food they want, etc. So people need to signup via the link so I can email all those I have on record.



-Adam H.


P.S. I need a certain number of pre-reg so we can reserve the hall, I haven't done so yet as I don't have enough for the downpayment.

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UPDATES for everyone!!
Today I am going to go put the downpayment on the hall....YIPPPEEE. 
With that said, we aren't at the numbers I'd like but we are having the event there regardless, just as of right now we don't have enough $$ for food. But that's alright, we'll figure it out. The point is we will be playing Malifaux at a Brew Pub!
Ok, so next bit of news. I am going to keep the current ticket sale prices what they are until APRIL 7th 12PM! Then the ticket prices will increase by $3. So if you even marginally thinking of coming, please make sure to buy your ticket early. On APRIL 25th I will have to give the final head count for food so that will be the cut off. I will be sending out a survey prior to that asking for food preference.
The reason I am waiting until April 7th for price increase is because I'd like to have people talk it up at Manny's next event on April 4th. First of all everyone who can make it should be going to his event, looks like a lot of fun (I can't with the newborn at home). During his event it will be the last couple of days for the current pricing of LFoDC, then it will go up.
Anyways, any questions or concerns please let me know
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Is there a painting requirement?


There is a very lax painting requirement. But as with last year, you may earn brownie points for playing with fully painted crews. There will also be a painting competition which is described in the first post.


I'll finalize the rules packet this week and get it sent out.


Also, I will be doing 1st round pairings for those who care and announcing them.

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