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  1. So long as everything's working in time for the GenCon sale I'm guessing most folks will be psyched for these.
  2. That's an awesome board, good mix and coverage.
  3. Not quite sure how this turned into the equality in gaming thread but I don't have any real feedback worth sharing on that particular topic, points good and bad have been raised by lots of folks better than I could so I'll leave well enough alone. My soapbox: I'm completely tired of reading various forum threads that amount to "Model X sucks, can't believe they made it out of Beta that way, they need tons of stuff to be playable, Wyrd should fix this, blah, blah, blah, whine!" Without a doubt Malifaux is one of the best balanced wargames on the market today. Invariably someone will respond to these posts with a story about how a model was completely awesome or how a derided Master was the one that won the tournament they were in. Yet for some reason these threads keep popping up and it really is because of the Beta mentality that some people seem to have accepted as the norm for Malifaux. Wyrd was very generous in their decision to include the population at large in testing the update to 2E and the new models coming in Book 3. It obviously led to a much tighter rules set and better play experience. That being said the Beta is over and people need to accept that these models are what they are and are functioning as Justin and Wyrd intended. Sure there might be a specific rule or clarification needed on how something is worded but the basic function of these models is what it is and people need to stop calling things broken. Part of the reason this gets under my skin is due to the Dark Carnival threads that sprung up about designing homebrew rules for those models. A large part of that is probably due to obvious love of the models and wanting to have fun with it which is cool and I totally appreciate. This game is amazing and it can truly spawn some inventive ideas and maybe that's all this is, fans showing their love of the amazing models coming out this GenCon. But viewed through the "model X sucks" lens, guaranteed there's some amount of work from people who think "Well Master X currently is unplayable so I'll use this as an opportunity to create a master that is clearly better balanced." Do I believe people participated in this design exercise thinking Wyrd will take these homebrewed rules and adopt them? No. But it can be seen as indicative of this overarching theme that bugs the shit out of me. Especially if you view it through the "what would a new player think reading the forums" mentality that gets mentioned as a concern by people. Is Malifaux so poorly designed that the community has to make up their own shit, ala GW and the ludicrous amount of work necessary for their rules to be playable? I don't know, maybe I tacked on my Dark Carnival thoughts to my base grumblings about the whiners out of frustration. I guess to sum up my soapbox in a way that anyone who's read the forums can understand. Yan Lo isn't a broken, useless master that sucks. Maybe you just don't know how to play him.
  4. Holy poop. That's some beautiful stuff right there.
  5. Let you know when my box arrives but yeah this seems to be a recurring theme.
  6. Here's a narrative battle report I finally finished for a game a couple weeks back. It was a fun game with a new strategy. http://malifaux.battle.directory/battle-report/ten-thunders-jakob-lynch-vs-neverborn-the-dreamer/view-full/158
  7. Played the Transport Relic Story encounter from the Crossroads book last week and had something come up. Attacker doesn't have a deployment zone of sorts, they get markers that the models essentially teleport on to the board from. Defender chooses one table edge and gets to deploy within 6" of it. Issue is that the scenario doesn't specifically address the attacker as having a deployment zone or an area that counts as being one. Most times when there's weird deployment (Blind for instance) it gives specific instructions on what to consider a crew's deployment zone. This one didn't. Came up because I took a scheme specific to dropping marker's within 6" of his deployment zone which technically wouldn't exist based on the scenario write up. We played it as since I had "standard" deployment of 6" that his zone would be the opposite standard 6" band. Anyone else run into this or similar? Would you read it the same?
  8. Yes indeedy! Manny (mjungledog) from Table Top Games in Fall River is stepping up to the plate, he'll be running Bad Things Happened June 6th, 11am-8pm.
  9. Those who have been there in the summer can attest it becomes an endurance game trying not to pass out. Sucks but understandable, just have to look forward to the next one!
  10. Also, if you rock Toshiro you can summon Ashigaru which charge for (1) on a discard, free on an ace.
  11. I like the dogs, they seem fine for what they are. Would I prefer them a little more stone statue-y and less metal robo? Sure. Is the leaping pose a little silly? Yep. But overall they fit the description and I can see them being a "newer" version of the classic temple dogs being created given the tech available. I don't really understand all the comments that Malifaux is no longer steampunk. Specific to the Komainu, it's a metal dog. Maybe there's a steam engine in it's chest or maybe it's just a hamster on a wheel in there, who knows. Do you need to see a giant smokestack sticking out of its back like the Rail Golem to equate to steam? Should it be wearing a top hat with goggles on the brim and a pretentious hipster goatee to qualify as steampunk? If I start to see power armor, autocannons or similar I'll worry that the aesthetic has radically changed but I'm comfortable with where things are at. I don't know, people just seem to want to whine any time there's a preview now. "I love your company, can't wait to support you with my money but here's all the things you're doing wrong and how much you're clearly shifting away from your own design and I hate the new stuff." or "You're clearly making specific reference to a given thing so why did you not take an exact image of that thing and just duplicate it in plastic, why are you trying to change it." We'll see if this post survives for long, might get a mod warning or removed. Not trying to start anything and I try to avoid snapping off here on the forums but the amount of negativity that seems to flow each time the Wyrd folks are giving us a preview is starting to get ridiculous. Sure maybe you don't like the style or pose of a specific release but how does that seem to every time turn into "Wyrd is ruining the product and abandoning what used to be so perfect". I just don't get it.
  12. And this is why you should be a judge instead of a entrant in our local painting competitions. Seriously amazing work, unsurprisingly.
  13. Found this site way back, it's been an excellent resource. Although finding S-scale models isn't exactly easy. http://theminiaturespage.com/ref/scales.html
  14. Wald's are pretty much the only NB I don't own yet so I don't reference them often. They had dense in the Beta, they lost it in the final printing?
  15. 1. Think you're right on this, I'm struggling to remember the exact order of events on whether we played this correct or not. Maybe he'd charged then popped them after, can't quite remember. 2. Tree Markers do block LOS because they have the Dense terrain trait.
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