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  1. Tournament starts at 11am. Registration is at 10am. Three rounds max. Its a GG 2018 tournament, so we'll be following the rotation for November. Schemes I hand out the day of.
  2. It's that time of year again! Operation Stand Down - Malifaux is a 50SS GG 2018 tournament. All proceeds go to Operation Stand Down Rhode Island, a local organization that helps veterans. As you may remember I have two sons that served, and OSD RI helped them greatly. Last year we raised over 550 dollars for our vets to help them with things that some of us take for granted, like food and other daily essentials. I'm hoping to top that total this year. As usual I will have a player upgrade available to buy for non-vets (its free for veterans) and food (provided by my lovely wife) will be available for a small donation. Thank you for your support in advance! Place: Table Top Games, 875 State Rd., Westport MA, (774) 319-5655 Date: November 10 Fee: $25 in gift cards for Stop & Shop, Walmart, Target or Price Right Hope to see you there!
  3. Table Top Games is hosting a GG 2018 tournament on September 22. Table Top Games 875 State Road, Westport, MA (774) 319-5655 Fee: $15 No Painting requirement. Hope to see you there!
  4. Hello, June 2nd is the return of Bad Things Happened. The store will be closed once the tournament starts due to the consumption of Gremlin Spirits. Please plan accordingly... 50 ss Gaining Grounds Tournament at Table Top Games, 875 State Road, Westport, MA (774) 519-5655 $25 Entry Fee Registration in 10am, Cards Flip at 11am More details to follow...
  5. Hey! It's that time of year again! April Fools day is coming! My Birthday! I require entertainment, so I will through a tournament. It is a GG2018 tournament with the following exception: After crews are deployed, I will spin the wheel. Where it stops will determine what change we will make. If you've ever come to this tournament before you know it can be a lot of fun. Hope to see you there! What: 50ss GG2018 Tournament Where: Table Top Games, 875 State Road, Westport MA 774-319-5655 When: March 31 10 registration, 11am cards flip Why: See above... How (much): $15
  6. Donations delivered. Total donations equaled $560! Thanks to all who came!
  7. We raised about $580 for Operation Stand Down RI. Standings in the attachment. We had one drop due to an emergency.
  8. Recommended value is in the neighborhood of $25. The Upgrade is to the player, something specific to this tournament. There is no need to account for it in your crew list.
  9. Greetings! It is time for my annual tournament to benefit Operation Stand Down. As usual, a donation is requested for entry into the tournament. This year that donation must be in the form of a gift card for Target, Walmart, Price Right or Stop and Shop. All veterans receive an Upgrade for themselves for free. Everyone else can make a donation of $1 per game to receive the upgrade Food once again provided by my lovely wife, available for a small donation of $1 per item... Now for the details: Where: Table Top Games, 875 State Road, Westport, MA (774)319-5655 What: 50ss Gaining Grounds 2017 Malifaux Tournament When: Saturday, Nov. 11, 2017 Why: Because I know a lot of veterans in need... How: Well, first you say you're coming, and then you drive over on the day of... I will be ordering a prize kit for this. Come on down for gaming, food and good karma...
  10. I just submitted events for A Pig Hunt (Now with three tables!) A Quick And The Fated Tournament A Henchman Hardcore All on Friday!
  11. Come play in the TFL at: Table Top Games, 875 State Rd., Westport, MA (774) 319-5655 League will run from September 1 thru November 30. Games can be played anytime you can arrange them with your opponent, but Monday from 5 to 9 pm is reserved for Malifaux. All Games will use the Gaining Grounds format. I will assign Strategies and generate a scheme pool once a month. They will be posted on the facebook page... I will be setting up the first round of games soon, so get your name to me as soon as you can so I can add you to the facebook page... Don't know what the TFL is? The TFL is a league that is played basically throughout the country. Each location generates a champion or two (or three) and those champions meet at a con in New Jersey and play in a tournament to determine who the best of the best is. It's great fun. Come play with us!
  12. August/September demos are available at: Table Top Games, 875 State Rd., Westport, MA (774) 319-5655 I am at the store Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. If you'd like to schedule a demo call the store or message me here...
  13. Just ordered the prize kit! Come on down and win something!
  14. With the miniature gaming portion of TempleCon not happening in the summer like last year, I thought it was a good idea to run a tourney to pick up the slack. Hope to see some more of you guys (not just the usual four...) at this one. Here are the details: 50 SS Gaining Grounds 2017 $15 Entry Fee 10 am Registration, 11 am start time The tournament will take place at Table Top Games, 875 State Road, Westport MA (774) 319-5655 I will be buying a 16 player prize kit for this one. Hope to see you there!
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