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Hamelin - Have people been doing this?


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Last night, my friend found that instead of hiring 6 rats to start and build some rat kings with a wretch, he just hires 3 stolen. They are half the points and then give him 6 rats. Then he just summons one stolen back a turn. 


If he gets both Rat Kings out, which is not hard, It is 16pts for a 6 pt investment. It is also a fair few activations first turn, after that not so much.


What are peoples thoughts?

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I have heard some people will start with a Malifaux Child, have it cast a few spells, then have the Rat Catch and Obedient Wretch beat it up turn one to summon more Rats.


No point in doing this with the Rat Catcher. The trigger to get a free rat has the "enemy model" stipulation.

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My friendly local Hamelin player (and roomate) likes just pitch rats at the rat catcher with the obedient wretch. Cheat in crows, and you get to keep the rat, and the 1/2/4 damage is reduced by the number of rats around him to 1/1/3, then 2. 


Also, the rat catcher's free rat stipulates enemy model OR model with the blighted condition. So, if he pops the child with a rusty trap, it'll gain blighted one. You couldn't get the "Catch and Release" trigger off for an extra free rat, but you can get one for the child. If you can kill the child before you activate the wretch, she can 2 action to sac herself, and create a rat king.


I've seen it- it's pretty good/scary.



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What would go in a Hamelin Shopping List? Crew box, a blister or rats, a blister of Rat Catchers, proxies for Rat Kings. What would then augment a Hamelin crew? Canine Remains? I really want to start playing Hamelin ...

You've got the makings of a great vanilla crew.

I rarely go outside his standard crew list. Nevertheless:

I'd say Crooligans and Canine Remains are your best bets for out of faction hires.

However, I've heard others having great success with Candy and Kade.

In faction...whatever you like?

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I've come to love the idea of the desolation engine.

It has mammoth range, heavy hitting power, and great survivability.

Hamelin tends to burn through rats to make rat kings, but even so...

The Engine's ability to consume stray rats is pretty spectacular.

Abominations have the added benefit of being objective runners, summonable on model death by the Engine, and can give back rats after their death!

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