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  1. Heigh ho, Old player returning after years away. I called up the web store and found out that the Faction Packs won't be reprinted and are out of of stock. Does anyone have any solutions for cards? I have well over 100 models without stat cards and no really affordable way to replace or find new ones. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm checking out my local game stores and hunting for some necessary cards on Wargame Vault and other secondhand places, but I was hoping people had some better suggestions/solutions. Does anyone have any faction packs or ways to find them? Appreciate any help.
  2. Bought the bundle of character sheets and I love the amount that comes with. However, the Fateds' evolution through game play tends to rewrite their aspects, skills, acting values, etc. I have been trying to figure out the best instrument to use on these glossy character sheets. I've used pencil (horrid), pen (abysmal), dry erase (better), and wet erase marker (best?). The pencil doesn't show, the pen is permanent, the dry erase comes right off, and the wet erase leaves behind residue. What are people using on/How are others using these sheets? Is it better to just print out character sheets and fill them in with pencil to be erased? Help a poor confused FM.
  3. If anyone locked up with Ophelia or Franc, Raph won't have time to help. I charged a hiding Strongarm with Franc and got the Red Joker dg flip. One shot. Against Armor+2 and wds 10. I lost friends that night.
  4. Scirian


    I took her on a whim v. Neverborn. Opponent declared Lilith and a whole heap of Nephilim. Nekima/tots/Black Blood Shaman are not so scary without their black blood shenanigans. Everything in her aura survived. Everything not...did not.
  5. Thanks Shadowpal. Do you know the section by any chance? I've been combing the books, but haven't seen anything yet.
  6. Hullo all, old malifaux player, new TtB player. Quick/not so quick question: Is there any way to convert models/cards from Malifaux to TtB. Explain? Can Seamus show up in TtB? Or Plague? etc. I notice in the Fatemaster's Almanac a great deal of mention of villains and how to pace/build story arcs. I don't want to fall on tropes, however, some of the most powerful members of the game are (manifested/avatared) masters that could be amazing to square off against. Is there any resource to determine how a model (master/hench/enforcer) might convert into TtB setting to be run in a campaign as an NPC?
  7. Needed? No. Fun/Effective? Absolutely. Bayou gremlins are some of the best 3ss minions on the market in any faction. They are fast, significant, summonable models (read replenishing). Somer with Gracie's saddle means he can ride and use his AP for things other than movement unlike those plebians (other masters). Any time you need a veritable buttload of activations/significant models would be a good idea to take a list wtih 8+ (Reconnoiter) Flood the field, add healing with slop hauler/Take a Swig or more fighting power with a 7ss (Bert/Franc/Raph) to taste.
  8. I'm happy we can laugh about it now. The waiting and the not knowing was like a bad relationship. Now that the pain is all behind us; we can laugh again, what with the release dates. This thread got my hopes up, and I am proud to say it has not disappointed. 2023!! Here we come Brewie!
  9. True. But whittling away at them over the game doesn't hurt. I find losing one or two waifs puts Levi on the defensive. Without at least one waif on the field he is a sitting duck to a mobile unit (or collodi) until he squats one for a (0) action.
  10. Provided you can still move after Collodi steals one of your AP and grants Slow. My favorite comment about Collodi: Next time I play against [Collodi] I'll just hand over my crew and say, "You play"
  11. Oh good, are we talking about the eight hundred pound puppet in the room? During the avatar play test my roommate played him and I was just floored. Our conversations went : You have Three stone significant hard to kill models? All of them. Literally all of them. And you can heal them? Re summon them too. His mobility went out the window though? Yeah, but Vasilia lets his threat range be about twenty two inches. Yeah, that will be toned down. ... As outcasts/gremlins I have five stone insignificants kicking around.
  12. I don't play Neverborn (yet), so my experience is limited, but the premise is probably similar-ish. Kade with Hamelin is gravy. Using Hamelin's Obey you walk an unsuspecting model into your midst and have Kade Pounce the stuffing out of his new friend. Keeping the two close together you now have a minimum 3 damage Ml 7 attack going off every time the model is moved within Kade's melee range.
  13. If it is starter box only, then I would go with Ophelia. Her crew synergy and home spun crew is incredible. If you want to play right now buying Som'er and a bayou pack will allow you to play starter box plus whatever you can summon into the game. Som'er has more dynamism as a master. Ophelia's Kin are sturdier/staples of the faction.
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