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  1. Interesting stuff, excited for most of it even if my favourite masters (Lilith and Collodi) appear to be riding off into the sunset, which is a bit sad as have been playing Lilith since first edition. Not sure why the Deadman's hand is not tourney legal if balanced for competitive play, but appreciate that a Malifaux is a huge game so some culling needs to happen (surprised that Markus is becoming dual faction though as pacts with people doesn't really seem to suit the alpha/loner personality he has in the fluff). I assume this is a balance driven issue rather than fluff given the large number of beasts that the Neverborne have (also assume it is the same for Collodi disappearing from the main line up with all the cross faction puppets). The simplification/condensing of the rules should be great as Malifaux is not very beginner friendly with the knowledge cap required.
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