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  1. full gallery my most recent finished crew, mary bonnet +salty seadevil! this crew is so good to paint
  2. https://malifauxtattler.blogspot.com/2019/02/perdita-vs-molly.html This game was played on January 31st, and the updated files were released during the game, so we played using the old rules.Third game on the blog and third game against Ressers. However, those Resser players are their own separate people, or so they claimMy Perdita list:PerditaEnslaved NephilimFrancisco, Lead Lined Coat - 12Santiago - 8Monster Hunter - 6Monster Hunter - 6Abuela - 5Pistolero - 4Pistolero - 4Cache - 5My opponent's Molly list:Molly, WhisperNecrotic MachinePhillip and the NannyYinHangedRabble RiserRabb
  3. https://malifauxtattler.blogspot.com/2019/01/lucius-vs-molly.html Lucius vs Molly My Lucius list: Lucius The Scribe Agent 46, Lead Lined Coat - 11 Doppleganger - 8 Investigator - 7 Lawyer - 6 Rifleman - 7 Rifleman - 7 Cache - 4 Molly list: Molly Necrotic Machine Archie, Grave Spirit's Touch - 11 Phillip and the Nanny - 8 Grave Golem, Killer Instinct - 12 The Forgotten Marshal - 7 Rabble Riser - 6 Cache - 2 (Should have been 6, but my opponent thought you had to pay for your totem. I think he also paid an extra SS for the G
  4. https://malifauxtattler.blogspot.com/2019/01/perdita-vs-mcmourning.html Perdita vs McMourning My Perdita List: Perdita Enslaved Nephilim Fransisco, Lead Lined Coat - 12 Santiago - 8 Papa Loco - 7 Nino - 7 Monster Hunter - 6 Monster Hunter - 6 Cache - 4 McMourning List: McMourning, The Whisper Zombie Chihuahua Sebastian Rogue Necromancy Carrion Emissary Canine Remains Nurse Nurse Cache - 5 Strategy: Plant Explosives Schemes: Hold Up Their Forces (Guild), Deliver a Message (Ressers). Both had Harness The Ley Line Deployment looked like this. I planned t
  5. Ahoy! Very recently, my friends and I discovered Malifux and after pretty much falling in love with the aesthetics and mechanics of the game began collecting and playing. With a handful of games under our collective belts, many miniatures are getting painted, rivalries are beginning to develop and inter-faction plots are starting to form. With that in mind I thought it would be fun to detail our triumphs and failures, our victories and defeats and our painting progress for all and sundry to critique and enjoy as we explore the city. I hope that my fellow Newbies will follow me in this
  6. I played a little Malifaux a year back and want to get back in the game. I love the Japanese style and sad story of Kirai. What boxes do I need to field a 50SS Kirai Crew that would give me a solid base to build on?
  7. So. I'm typically a Neverborn player but I dip into TT from time to time. I really enjoy Yan Lo aesthetically and thematically. I've almost always played him TT. I think TT are just a really strong, tight knit faction. I've been picking up a few extra non-TT models (goryo, hanged, belles, datsue ba) to boost my crew and widen the scope of my play. Running Datsue Ba to drop those early Seishin for the early Yan Lo chi is pretty obvious but I've seen some folks talk about dropping mindless zombies in a similar way. Obviously this would be great because I could boost chi and turn their corpses in
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