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Found 25 results

  1. Ahoy! Very recently, my friends and I discovered Malifux and after pretty much falling in love with the aesthetics and mechanics of the game began collecting and playing. With a handful of games under our collective belts, many miniatures are getting painted, rivalries are beginning to develop and inter-faction plots are starting to form. With that in mind I thought it would be fun to detail our triumphs and failures, our victories and defeats and our painting progress for all and sundry to critique and enjoy as we explore the city. I hope that my fellow Newbies will follow me in this endeavour as we post battle reports, pictures of beautiful new miniatures and in-character banter on these forums. As our games progress I hope to cobble together some sort of narrative campaign structure which I will also post if there's a demand. The four of us are still very new at this so any and all help/tactics/advice would be greatly appreciated, and try not to laugh too hard as fate kicks us in the ass over and over again Without further ado I shall introduce the players so far: Swiglitz (me): Playing as Ressers with Dr. Douglas McMourning, Nicodem and Yan Lo. Vaiuri (lovely and talented): Playing as Guild with Lady Justice, Sonnia and Perdita (and maybe Lucas McCabe). Shadowfane (cunning and deadly): Playing as Neverborn with Lillith, Pandora and Jakob Lynch. Suvalas (patient and thoughtful) Playing as Outcasts with Misaki and the Viks. Please feel free to have a gander at our painting logs too over here: Vaiuri: http://wyrd-games.net/community/topic/101019-vaiuri-paints-malifaux/ Shadowfane: http://wyrd-games.net/community/topic/100761-shadowfanes-random-models/ Suvalas: http://wyrd-games.net/community/topic/101347-suvalas-small-scale-showcase/ Swiglitz: Coming soon (honest!) Guild (vaiuri) vs. Outcast (Suvalas) battle Report: http://wyrd-games.net/community/topic/101105-a-transcredible-battle-report-or-something/ With more to follow. I hope you enjoy our transcredible exploits, see you soon!
  2. I played a little Malifaux a year back and want to get back in the game. I love the Japanese style and sad story of Kirai. What boxes do I need to field a 50SS Kirai Crew that would give me a solid base to build on?
  3. never born again

    Yan Lo Tips please

    So. I'm typically a Neverborn player but I dip into TT from time to time. I really enjoy Yan Lo aesthetically and thematically. I've almost always played him TT. I think TT are just a really strong, tight knit faction. I've been picking up a few extra non-TT models (goryo, hanged, belles, datsue ba) to boost my crew and widen the scope of my play. Running Datsue Ba to drop those early Seishin for the early Yan Lo chi is pretty obvious but I've seen some folks talk about dropping mindless zombies in a similar way. Obviously this would be great because I could boost chi and turn their corpses into Ashigaru. That's pretty strong. But the zombies are un-hirable. Must be summoned. So. Other then My Little Helper how do I get mindless zombies on the board?
  4. JudgeDread

    McMourning summons

    So I may be missing something obvious. if so just point it out and ill beat my own face, but why does McMourning's new upgrade let him summon "NON-GAMIN" beast? would it just give him access to too much, is it for fluff reasons. or is there an obscure broken synergy with one of them I'm not seeing? I bet the answer is staring at me somewhere lol
  5. Hey all. Just had a game against Zipp using Reva. It did not go well... Before I get into it, here's the rough breakdown: 50ss, Headhunter, scheme pool - claim jump, undercover entourage, leave your mark, dig their graves, mark for death. My crew: Reva (guises of death, litany of the fallen, maniacal laugh), Toshiro (command the graves), Bete Noire (my little helper), Forgotten Marshall, 2x Shieldbearer, 2x Crooligan. Schemes: Claim jump, leave your mark His crew (from memory): Zipp, Earl Burns, Fingers, The First Mate, Ronin, Jetpack LaCroix girl (?), 2x Iron Skeeter. Schemes: Claim jump, undercover entourage. Now I'm pretty new to Malifaux and it's only my second game with Reva. My positioning wasn't great, I had no idea what his crew could do and my luck was abysmal, both in hand draw and flipping (I hit an Iron Skeeter four times with Reva and failed to wound it once for example). My game plan was using the crooligans for claim jumping (which admittedly I stupidly set up on opposite sides of the board, completely exposed) while using Reva's early corpse candle through guises to get into his back field early with Bete, then tandeming in the Forgotten Marshall for leave your mark/disruption/killing, while the Toshiro/Shieldbearer bubble/Reva wrecked face for headhunter. I quit end of turn four, had we played it out to the end I would have lost like 10-3. I could not get anywhere near his crew. Their mobility was crazy and if I did manage to get into melee, he just bounced away. I left my crooligans out to dry to be honest but I didn't know they could get hunted down so quickly and they died after dropping one scheme marker between them (which Fingers then got rid of). Bete did nothing except die before she could do anything (she got into melee twice; first being gibbed by the ronin, the second pushed away and slowed by The First Mate who then leapt to the other side of a building, just to add insult to injury). The Forgotten Marshall managed to score twice but aside from a few ineffective shots did nothing. Reva was effectively sidelined by the threat of having pianos dropped on her. Fingers scored about 7vp on his own before tying up half my crew by getting into engagement with them and going double defensive and bouncing away if anything did get through. It was a horror show. What could I have done?
  6. Elazar The Glorified

    The Faces of Oblivion

    Question that came up and I hadn't thought about and now I'm not sure any more. At the end of the turn the model suffers damage equal to half its Wd stat. Is this the Wd stat printed on the card or the number of wounds it has left. E.g. If I summon a Guild Autopsy and my opponent puts a few wounds on it will it be killed when it takes its half wounds?
  7. We're doing some HH soon. Any tips? I haven played much of that format, but I'm thinking Valedictorian or Toshiro, a Punk Zombie, a Dead Doxy (to push the Punk Zombie, then maybe a Rotten Belle. Thoughts? Tips?
  8. Hey Gang, I've written up some 'from memory' reports of a tournament that I played the other week, it got pretty boozy, so some of it is a little hazy. It was a 50SS event down in Melbourne, Australia, run by the Red Jokers podcast (look them up they are great!!). Was an awesome event, the night time shenanigans where glorious and I managed to some how pull a win out of me arse (lets be honest, it was probably Reva). I've written up the first 3 reports on my groups facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/thefauxbrauxs/) get over and give it a like ;). Also don't stress about any of the name calling as there was some very healthy banter and inter-team grudging and trash talking, so stress not. But I'll also pop them here for your perusal. So, played a glorious tournament last weekend called Netflix and Schill, put on by the ever charming Red Jokers. It was a singles tournament, but was also a team event which generally involved drinking, shenaniganry and all the trash talk. I opted to use Reva both days, as the only other Resser master I have is McMorning and do not have the needed models to run his crew well. I’ll try and give a brief rundown of each game as best as I can remember, I’ll also be commenting on Reva’s power and perceived power level and how she deals with situations. My Basic Reva list was Reva (cache 4) -Beyond Death -Spare Parts (this went to Litany of the fallen if I was expecting Armour) -Decaying Aura Yin -My Little Helper Carrion Emissary -My Little Helper Phillip and the Nanny -Haunting Cries Shield Bearer Shield Bearer Necropunk I will also apologise in advance if I get any names wrong, or anything with the games and their scoring wrong, as I was well drunk by the end of day 1. Game 1 First up I had Byron, who was one of the Fuck Me Dead plebs (On of the team names, FMD from now on). We had a grudge happening and had thrown a lot of trash talk both backwards and forwards on the lead up to the game, so it was sure to be an absolute pearler. The pool was as follows: Strategy: Head Hunter Schemes: Show of Force, Leave Your Mark, Neutralise the Leader, Frame for Murder, Convict Labour Deployment: Standard Byron opted out of taking filth and took Yan Lo. Yan-Lo -Variety of upgrades Soul Porter Toshiro -Command the Graves Chiaki the Niece Izamu the Armour Punk Zombie Punk Zombie Ashirgaru I opted to take Neutralise the Leader and Show of Force. I also took Litany as I was expecting Yan/Izamu) Byron took Frame for Murder and not quite sure what the other one was. Turn 1 As usual on standard deployment, nothing very exciting happened. Due to the way the board was, the Carrion Emissary Sharded off a choke point which really blocked up Byrons push. Phillip started cycling cards, and I moved most of my forces up. Byron I believe booped an upgrade onto Yan Lo Turn 2. The Emissary popped MLH, and sharded up areas again, also blocking Izamu off from coming down on my weaker flank that involved Phillip, a Necropunk and a Shieldbearer. The Emissary also got a punk zombe down to it’s HTK. Yin also popped MLH and got Gnawing Fear off on both Yan Lo and Izamu. Byron murdered my poor zombie from the first shard marker and got an Ashigaru up from the left over corpse. I believe he also made his full health punk zombie fast. Who then moved and charged the Shieldbearer on Revas left flank, it managed to knock it down to it’s “first death”. At this point Reva came in swinging. She put 2 hits on the punk zombie, then finished it off with her (0) Life Drain. With her remaining AP she burnt a stone for a Tome and took a swing at an Ashigaru that had moved up and then proceeded to charge Chiaki, popping a corpse on the first shot for 4 damage, then a normal hit on the 2nd to finish her off. The now fast Shieldbearer sauntered over and picked up a head. So at the end of turn 2 was 2-0 my way. Turn 3. I get initiative. At this point Byron had moved Yan-Lo up into attack range and also put Toshiro concerningly close to Reva. Reva burns a stone for a Tome and has a punch at Toshiro, then “Satan’s Pinball”d (as I’ve seen it now called on the forums”) at Yan-Lo, who at this point was surrounded by corpse markers from zombies, corpse candles and some dismember triggers from the yoloing Shieldbearer that went after Izamu. So due to poor Yan-Lo still being at –ves to Wp duels, Reva punched him right in the will power. Byron did opt to use some stones for a straight flip and -ve to my damage(as he couldn’t damage prevent due to DA), but my hand was amazingly weighted due to Phillips cycling my hand so thoroughly. Cue 3 hits on Yan-Lo, each burning a corpse and doing the bare minimum 12 damage to put him down. 3 Points for Neutralise. Then, Reva put a single shot into Izamu as a why not, did 3 damage there due to Litany. She then (0) actioned out of harms way onto a nearby Corpse Candle that was placed to be 5” away from her ending charge point. At his point Toshiro started smacking around the Carrion Emissary. My Necropunk bolted from Izamu and grabbed another head. was now 7-0 my way. Turn 4 Top of turn 4 Reva killed a wounded Toshiro and finished off Izamu, who was Byron’s FfM target, netting him 2 points. At that point we called it there. Ended up a 10-2. So over all, win or lose it was a legit really enjoyable game playing with Byron. I also loved both our crews were modelled with snow bases and we were on a snow based board. It was really lovely to play faux with everything painted, it really added to it. Byron as much as it kills me inside to admit it was a great opponent and it was a bloody enjoyable game to be played, there was plenty of bullshitting, laughs, faked commiserations etc. Top Game! So things that I learnt this game were: Phillip and the Nanny’s card cycling, can be game winning, especially if you have a turn or two to build the hand up. Things that I’ve known but got reiterated this game: The ’Cuddled’ Decaying Aura is borderline broken on Reva. Yin quite possibly is the devil, especially paired with Reva. Shield Bearers stick around far longer than they have any right to. Carrion Emissaries Shards can be game changers. I may make this a 4-5 part series as I’ve written way more than a brief overview than I thought I would, so I will keep you updated. Hope you enjoyed a small break from your boring old work day. Game 2 Game 2 was against another of those FMD peasants a certain Tom. This battle was going to be using headbutting over a very bayou-esque board, so there was severe terrain every where. Out pool looked akin to this: Game 2 Strategy: Interference Schemes: Hunting Party, Leave Your Mark, Occupy Their Turf, Detonate the Charges, Convict Labour Deployment: Close So I picked Leave Your Mark and Detonate the Charges, young Tom opted for Occupy Their Turf and Leave your Mark. I took: Reva (cache 4) -Beyond Death -Spare Parts -Decaying Aura Yin -My Little Helper Carrion Emissary -My Little Helper Phillip and the Nanny -Haunting Cries Shield Bearer Shield Bearer Necropunk Tom took, and this took me forever and a million questions, saying things like “What, wheres your beater?” “Ok so when does the Nothing Beast unbury?” “You’re bullshitting me, no big nasty?” That was all within a good 5 minutes, so apologies to Tom for that haha. He was running (apologies if wrong as per usual) Tara -Spare Parts -Eternal Journey (this was amazing in close deployment!!) -Knowledge of Eternity Karina Scion of the Void 3x Crooligans 2x Void Wretches Sue Now just before getting into the nitty gritty, I went in probably a bit too confident after hearing all the ‘wisdom’ about Tara not being an overly strong Resser…well heads up gang, this game was bloody amazing and Tom played Tara like a champion. Turn 1. So I pretty much have my crew on the start line mainly in the left hand side of the board, with a Necropunk out on my right flank. Tom had Sue, Katrina, 2 Crooligans on my left, Tara and the Scion in the middle and 2x Void Wretches and Crooligan on my right flank. I somehow manage to get initiative. Due to how closely deployed we were, Reva activates, throws out a corpse candle near 2 Crooligans. Punches the first one, pops the corpse candle, does 4 damage, and kills it. She punches the 2nd one through the new corpse marker, black jokers on the attack flip, so then has to waste her 3rd AP hitting and popping the little bastard again. Tom activates Tara first and pops up a Guild Autopsy from the left over corpse (cheeky devil). My Yin tears up into the middle and puts Gnawing Fear on Tara. The Carrion Emissary pops shards in front of the Scion. There is a general brawl between the Shielbearers near the Guild Autopsy and Sue, one of them places a scheme marker. Tom moves up his Void Wretches quickly on the right flank, the Crooligan bolts down the right away from the Necropunk. The Necropunk drops a scheme marker, leaps and drops another between the Void Wretches. Tara comes bolting over and murders the Necropunk. I declare DtC for 3 points (one of those odd ones you can do it turn 1). 3-0 my way. Turn 2 (I will note, turn 2 and 3 are pretty blurry (not just grog related) as there was so much going on, so pretty much look at turn 2 as interchangeable with turn 3). Tom gets initiative I think. I pop MLH on the Carrion Emissary. He does something with Tara, but I don’t believe it was any truly amazing. Reva activates and kills a void wretch through the Necropunk’s corpse. She then shoots through the zombie and the scion of the void who does that very tricky dump a card and bury (lesson learnt there!! Cheeky bastard!!) I Believe she then summons a Guild Autopsy. Karina throws out a red joker and summons a bloody Punk Zombie in betwixt my Shieldbearers. It then I believe slices and dices, which I burn through the cards to mitigate damage. The Shieldbearers promptly put down the zombie. My Guild Autopsy trundles toward the back of the board. I think Sue shoots at the Shieldbearers and misses. Yin does another -ve cast thing on Tara, for all the good that does, and then flies into the Tom’s right quarter. Tom unburies the Scion up in my right quarter. My emissary flips a zombie into a scheme marker, but Tom comes in and blocks it with Tara. It also throws out 2 lots of shard markers. By the end of the turn, I hold the left side of the table and Tom holds the right side of the table. Tom gets a point for leave your mark, he blocks my attempt. 4-1 My way. Turn 3 (again interchangeable with turn 2, so apologies, as I said, this was a damn tricky game!). There is a fair chance Tom gets initiative again in this one. Tara I think summons another Guild Autopsy from a corpse somewhere, then buries it (maybe). Reva again activates early, she punches Sue twice through a corpse marker, popping, getting him down to H2W and maybe she stuffs up the 3rd attack. Tom tries to put down a Shieldbearer with Sue but fails. Sue is then killed by a Mindless Zombie (lel). Both Shield bearers charge Karina and kill her, but not before she spits out a Guild Autopsy (bitch was on point!!). I Believe Tara unburries a Guild Autopsy in my right hand corner to bulk it up down there. Carrion emissary and yin flap to Tom’s right quarter. Tara runs around a bit at the end of the turn. Tom declares occupy their turf and also gets a point for leave your mark, I get a point for LyM, with both get a strat point. We both hold the same quarters again. 6-7 Tom’s way. Turn 4. I think I get initiative this time somehow. Reva summons a corpse candle and a Rogue Necromancy (who said she can’t summon?!), she then I think positions herself for next turn. Tara runs around being painful. Shieldbearers secure Toms left quarter, they drop some scheme markers, as does the my Guild Autopsy. The Rogue Necro saunters back into my left quarter to reinforce it. Nothing else of huge consequence happens, except due to all the zombies and what have you, I had very good activation control, so put both Yin and the Carrion Emissary into Tom’s right quarter to manage to block it at the end of the turn. So end of turn 4, I hold the 2 left quarters, contest Tom’s right quarter and he still holds my right quarter. We both get Leave your mark. 8-8 Turn 5. This was the decider right here. IMHO it only came down to my activation control (due to sheer amount of zombies chewing activations. Tom charged Phillip and the Nanny with the Scion of the void and put some good damage on them. He also ran his Crooligan and Void Wretch that where in my right corner, to contest my left corner. I opted not to attack the Scion with anything as I didn’t want it to be burying and coming up and evening out a quarter for him later in the turn, so I didn’t touch the bastard. I made sure Toms left quarter was safe (had 3 models in it, the 2 Shieldbearers and my Autopsy). Tom managed to bury the bloody Carrion Emissary giving him control by 1 model (Tara was still engaged by Yin) in his right quarter. So this is where the hail Mary play came in. So Tom was beating me in my left quarter by 1 (he had 2, I had 1, we both had 1 each engaged), so Reva shot out a Corpse Candle right near the Void Wretch and Crooligan (who where right next to each other). Reva then used all 3 of her AP to move into and block Tom’s right thus equalling each other in there. The Corpse Candle then walked up and engaged both the Crooligan and Void Wretch, blocking them from scorning. So at the end of turn 5 (luckily we didn’t flip for turn 6!!) I controlled both the left quarters and Tom only my Right quarter, with his right quarter contested. I also got my last point for LyM. 10-8 My way, but dear god what a swingy excellent game!! Tom was a bloody great opponent and certainly made my life difficult, the game honestly could of went either way if I didn’t manage to block a strat point turn 4. I definitely learnt that Tara is a force to be reckoned with, especially with someone like Tom holding the reins. Not only that, Tara’s whole activate first/last thing is amazing, especially given she can teleport back to her deployment zone. She was bloody fantastic I have to say! Things I learnt: Tara is awesome if played right You don’t need a beater to win The Scion of the Void is a right and utter bastard! Don’t get cocky if you score good points early. So was an awesome game against Tom and I’d happily have a crack at it again, I was thoroughly impressed with Tara and Tom’s use of her mechanics!! Like Wow! Also sorry if it got a bit muddled in the middle there, but as you guys can probably see, there was a huge amount of things happening in that game, factor in summoning on both sides etc, kept it hard to keep track of haha. Game 3 This game was up against one of the TWAT twats, a certain, Ben “The Bridesmaid” Ferar I believe. I will prefix that my memory of this one is a little hazy due to 1. It being over a week ago, and 2, it was the 3rd game day one, with me drinking since 11. The Strats and Schemes where as follows: Game 3 Strategy: Guard the Stash Schemes: Show of Force, Exhaust Their Forces, Mark for Death, Public Demonstration, Convict Labour Deployment: Corner This one was my generic Reva list of: Reva (cache 4) -Beyond Death -Spare Parts -Decaying Aura Yin -My Little Helper Carrion Emissary -My Little Helper Phillip and the Nanny -Haunting Cries Shield Bearer Shield Bearer Necropunk VS, I believe: Hamelin -Infectous Melodies -The Plague -Maybe something else. Killjoy Ashes and Dust Obedient Wretch Stolen Maybe a pair of rats also and looking the points probably something else, but in all honesty, quite hard to let you know what he started with in regards to anything rat-engine related as it all would constantly cycle. Anyway I opt to take Public Demostration (2x SB’s and NP) and Show of Force, Ben Convict Labour and something else, not sure what it was. Turn 1 It was really just a lot of posturing on my behalf (there was some handy buildings in the middle of the board that allowed me some blocking shenanigans), I used the emissary to pop out some markers, bolted both it and Yin into the centre area. Phillip and the Nanny cycled some cards. Reva also activated, summoned a Guild Autopsy and went defensive. By this point in time only rats etc had activated, then turned into Rat Kings, which turned into Rat Catchers and more rats etc… Killjoy then charged Phillip and the Nanny. Not quite killing them. Hamelin came down the flank that was blocked by the houses and didn’t do much. I think a Stolen popped and turned into more rats. At this point I popped Public Demo for 2 points (didn’t like the chances of my minions being around for a whole other turn) I was 0.25” away from the 3 but dems the breaks, the joy of not having activation control 2-0 My way. Turn 2 Phillip and the Nanny go down, I think Killjoy does as well this turn, but he does a heap of healing also. Ashes and dust saunters up toward my gang. Hamelin comes around the side, but is blocked by the Emissaries’ markers again. Some Rat Catchers/Kings chill out near 1 stash marker. Ben Kills some more Stolen for more rats. I think maybe Ashes and Dust went down, but then got back up again. Obedient Wretch turfs a marker on the centre line. Again blurry due to drunkenness and in all honesty very samey turns of rats activating. I got Show of Force and Guard the Stash, Ben got none I believe. 4-0 Turn 3 Now turn 3 is where I think it all begun happening, by this point in time I had a nice little corpse farm down by the left hand marker, Hamelin had come yoloing through, cue Reva laying the boot. Hamelin attempted some dickery on the Emissary and a Stolen summon, to no avail. Reva activates, first attack against Df (god being able to pick is a huge help), I get a low card, but Ben black jokers, I cheat up to a straight flip, throw down a high range and pop a corpse marker, 6 damage, Ben declares he will stone, but no beano due to Decaying Aura. 2nd hit goes through, another 3 damage, third hit goes through on a natural 13, stopping Ben being able to block it. So dead Hamelin in 1 activation was solid! Ben then throws ashes and dust at Reva and gives her a whalloping, getting a straight hit on her and throwing a red joker at her, really knocking her about. There is a little more dicking around with rat catchers, rats etc. The obedient wretch bolts to lay a 2nd marker on the centre line. Ben got a point for Guard the Stash, which I also get, as well as Show of Force. 6-1 Coming into turn 4, luckily Ben flips a black joker on initiative, so Reva summons a Corpse Candle 5” away, teleports and just bolts up the board away from Ashes and Dust. She remote-hits a Rat Catcher I believe. Not a whole lot came up this turn except for more rat-cycling. Ben gets a 3rd marker down for Convict labour, but the Carrion Emissary deploys Shards of Kythera in such a way that it’s summoned zombie will be within 2” of one of the markers. We call it here with some theory faux, a 9-3 as I would of happily got the turn 5 strat point and so would of Ben. Ben was a great opponent and I won’t lie, it felt good getting a little vengeance on him after he took off my poor hoff-ball in one activation with pokey-Vik at a previous tournament. Good game though, and it took a lot of work dealing with being out activated. Things I learnt: Playing against the Hamelin Rat-Joy thing is quite annoying and ‘eh’ inducing, and please know this is in no way a reflection on Ben, he was great! It’s just the way the list is built to work isn’t particularly exciting. A variety of rats activate while all your important shit goes, delivering killjoy where ever you want him…woo fun *said with spirit fingers*. I legit would of hate to of seen it prior to the ‘cuddle’ if this was with a Vik crew it would have been horrific!! Anyway, solid bloody game, even if I’m not a fan of the Hamelin mechanic. Will get the next two up soon.
  9. ringsnake

    Ringsnake's WIP thread

    I've been a bit stagnant on my miniature painting due to burnout on other game's miniatures. That and I finally had to give in and get progressive lenses on my glasses because I'm old and toothless and have crappy eyes. Well.... I've been toothless since I was a teenager. Don't do stupid things with bicycles kids! Been having quite a bit of fun with the McMourning crew, and some of the other stuff, so I've been on a bit of a painting streak. I'd already finished the Flesh Construct, Canine Remains, and Nurses. Just need to finish basing them and putting on a few more details. Never posted them before because the Canine Remains and Flesh Construct didn't come out up to what I consider worth showing off. Still need to do a lot more work on the steampunk pizza dish, leather, buckles, other metallic parts, and hair. Looking at the picture I finally worked out that I need the pizza dish to look like it's full of blood, meat chunks, and toxic chemicals instead of just being a bright clean silver. NOTE: The blood is a neat trick I was taught by another painter at GenCON a few years back. It's done with Tamiya Translucent Red paint. Toxic as hell, and will wreck your brushes, but there's no better blood effect I know of.
  10. Alex Danev

    My ressers, part 1

    From the album: Alex-dan's Resurrectionists

    © Alex Danev

  11. ringsnake

    WIP McMourning

    From the album: Glen 'ringsnake' Murie Miniatures

    Work in progress of McMourning. Lots more work still to do.
  12. Hey Gang, Just wondering how this should be correctly played with Reva's Strength of the Fallen. It Reads: When performing an Attack, if this model is not Engaged, this model may draw LoS and measure range for Ca Attacks from Corpse Markers within 18" and LoS. This Ability is ignored when determining Engagement. So the question is, and the way I presume it is meant to be played, is you essentially play it as the corpse marker is a Ht3, 30mm Reva that is attacking, would that be correct? As a height 0 model wouldn't be able to do or see shit, would that be correct? Cheers, Nick
  13. huntroll

    RoF for Ressers

    All the other Faction's forums have a thread about Book 4 already, and the Guild is busy celebrating it's new filth already, and meanwhile our forum is dead, so let's change that. I don't have the book yet, but managed to get a glance at our new upgrades and Reva is getting a fourth one, which was left out of her description on the main page. It costs 1 SS, (1) action, requires a 6 of any suits to cast and pushes a friendly model up to 5" in any direction and if it's a Revenant or a Spirit let's it perform a (0) action. Can only push a model once per turn. Also has a trigger on rams which makes the target count of a corpse marker for Reva's Strength of the Fallen ability. Does this change your perception about her?
  14. JudgeDread

    Seamus, Avatar of Dread

    So I FINALLY found a the original Avatar of Dread model and looking at the new upgrade card, now Seamus can summon showgirls. Angelica seems like a good choice, or the Oiran, but has anyone actually tried it and does adding showgirls to his list of options REALLY make a big difference?
  15. Reservoir Dog

    Round 2 IP - Shards of Kythera

    After rotten belles in round 1 I decided to continue with my crew and do the carrion Emissary with Shards and zombies to go with it as I think it fits nicely with the theme.
  16. terminalc

    Stuffs for Trade

    Looking trade for any plastic Malifaux resserectionist models or Malifaux RPG books. PayPal is fine too. Willing to sell/trade In reasonable chunks Here's a list: Trolls: Fenblades, Chronicler, Sorcerer, Mulg Bomber Earthborn Pyre Storm Axer Skinner Doomshaper2 Janissa Impaler Gators: all the warlocks, ironback spitter, 2 boneswarms, 2 croak hunters, totem Hunter, unit of bog trog ambushers, Cygnar + mercs: Darius, Seige, Stryker1, ol rowdy, centurion, ironclad, sentinel, lancer, horgenhold forgeguard, allison jakes, taryn, gorman, ragman, Aiyana & Holt, trencher master gunner, Rhupert, Anastasia di Bray, Runewood
  17. valhallan42nd

    Tara's Faces in the Void

    So, I found out Tara's "faces in the void" is kind of a broken action. That's the 2 action that unburies an enemy model in base which chain activates. Well, there's no provision for the enemy to be considered friendly. So, it starts off engaged with Tara, making it unable to charge or shoot. All it can really do is walk and then take another another one action. Is my take on that correct?
  18. Not a Guild Bulldog

    Why is Lady J even a thing?

    Hello fellow Resser´s, i just came back to Malifaux because i finally found someone to play against and well he has Lady J(and only Lady J at the moment he wants sonia but she is not ava t the moment).... I played Yan Lo against him 2 times and got butchered... iam simply unabled to get 2 rounds of shooting in against her and when i got her down she heals back up and i cant kill her or the Judge... The Judge runs around with the Upgrade that makes Death Marshalls immune to Horror Duels and yeah Lady J kills stuff.... we ran the following: His List: Guild Crew - 35 - Dustup Lady Justice -- 5 Pool +Justice Unleashed [1] +Last Stand [1] Scales of Justice [3] Death Marshal [6] Death Marshal [6] Death Marshal [6] The Judge [9] +Flames of the Pit [2] My List: Resurrectionists Crew - 35 - Dustup Yan Lo -- 7 Pool +Fortify The Spirit [1] +Reliquary [1] Soul Porter [3] Ashigaru [5] Ashigaru [5] Chiaki the Niece [6] Izamu the Armor [10] What can i do against Lady J how to stop her? Should i even try to kill her or Judge? We had Turf War and i went for Bodyguard on Izamu and the Scheme where you have to kill the most expensive modell of the enemy. I made some positioning errors with Yan Lo which Killed him in turn 3 but man Pine Box is madeness against Izamu.... I just got Turf War VP until Turn Three and he got a line in the sand and turf war in turn three and i had only Chiaki an Ashigaru the Porter and a buried Izamu left any one any tipps on how o defeat Lady J? Thanks Not a Guild Bulldog
  19. Will Hicks crept along the side of the town's hall, easing his thin frame from barrel to barrel, crate to crate, always seeking cover. The revolver in his rattled ever so softly as his hands trembled. The smoke from the town's barber shop stung his eyes, but the ashes and soot in the air gave him extra cover. "Some mayor I turned out to be," he thought. He took in the town's broken and burning buildings as he crouched behind a water trough. "More like it's chief pallbearer." The only building left whole stuck out like a sore thumb. The Guild's Bank. That's where they had brought those artifacts they found in Burk's field, the ones that started the whole town's ruin. "That's when they all started coming. All the masters and their henchman. They turned this place into a charnel pit. Well, time to end it," thought Will, as he steadied his pistol on the trough and took aim at the rough shapes outside the bank... We're starting a Growth League at Bel Air Games in Bel Air, MD! It starts 9/23/14. 25 Soul Stones to start, 10 additional stones per week, with a final story scenario to decide the fate of Last Hope. Prizes will be awarded for Top Player, possibly second place as well depending on how many enter. We will also award the player with the Best Painted single model and Best Painted Crew! You can play each player in the league once a week, and the more games you play, the better! Should six or more players enter, the top player prize will also include a brand new Vengeful Spirits (Kirai) crew box, fresh from Gencon! $10 entry, Fixed Faction, with a new set of Schemes and Strategies each week. http://belairgames.com/ 1202 Agora Drive Suite B Bel Air, MD 21014 410-776-3491 If you have any questions about the event, you can PM me here or email me at MalifauxMatt@gmail.com
  20. dmeep

    dmeeps painted crews

    Well here we go Theese are my painted crews in a varying degree of order. There will be more then 100 pictures in this thread before Im done posting this time so bear with me... Some of theese are still wip sadly as I got hooked on other games during the m2e beta and moved shortly thereafter so lost my regular opponents. Some of theese Im happy with some are horrible abominations of "I really want to put theese on the table tomorrow!". Hopefully you can tell them apart. Be aware Im not the greatest photographer. I made the misstake of posting too many pics at once it seems as noone can be asked to post a reply to my poor ressers. I have outcasts and neverborn aswell and if you want to see them i demand at least one response (maybe this hostage situation will come back to bite me in the end) Like em or hate em let me know, hell Ill take feelings of indifference aswell. First up are the ressers Seamus the cheerfull psychopath in ringmaster / foxhunting attire like the dapper gent he is How do I follow up? Avatar Totem or Henchman? Went with a greyish skin same as the book3 artwork. Put this one on the table before he was finished and he stayed on my painting table for a few months before i powered through it and "finished him" Sigh the first and second try didnt go to well.. how many pics can you post? 10 seems to be the limit but I wont reformat the first posts.
  21. rgarbonzo

    Ophelia v Seamus Video Vassal!

    Here it is the first Malifaux live broadcast of a game! YAY! Some parts were lost in the move from Twitch to Youtube but most of it is here. http://youtu.be/ZS5CA8-sss0
  22. I have just seen a video dating to 1940's Russia, which details the reanimation of a dog's body (in whole and in literal parts). For those who wish to see this video, be warned as it is rather disturbing, and details what can be considered cruelty to animals. I do not endorse such things, take note; I just want to gauge people's thoughts on the matter. The video link extension for YouTube is here: /watch?v=HkBiflN1dF4 Allegedly this was a real, and successful experiment. Others were able to replicate results and modify the experiments to end up with two-headed dogs, an ape with the body of another ape, and that's about where the experiments ended, because there were not enough willing humans for the experiments. The ape story is here, if anyone wishes to read it: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/1263758.stm Now, credibility aside, my main query is this: I am wondering if the creator(s) of Dr. Douglas McMourning as a character looked into this video at all when conceptualizing him. Does McMourning go beyond the fantasy of Dr. Frankenstein? I would like to know, and I'd hope that this thread makes others wonder as well. ~Lil Kalki P.S. - If this is the wrong board for this, my apologies, and could someone please move this thread to a more appropriate board if so? Thank you kindly in advance.