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  1. As far as Hoffman is concerned, I actually quite like the way he plays in 3rd edition. I played him more in 2nd edition, so still testing him out. I like the resource management style he plays as it feels thematic powering up his constructs and having the crew work together.
  2. This might be a shocker for you but I don't think most people that play Malifaux are hyper competitive. I think most people play because they enjoy the hobby and playing with friends or acquaintances
  3. We uploaded another video a couple of weeks ago...which included Ophelia for the first time on the channel and she is a tough little gal Hope everyone enjoys the battle report
  4. I would recommend that you pick up which crew you like aesthetically the most. I think that advice will be pretty common as most people find motivation to paint/play with stuff they like. If you like the way everything looks (definitely a possibility) I would recommend perhaps Lady Justice as she is a strait forward master that is more focused on killing your opponents models. Dashel is another good option but be aware he is a summoner so your plastic addiction will be tested. Lucius is a favorite of mine (story-wise) but he is more tricky to use and you may have a harder time getting milea
  5. damn, my bad lol. We should have a new video up this week. It is with The Queen vs a new keyword to the channel
  6. Got another video up on the Youtubes Also happy Friday (for those where it is still Friday)
  7. I like your painting, the bayou stuff looks awesome. But I can't let my boy Johan not get his name recognized lol
  8. Oh okay, well that is good to know. I'm definitely fuzzy on the timing on some interactions.
  9. The Red Joker was flipped for the duel for Abandon Honor, and at least to my understanding I wouldn't be able to shuffle it back in due to it not being in the discard pile until the effect has finished. Am I correct or am I mistaken?
  10. Last month we uploaded some other battle reports to Youtube. This one being Misaki vs Viktorias (you could probably figure that out based on the picture) Feel free to check out our youtube channel and subscribe if you like what you see
  11. I am the Basse player and up until recently I did not realize that Home on the range added +1 for each model. That is pretty sweet in some scenarios for sure, unfortunately our last video we put on Youtube I didn't take full use of Home on the Range (next time I will for sure) but still had a decent game against Lynch none the less. As for as Frontiersman, I like them seemingly more than others. Are they the best 5 point model? no but they are decent and work well with the crew I think. In the game versus Lynch I tried out a Rough Rider for the first time and while he is not as dur
  12. I think Wyrd is doing 3E boxes more as if you don't own anything yet. So for Hoffman you get the Core box, yeah you might not use x3 hunter but if they did the one of each (hunter, watcher, gaurdian) the way like they did in the past you would have to buy multiple core boxes to get the second or third of certain minions. I think 3E has set up most masters to only need one or two boxes after the core to fill out most keywords. I think any frustration about which models are "bundled" is more about people that own stuff from previous editions.
  13. The link didn't get made on the previous post
  14. Another missed battle report from last month! It was a deadly showdown of Hoffman and McMourning https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9YCXvkViIg
  15. Yeah it was unfortunate for me lol, definitely didn't count on that happening
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