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  1. Hi all, This question not only applies to Counterattack (Lady Justice defensive trigger) but any model with a defensive trigger that includes a damage flip. First up the updated rules text for the Focused Condition: Counterattack is a defensive trigger that does 2/3/5 damage to the attacker with a -flip to the duel if the action that triggered it was a melee attack. From what I can determine from reading the rules as written the damage flip caused by Counterattack is a result of the duel and would benefit from the +flip on the damage flip too (essentially creating a straight flip and allowing the possibility to cheat). Is there anything that I have missed to say that I have misinterpreted the rulebook for this before I use it for a game?
  2. I know Vassal well I used to use it a lot when practicing for Warmachine and Hordes competitive play
  3. Haven't looked at this before but it seems interesting, what is it?
  4. My experience has been that the raw speed of Experimental is high enough that you can cluster 1st turn and use Rafkin to load up between 5 and 9 poison counters (1 for his passive and 2 each per formaldehyde you throw) onto the vast majority of your list. Then use a Kentauroi with Ride with Me to pull him up the field so that he isn't left out of the action. Between the fast flesh constructs and kentauroi with Mv6 and Ride with me you can pretty reliably have all five of them sitting on or near the halfway point of the board with anywhere between 7 and 11 poison tokens on them depending on your luck with Rafkin triggers. My list for what it was worth last night against Yuoko from 10 thunders was: McMourning, Zombie Chihuahua, Rafkin, 2x Flesh Construct, 2x Kentauroi, 2x Gravedigger I won 6-4 on corrupted leylines, models healing for 3-4 hp in the end phase meant that my opponent quickly realised the futility of spreading damage out against my crew instead focusing fire on 1 or 2 models at a time. Eventually attrition won out in my favour and turn 5 saw only Yuoko left vs McMourning, Rafkin, 2 gravediggers and 2 summoned flesh constructs, surrounded and dying to give me 2 vp for assassination while 1 construct had run off with the leystone to score the zone.
  5. Very true. Nothing improves the motivation to paint than seeing minis take shape with paint on them, and the contrast paints can reduce the time it takes to paint a model the size and complexity of a flesh construct from several hours to 30-60 minutes depending on just how much effort you want to put in.
  6. The Games Workshop contrast paints can be incredible if used right
  7. The flesh was actually surprisingly easy and took no time at all. Step 1: Primed with games workshop Grey Seer primer Step 2: A thin coat of games workshop Darkoath Flesh to avoid pooling Step 3: A coat of games workshop Plaguebearer Flesh to tint the flesh Comes out great and when I stage painted the Flesh Constructs the flesh parts for all three combined took me less than 20 minutes.
  8. Well it took a couple of days but ibhave smashed out my McMourning list on the painting table
  9. Hmm yeah looking at it for some reason my app had 108 downloads pending rather than downloading them automatically like it should have been
  10. Not sure which version I prefer looking at the PDF and the App versions. PDF version has the push effect which is great for Redchapel however Revel in Death is significantly weaker than the App version (losing the baked in 1 damage and only doing a fixed 2 damage and ignoring Hard to Kill and Demise abilities with Soulfire compared to 2/3/4 and ignoring Hard to Kill only. So far as I can tell looking at a comparison the differences between the two: PDF..............................................................................................................App Reap raven trigger pushes target after Dead Rider pushes..................Reap raven trigger places target into base contact with Dead Rider after he pushes Revel in Death gives Injured +1.................................................................Revel in Death does 1 damage and Injured +1 Soulfire does 2 fixed damage, ignores Hard to Kill and Demise...........Soulfire does 2/3/4 damage, ignores Hard to Kill
  11. Yeah I just dropped a thread in the rules forum since I a search of "Sacred Ink" literally found no matches besides THIS thread
  12. Hi all, Ran into a discussion with my opponent during a game today with McMourning vs Shenlong. McMourning was attacking Shenlong and had hit him twice so far that activation piling up a total of Poison +3. He hit him a third time which would have given another Poison +1 but then spent a Chi token saying that this would negate the Poison +4 condition. My reading of Sacred Ink was that it would only negate the Poison +1 in this case leaving him still with Poison +3 on his character.
  13. Yeah it was the Sacred Ink ability that he was using. He was letting himself get hit twice, then on the third hit using Sacred Ink. He said that he checked the wyrd rules forum and it prevented the entire instance of the condition. I tried searching the rules forum myself but couldn't find any threads answered by a Tyrant that confirmed this.
  14. Good to know, another question that came up too during our game. McM had hit Shenlong twice and applied three stacks of poison. He hit him a third time and then Shenlong spent a chi point which when I read the card for his runic tattoos it says that the condition is not applied. However my opponent said he had checked on the Wyrd forums and it not only stops the +2 poison which would have gone on but also removes the three existing poison tokens already on Shenlong?
  15. Well in the game McMourning was sitting on about 6 poison markers (2 for game start and 4 from the gasser) with both Sebastian nearby and Zombie Chihuahua close enough that he had easy access to Blood Poisoning. Between that and healing for 2 when he activates (both he and Sebastian have Catalyst and were next to each other in their scrap against the Shadow Emissary and Shenlong) and hitting the dragon in the face three times pretty reliably meant that he was healing 8 on his activation without factoring in blood poisoning or the end phase healing from poison.
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