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  1. the wording is "...drop and additional marker of the same type..." so I'd say yes. It'd be a second enemy schememarker.
  2. Yesterday I played Wong vs Yan Lo. Wong Olivia Bernard 3 Lightningbugs Burt Jebsen Taxidermist (+free Stuffed Piglet) Flying Piglet VS Yan Lo Soul Porter Chiaki Toshiro Yin 2 Ashigaru Strategy: Turf War Schmes: We both picked Deliver a Message and Harness the Ley Lines In Turn one I hit a "Wait What?!" on Launch into Space so I was well prepared fo scoring harness the Ley lines after turn two. Yan Los Crew caught me off guard in how mobile they were, so my flying piglet, who was supposed to swoop onto a Turf marker and leave got tarpittet and later on skewered by an ashigaru. (the Bacon on the centerline however was a nice touch and I can see that flying piglets can be very versatile) Turn two and Three went very well for me although Yin passed every single Fzzzzzap-Movement Duel so it got like 5 Glowys on it. I killed Toshiro fairly easily with fzzzzap and some taxidermin. Obviously he came back pretty quickly. at this Point I had scored 3 VP and Yan lo 2 VP. On Turn 4 and 5 everything went down hill. I had 3 Turns of no severe handcard in a row. I could manage to kill anything important. I had to shoot my own lightningbug to kill Yin via Arcane Feedback. Yan Lo turned Burt jebsen into red mist, before he could do anything meaningful. After turn 5 only Wong and a flying piglet was left and got tossed around by yan lo. In the end I lost the Game 3:6 It was a fun and tough game. Yan lo cornered me Pretty well. Best Models: Yan Lo, Wong, and Yin. I was also impressed by the flying piglet. Dazzling flourish slowed Yan lo once and the free Bacon when it dies is amazing. The Taxidermist was okay, underperformed in Combat however. Worst: Chiaki and Burt who both died before they could do anything.
  3. Brewmaster Wesley Whiskey Golem Fingers Popcorn Turner 2 Whiskey Gamin 2 Moonshinobi VS Parker Barrows Doc Mad Dog Convict Gunslinger Bandito 2 Prospects something else I cant remember We were playing Turf War and I chose Deliver the message and Harness the Ley lines. Popcorn Turner nearly died within the first round after a gunslinger charged him for 6 Damage. He recovered with his trusty flask and would stand for another two turns. Brewmaster was a beast: luring People out of Position and smacking them around. He had killed a gunslinger, mad dog and a prospect by turn 3. Fingers was great in stealing markers and asking Questions at parker barrows who just had recieved a message by the Whiskey Golem. Whiskey Golem tanked some hits by Barrows. When one of my moonshinobi cheated in a red Joker against the remaining bandita to kill her, my Opponent conceded in round 4. It was 4:0 for Bayou so it'd been hard to come back for barrows with only 3 models remaining. I really like the 3rd Edition Tri-Chi. It was Kind of hard to spread around Poison around my own guys after round 1 but unless I want to use "a small favour" on my own guys the only Gremlin that Needs Poison is Brewy himself and he got served some fine Drinks by wesley and a Whiskey gamin
  4. My Faction Pack and Rulebook finally arrived 😍 Great job wyrd! The Tarot Size cards are amazing in real life! Love it!
  5. I'm still wondering if there will be a Gremlin-Pioneer, staking Claim to every Inch someone else has already build up a house. I mean Mah used to have a Manifest Destiny Upgrade...
  6. Still Crossing my fingers hoping Special orders will be available in Germany. I know it's not your fault but most likely a distrubutor issue but the last time I checked my go-to store and thei Distributor had no clue at all. I like the hootenany box because I don't own banjonistas yet - so I got lucky and this will be a buy for me. The Deliverance-Box however… I'm not so sure about that. Do I get this Right? Spit Hogs are Minon (2) but there will be only one in the box? So there is also just one sculpt? If so I will most likely just end up using old Major and the sow as stand ins since I don't really Need any more bayou gremlins.
  7. I have neither played BBB nor First Mate so I cannot tell wether you should take em or not but for Starters I'd say you should stick within the Keyword. You just cannot go wrong with Slop haulers and Hog Whisperers (which will soon come in a box of three). You also Need piglets, obviously, and warpigs. Also the Sow and/or Gracie are good. So I'd recommend you go hogwild at first and from there on you can dip into other stuff.
  8. where did you get the September-Information from? As far as I know shops and stores simply don't know when they'll be able to sell M3E stuff.
  9. great stuff. Will we find out what the Brewmaster has said to Mah Tucket that let her cast her vote for Lenny? Also: Cooper Jones is missing in the list of TriChi models
  10. Uh! nice! love the models! are they worth the out-of-Keyword-Tax? On paper they look immensly powerful but I have yet to play them.
  11. several times on several Topics regarding the release, yes. I guess they have a dedicated inbox with my Name written on it by now :D They have great customer support and answer pretty quickly. I don't think there is anything they can do to Speed Things up. I guess it comes down to how good/fast their Distributor is and apparantly it is not the best.
  12. how can it be a nerf when it's a new game? It's not M2E and not a continuation of it. There are some severe changes between M2E and M3E, yes, but I've played enough Games during the closed and open beta to assure you that it is a frikkin good game! Play it. I loved M2E and I was strongly against M3E Prior to it's announcement. Once I've made my peace with it though I realized how much better it is. Especially as a game developer you should/could appreciate the efforts that have been made to make every Keyword viable in itself. There are no/less faction-wide "must haves". As a M2E Gremlin Player I almost always brought a Slop Hauler. I've had dedicated schemerunners that were played regardless of the master. a few bayou Gremlins made it into almost every list. At the same time I almost never played mah tucket and bushwhackers. Trixiebelle however fit into many lists. Rooster Riders were not worth their Points and there was no reason to play moon shinobi at all. Now Everything seems viable. Of Course after a certain time I will find certain things I like better and will take them over other certain things. But overall it's just a better designed and well rounded game.
  13. yeah I was thinking about that too but I'd like to Support my "local" stores and Shops. My Group and I will be Patient I guess. I mean, the rules and Cards have been published online. So we will have no Trouble playing the game !
  14. I agree and I tried that. it's hard to find a german store that provides anything malifaux 3rd Edition however.
  15. okay so I pre-ordered some faction packs and the rulebook for me and my Group on a german online store. (fantasywelt.de) right now it says "waiting for updated release date by the Producer". So it seems they have not yet received anything. I guess it's the fault of the Distributor which also didn't know anything about "Special orders". Anyway it's kinda annoying. I'm not criticising wyrd btw. I have no insight in what is really happening. I just wanted to Report on how Things go in Germany.
  16. So I came to TTB via Malifaux. My group started playing Malifaux 2nd Edition as soon as Warhammer had died. We were initially drawn into the world of Malifaux because it was so so different from anything else we had played before so it was a forgone conclusion for us, being not only a tabletop but also a P&P-Group, to try out TTB. I picked up the books and was immediatly drawn to the Idea of letting fate Play a role in creating the characters and also influencing the future adventures I was going to write. The Idea of my Group looking for Moments in which their destiny might be fulfilled makes writing so much more fun to me. And more than once I have been surprised, when destinies were resolved without my planning. I also like the "forced" Feedback and reflection on the games that have just been played. It is great to reflect on how an Adventure was perceived and what the Group wants from future adventures.
  17. maybe it's the inherited hatred against Hayreddin. I'm not tooooo firm on the fluff but wasnt he shunned by lillith because of his use of necromancy? Maybe that mindset keeps on echoing within the neverborn Players? did Titania or Nekima absolve him of his sins against neverborn-society? As for gameplay: I don't know much about neverborn playstyle. On paper he Looks pretty good to me.
  18. yeah I just found it in the examples of certain Terrain pieces like "Hill" and "Staircase" thanks
  19. I wish I could click the "haha" more than once. this is brilliant.
  20. I just realized that "sloped Terrain" is gone. has this rule been sacked during the beta or was it lost in Transition to the final product? I guess it was kinda obsolete because it is implied by common sense?
  21. thanks a lot, that was our consesus as well but we wanted to make sure. so just to clarify: the distance of the model on top to the ledge of the Building does not matter as Long as the model in front of the Building is not within the shadow?
  22. So this might have been tackled in the beta, if so: I'm sorry but I cannot remember anymore. If one Model is Standing on a Piece of Terrain ( blocking, height 4) and another model is Standing in front of the Terrain Piece (and outside of its shadow) at which Point do they have Line of sight to each other? the whole time? even if the model on top is standing 4 Inches away from the edge for example? Since we draw line of sight from the top down view, the distance to the ledge should not play any role, right? (onle in the case if the other model is Standing in the shadow) or am I missing something? (evelation rules from M2E are gone)
  23. apparantly the retailer of my choice asked their Distributor and as it turns out they weren't aware of special orders. By now said distributor has tried to contact wyrd about this. Things seem to get into motion :)
  24. thanks for the feedback and the insight. I hope I didnt come across as rude or anything. I'm just mildly frustrated I guess I have to focus on the retailer(s)
  25. I appreciate that very much, thank you. However I have to say... "keeping an eye" open is rather vague and hard to do. There aren't that many local retailers, even in the bigger cities like Berlin and Cologne. I will ask the two local stores in cologne I know of but to be honest I really don't understand why wyrd does not provide a list of participating retailers. I guess this is a lot, especially if you want to list retailers in the US but on the other Hand: somewhere has to be a list like that. Who not make it public? the retailers surely won't mind since it's free advertisement. (that being said, I can imagine there are plenty of legal implications, why you cannot do that) Edit: I'd like to add: if anyone of my european friends in this Forum knows any european online-sotre that'll provide Special orders, please let me know
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