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Found 22 results

  1. Hey Guys, my local group is brainstorming on Masters that could be experimented with to capitalize on Pass tokens. We want to know your thoughts? I have seen talk of VS successfully doing so. My lady J tests do too with small crews.
  2. So I've played a few games with Hamelin now and have some thoughts I figured I would share about how he and his crew interact, and some things to avoid. My games and end results were as follows: Hamelin w/ 3 stolen, 2 rat kings, 1 rat catcher, obedient wretch, nix, a few rats and 6ss vs Nekima won 5 to 3. Hamelin w/ 3 stolen, benny, nix, wretch, 2 rat kings, 1 rat catcher, hodgepodge effigy, 3ss vs jack daw loss 4-1 . Hamelin w/ 3 stolen, benny, nix, wretch, 2 rat kings, 1 rat catcher, 1 rat, 5ss vs somer draw 3-3. (lists may be off by a few ss, didn't double check just typed what I remembered
  3. So before I do a test run of some Guild Masters at my FLGS tomorrow I’d like the Bureaucracy’s take on it. The ones I’m looking at are: Lady J, Hoffman, and Sonnia Some models I’ve bought already just to have some extras that I like the look of and how they work: Sue, Exorcists, Sanctioned Spellcasters, Allison Dade, and the Brutal Emissary. Thanks in advance
  4. in Addition to the last Topic "Speeding up Lady J" i've read a very interesting sentence. "I dont take her er pretty often, cause of the strategies and schemes". so my minds are spinning around i hope for some helping needles. Speed is a General Problem on Guild-Models i think so. Right? I'm still a rookie in Malifaux and playing always Guild. I only have Sonnia and Justice on Board with some other models (such as DMR, Brutal Effigy, Witchling Handlers, Guild Astringers..) . I'm learing by doing different schemes and change only 1 additional model. But i think i'm not as efficient a
  5. Using Rasputina's Freeze Over cast action can you target your own engaged model and hence paralyse the enemies in base to base contact? If your friendly target has Frozen Heart are they then immune to the paralyses but the enemies still get it? Also, if you're interested, I'm relatively new to the game and I've joined a shifting loyalties campaign. Time to buy a master but I've got a mixed crew of arcanists: Joss, Kudra, Mech Rider, Arcane Emmisary, 1 Oxfordian Mage, 2 December Acolytes to choose from. The masters I can choose from are Rasputina, Sandeep, or Ramos. One problem is that fo
  6. Masters are complicated, and from the time I played in first ed to now I think I have seen all of the masters in the game at least once. They among all models are the more than the sum of their parts, often we use the parts to specialize and multiply there power in the role we want. Often a masters will have between 2-3 play styles going on between them and there upgrades, so how do you make sense of it. Most players that I know tend to underutilize a masters versatility, I am guilty of this as well as I exclusively summoning Dreamer when I play Dreamer. This also tends to look at masters as a
  7. Hello Everyone, Some time ago a made a topic about 3 masters per faction to start game. FYI: Right now ressers are tempting me again.... belles, it's their work But when I wanted to take 3 masters, I had a big issue. Mostly in every box there is a model I want to use. Also I am not a big fan of single models outside master boxes (because sooner or later I will buy them). So here comes my question: If you are limited to choose only 3 master from ressers, and you won't get models from other masters boxes, even if you can buy them (for example Ashigaru from Yan Lo), what list wo
  8. Since we have a lot of topics starting with "How to start with Perdita", "What to buy with Sonnia" etc maybe we should go "The Arcanist" forum Route and have pinned topics for Masters as the "Help with master X" threads are blurring the forum visibility.
  9. Maryland Masters of Malifaux Regional Tournament Malifaux 50SS tournament Saturday, February 13th, 2016 11:00am - 9:00pm Tournament Organizer: Matt Stanley (malifauxmatt@gmail.com) Games and Stuff is defending their title of the Maryland Masters of Malifaux! * 3 rounds, 50 soulstones, fixed faction * Gaining Grounds 2016 will be used. The latest document can be found here: http://wyrd-games.net/resources * Registration will open at 11:00am. Round 1 will start at 12:00pm. * Rounds will be 2 hours with an additional 15 minutes for setup. * There will be a 15 minu
  10. It is now the midway point of our shifting loyalties campaign and its when the big boys join the fight. We are holding a battle royale for the masters as they enter the ring. Dont worry if you havent join our campaign, there is space for you to join in the fun. Lots of fun pick up games campaign and otherwise. I will also be holding demo games for all the interested people at sluggaz, so even if you are just starting I will have plenty of models for everyone to join in. In fact more Wyrd than you can shake an enchanted stick at. Come join us at Southampyon Sluggaz At s
  11. I'd like to get some advice about two masters that have the following characteristics: 1st: Cover the Strategies between them very well (for example: I read that Tara is very good at reconnoiter but struggles with Reckoning, which master would cover that weakness?) 2nd: Use the most shared models (for example: Collette has a lot of showgirls but no one else in arcanists really uses them, that would be a strike against) 3rd: Decently competetive I am looking to build a compact 2 crew travel collection that I can use to get games in wherever I find myself. I am on the road a lo
  12. I am deciding my Gen Con order and trying not to go crazy and keep it between 100 and 140. Has anyone used the Hooded Rider? If so what is your experience with him? What masters does he like? I see some potential with him and Lilith making a mean combo. Otherwise he looks rather self sufficient.
  13. I've now gotten my collection of Gremelz to about 80 points (with three masters; Zoraida, Ophelia and Somer), which I figure is enough to have a decent selection to play the standard 50 point games with. I'm now looking at switching to Arcanists (going with Ramos, Ironsides and Colette when she comes out) and wondered when othe people swapped factions, do you get to so many points, get every master or every model or is it a case of 'oh new shiney thing, must have'.
  14. Hullo all, old malifaux player, new TtB player. Quick/not so quick question: Is there any way to convert models/cards from Malifaux to TtB. Explain? Can Seamus show up in TtB? Or Plague? etc. I notice in the Fatemaster's Almanac a great deal of mention of villains and how to pace/build story arcs. I don't want to fall on tropes, however, some of the most powerful members of the game are (manifested/avatared) masters that could be amazing to square off against. Is there any resource to determine how a model (master/hench/enforcer) might convert into TtB setting to be run in a campaign
  15. There is a fate deck I've seen pics of but never encountered or found for purchase. It has pictures of the primary Malifaux personalities drawn on them, usually Masters. The art is lovely and I would very much like to get my hands on one. Does anyone know where they are sold, or even the deck's proper name for more efficient searching? I fully expect it to be some sort of limited run thing, possibly hand done with Eric and Nathan's own blood, but I'm borderline obsessed with finding one.
  16. Hi folks. After playing around with various factions, I've committed to the Arcanists, and have really been enjoying playing Ramos and Mei Feng. Up till now I've mostly been using Ramos, with MF for Reckoning or to haul in Kang against Ressers, that sort of thing. But I've recently picked up Raspy and Kaeris as well, along with various models that go along with them (December Acolytes, Union Miners, a proxy Firestarter, etc.). So my question for you all is this: when do you run which arcanist master? Are there particular strategies / schemes where you've found a specific master excels, or part
  17. Hey folks, Assuming that you have all the models at your disposal, which of the Arcanist Masters is best at Reckoning? Who would you also add to the crew? Thanks!
  18. .oO(I kinda miss the days when we could post all of our crews' masters and henchmen icons in our signature block, no matter how unwieldy it was becoming.)
  19. Greetings all, First, let me say, that I really love this game. I have been a wargammer for almost 20 years now and I have never seen a game which combines the same depth Malifaux does in terms of unit selection, scenarios, RNG, etc. However, I wanted to point out one concern I have had since I started as a full time rezzer player. Hopefully, this can be resolved with a go-here-stupid response =) Okay, in general, I think the rules for Malifaux are quite clear. There are some redundancies with duels, etc., but that is what a 1.5 is for, right? However, there seem to be several ruling
  20. I would like to see who everyone think is each faction's weakest master and why. You are free to use any definition of "weakest" you would like; but I am specifically interested in the "why". You can include Henchmen/women if you would like.
  21. Correct me if I'm wrong, but can't mercenary masters join any faction as if they were mercenaries? I ask because it seems like Viktorias' 'For Money' ability has become completely useless since in V2 they have the mercenary type. In fact you would be giving up 5 soul stones for no benifit as the Viktorias don't give you the ability to hire outcast mercs at no additional cost (since you are still limited to one controlling faction) and they don't remove the limit on having only two mercenaries, something Von Schill does. The only use I could possibly see for this ability is if master
  22. I cannot remember this correctly - I have one of the Pandora Avatar sculpts, and it has a 40mm base. The other day I think I saw someone state all avatars will be on a 50mm base? Is this correct? I am prepping my mini up, and do not want to base it incorrectly. Thanks!
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