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  1. Joachim

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    @Franchute Sorry that it has been a while. Its been very busy at work and at home. So i'll have to use a mulligan for may. I'll do my best for june but cant promise anything.
  2. I think having extra rewards (not necessarily a price attached) can help a lot. This way competitive players (nothing wrong with that) can go for the optimized lists (and I believe every faction can field some very competitive lists. Including a price like the iron scorpion for playing 5 different masters in 5 games is great. A price for best painted. Best sportsmanship. Again, maybe something for running 80 or 90% keyword crews, etc. I feel that as long as there's something for everyone to enjoy, a couple of very strong lists shouldn't really be an issue.
  3. You're taking 18ss for 2 models to do this, so as long as the opponents has cheap stuff/free stuff/summoning itself, it's far from automatic, but it helps.
  4. That's actually what I did to @whodares last weekend. 2 mindless zombies a turn is nice, especially when they hit hard. I bring them for the summoning, but with asura roten your zombies become powerfull offensive tools. And the emissary is still a very solid model without the zombie summoning.
  5. I see your point of view. Though I think by putting things in extremes it kinda thrumps your arguments. It's not because you can do multiple things that you're 3 models. Kentauroi are very strong and the problem is that nico can summon them and they can charge the same turn, kill themselves and provide 2 corpses, or alternatively provide nico with crazy mobility. That in my opinion is a bit over the top as a summoners weakness should be a slow start and limited mobility as he's using his ap to summon. The window to attack nico has just become a lot smaller, though not impossible by any means. I think that if they would have been enforcers, or not been able to summon it would be fine. Cause if he hires one, that at least replaces another model. About the lampad, I think they're absolutely not op. I thought they were strong from the start. It is a typical high risk high reward model. When you get the summon that's a huge swing in your favor, if you don't, it's an easy 7 or 8ss to remove from the board. Also, how is a charge with ml6 guaranteed to hit twice. It is by definition not guaranteed, as you need to flip cards ;):). In conclusion I feel the balance in malifaux is pretty good, especially compared to some other games where some op list dominates. Yes, nico is extremely strong at the moment, but the same could be said about sandeep or hamelin.
  6. Kirai just got her feelings hurt I think she actually plays quite a bit differently than nico.
  7. Joachim

    The New Seamus

    That is true, thematic crews are underrated, especially in friendly games. Honestly, I think there should be a mechanic rewarding keyword hiring. But that's a whole other discussion.
  8. Joachim

    Changelings as scheme runners

    Very true, you bring them for other jobs, but they're extremely flexible.
  9. Joachim

    Changelings as scheme runners

    They're a wk5 significant model with a (0) to get some rather nice movement. Tbh, the fact that theyre 4ss and summonable, even without their (0) they're at least decent scheme runners. Remember, you can also place into base with an enemy and even blink through walls and other models. I've once used this to blink towards a friendly model so I was in range to place a sheme marker next to my setup target for the full points. Also I've used them to blink towards other scheme runners and hold them up. You also get them very easily if you have the emissary (especially with titania).
  10. I find the semi-lure to be nice on the right model at the right time. If it's a scheme runner that needs his walk to do his schemes, then he is kinda screwed
  11. Joachim

    The big guys of neverborn

    I really like the hooded rider now at 10ss and I think he's awesome with zoraida. With Titania I always bring the emissary, ofc he's not a beater at all. I don't have experience with the usual suspects teddy and nekima.
  12. Joachim

    GG18 Official Master Tier List

    I agree, I feel that a lot of people underestimate her staying power now. She now has te place so she can move to a better position, and gets + to def and riposte (agreed, it is on df5, but little things with ml5 are going to think twice before hitting her). She has a lot of access to healing and her wound pool of 14 wounds plus soulstone use makes it that she requires some dedicated damage models to focus on her to put her down in one turn. She is also very good in punishing an opponents mistake with her great mobility (thank you brutal emissary). Though I agree that she is less flexible than a lot of the masters that are on tier 2 and higher. Her way of scoring is for a large part denying the opponent from scoring by killing them.
  13. Joachim

    The Captain vs. Snowstorm in Rasputina

    I own both and always picked snowstorm over the captain. She brings so much more to the crew, the place on rasputina is extremely nice, and she can put out quite a bit of offense, especially when close to an ice gamin.
  14. Joachim

    GG18 Official Master Tier List

    Tier 1.75? 😛 Also I believe lady justice deserves to be higher on this list. I at least find her to be pretty good in wave 5.
  15. Joachim

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    Thanks, ill definitely take some more detail picks. Maybe after i tried the tip from @Burnin' Coal for the rust effect.