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  1. Oh... do forgive me for my sins though. I’m not taking an Engineer in my next game... trying out models and weird lists to see what I can get done. Here’s my list for the Symbols of Authority game: Copy of Freikorps Scouts (Outcasts) Size: 50 - Pool: 5 Leader: Von Schill Totem(s): Steam Trunk Hires: Hannah Lovelace Arik Schöttemer Freikorps Librarian Freikorps Scout Freikorps Scout 2 Freikorps Scout 3 Scouts also seem to be interesting with Rocket Launchers since they base ignore Concealment and FF. Also, could you bring a Bandido or De
  2. So the one Engineer I did take did pretty well, got me the RJ one turn from my discard It did its strengthen armor only like twice because, unfortunately *thick sarcasm*, my hands were very good and I didn’t want to discard. Also it just didn’t work out that I needed it to do much. I’ll take them moving forward for sure, and I imagine in a normal game with shite hands they’ll be even better hahah!
  3. Played Von Schill into Yan Lo a few days ago. Wedge, Corrupted Leylines, Take Prisoner(O), Leave Your Mark(O, TT), Breakthrough, Hidden Martyrs(TT), and Assassinate. I took Take Prisoner on Chiaki and Leave Your Mark. Copy of Unfauxcused Schill (Outcasts) Size: 50 - Pool: 4 Leader: Von Schill Totem(s): Steam Trunk Hires: Arik Schöttemer Hannah Lovelace Hodgepodge Emissary Freikorps Engineer Freikorpsmann Freikorpsmann 2 8-4 Von Schill victory This was my first game with Von Schill and I had a mild fascination with the si
  4. Deployment: Corner Strategy: Corrupted Leylines Schemes: Breakthrough, Vendetta, Sabotage, Spread them Out, Let Them Bleed Copy of Viks Crew (Outcasts) Size: 50 - Pool: 5 Leader: Viktoria Chambers Totem(s): Viktoria Chambers 2 Hires: Mad Dog Brackett Ashes and Dust Hans Student of Conflict Ronin Ronin 2 Kind of a weird scheme pool, but I was able to complete my game plan very well in it. My idea was to spread out and take the flanks very quickly. The Viks took the left flank, and Ashes and Dust took the right flank. Hans provided
  5. The Viks definitely aren’t what they used to be, they can still murder things but it takes a bit more effort and suits - especially facing targets with armor. And yeah, you’ll almost certainly lose them both if you try an alpha strategy. To me the Viks in 3E require patience and planning. And to keep in mind the bigger picture - score points. Let them help you run schemes or the Strat if needed, but of course if there’s a juicy target or a scheme runner on the flanks, eliminate it by all means. They aren’t point and shoot so much. I like to spread them at the max of the 6” (8-10” if
  6. I like the Diving Charge “leap” trick here very much - great use of ability for the Lodestone. Could throw Arik into some awful places and come out of it alright! I also really like Parker against LYM as it would be pretty easy to get him into position, or any bandit with Life if Crime, to remove any scheme markers. All those guns might make it hard for anything without Stealth to reliably get the Leylines too
  7. My first thought, since I just played a Corrupted Leylines with the Viks and enjoyed how they felt, is to run them again. It’s a risk taking the Viks into Assassinate, but you could also try to bait the scheme pick and play keep away with the Leader. My thoughts are to run this list: OCP 1 (Outcasts) Size: 50 - Pool: 7 Leader: Viktoria Chambers Totem(s): Viktoria Chambers 2 Hires: Taelor Vanessa Chambers Student of Conflict Hans Servant of Dark Powers Ronin Ronin 2 I didn’t want to throw any upgrades on the Viks as to avoid any po
  8. This thread is for all Outcasts: master and newbie alike! In this thread we'll all come together to discuss a scheme pool. Ideally some of us will even get to play it! Pool 1: Standard Corrupted Leylines Corrupted Leylines - Standard Deployment 1 Breakthrough 2 Take Prisoner 4 Assassinate 6 Hidden Martyrs 10 Leave your Mark How to participate: Just post! You can post theorycraft about what master or list you'd take into this pool, or you can post a list you want to take into this pool seeking advice, or a battle re
  9. Oh dang. You right. Must have missed that from 2nd to 3rd. Thanks for pointing that out!
  10. Deployment: Corner Strategy: Corrupted Leylines Schemes: Breakthrough (Outcast) Vendetta (TT) Sabotage (TT) Let Them Bleed Spread Them Out (Outcast) Viks Crew (Outcasts) Size: 50 - Pool: 5 Leader: Viktoria Chambers Totem(s): Viktoria Chambers 2 Hires: Mad Dog Brackett Ashes and Dust Hans Student of Conflict Ronin Ronin 2 Misaki Crew (Ten Thunders) Size: 50 - Pool: 9 Leader: Misaki Katanaka Totem(s): Shang Hires: Fuhatsu
  11. If you really wanted to go all in on the animation of corpses idea you could bring in the Dead Rider. Use his Revel in Death "The Dead Hate the Living" trigger to summon a Mindless Zombie into base contact with all corpses within (6). If you kill them - They come back!! And you get a Ride With Me for Asura Assuming you had the corpses, which with the lists we're talking about I would imagine you would, you could potentially summon 5 zombies on turns 3, 4, and 5 with the Dead Rider. Also assuming your opponent is killing zombies like there's no tomorrow.
  12. I had the pleasure of playing into Zoraida and had a blast with Fan the Flames. My opponent summoned Gupps with Spawn Mother and I kept fanning Pyres underneath 2-3 models per turn and it really got the burning ticking by doing so. I really like FtF if you have an awful control hand. Kaeris' attacks already aren't the best, and if you have a 9 high hand its just not worth the chance when you can create pyre markers then move them all over the place. Our strat was Corrupted Idols which made the pyres even MORE fun because his crew had to be around the centerline, so yeah. FtF with pyre mar
  13. They posted in it before it was closed - said they were closing the Closed Beta forum and moving to the soon to be created Open Beta Forum (something like that). So basically, progress!
  14. Are you still accepting new applicants?
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