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  1. If you really wanted to go all in on the animation of corpses idea you could bring in the Dead Rider. Use his Revel in Death "The Dead Hate the Living" trigger to summon a Mindless Zombie into base contact with all corpses within (6). If you kill them - They come back!! And you get a Ride With Me for Asura Assuming you had the corpses, which with the lists we're talking about I would imagine you would, you could potentially summon 5 zombies on turns 3, 4, and 5 with the Dead Rider. Also assuming your opponent is killing zombies like there's no tomorrow.
  2. I had the pleasure of playing into Zoraida and had a blast with Fan the Flames. My opponent summoned Gupps with Spawn Mother and I kept fanning Pyres underneath 2-3 models per turn and it really got the burning ticking by doing so. I really like FtF if you have an awful control hand. Kaeris' attacks already aren't the best, and if you have a 9 high hand its just not worth the chance when you can create pyre markers then move them all over the place. Our strat was Corrupted Idols which made the pyres even MORE fun because his crew had to be around the centerline, so yeah. FtF with pyre markers (shout out to Carlos Vasquez as well) allows you to set everything on fire and watch them tick down with slow burning AoE damage. That said, "slow damage," I killed Gracie, Bad Juju, Spawn Mother, and another gremlin henchman by the end of T3, and stacking burning was a huge part of that.
  3. They posted in it before it was closed - said they were closing the Closed Beta forum and moving to the soon to be created Open Beta Forum (something like that). So basically, progress!
  4. Are you still accepting new applicants?
  5. 50 SS Fixed Faction tournament ***This event is geared towards newer players or those who are just starting out, we are a new meta trying to grow*** Location: The End Games 143 Zan Rd, Charlottesville, VA 22901 Check In: 12:00-12:20 Round 1: 12:30 - 2:45 (15 minute break) Round 2: 3:00- 5:15 (30 minute break) Round 3: 5:45 - 8:00 Awards: 8:00 - 8:15 Rounds are 2.25 hours, with a hard stop. I will give a last call at 15 minutes. After the 2.25 hour stop, each player may activate one last model and the game is done. (Everything should be wrapped up by 8:15 pm) Player Limit: 16 Cost: $10 (Paypal payment to abrowninker@comcast.net to reserve your spot, or contact me for other options) *No painting requirement and this will not be factored into scoring. Prizes: Amount of prizes will be determined by player turnout and potential Wyrd support. Prizes will be raffled at the end of the event.
  6. I mean it would kind of fit right into ressers! Essentially another form of Bloated Stench...
  7. Could maybe pull some abilities from Guild? They remind me of lawyers or something similar. Possibly intended to bring something fresh to Ressers but also be useful to hire from the Domador de Cadaveres?
  8. I’m in the same boat, finding small things to distract me (lazy day after a lot of flying yesterday). Refreshing the store all too often
  9. If you see the have counterspell swap to other schemes - Punish the Weak is easily doable with Datsue/Madame, and those models will very likely be able to be lured if needed. Vendetta is also a pretty easy 2 VP with Belles and you can choose a target that doesn't have Counterspell.
  10. I like this list to try and live the dream: Spirit Molly w/Datsue Ba, Madame Sybelle, Carrion Emissary (Carrion Conflux), Necrotic Machine and 3 Belles. Lure one of your opponent's enforcers+ (and if you super live the dream itll be your Setup target) across the board to be within 4" of all 3 belles, score public demo. If you happen to get your Setup target Lured - Datsue Ba puts up her aura that when a friendly non-Peon spirit model dies put a scheme marker in base contact. Molly summons a drowned within the aura which dies instantly giving you 2 markers for Setup, them summon another or place a marker otherwise. With schemes out of the way early/able to do them easily you can then focus on the Symbols and denial - I took the upgrade that reveals your opponents schemes so you'll know what you need to do. Best your opponent can do is avoid LoS with the Belles, but with Sybelle calling one and companion activating that gives you flexibility to catch someone out unawares. 20% chance or less to do both schemes Turn 1.
  11. I had a lot of fun with this list tonight, idk how well it would do competitively but it did very well casually. Declared Faction: Resurrectionists Crew Name: Yan Summon Eng 50ss Leader: Yan Lo - Cache:(4) Awakening 1ss Follow Their Footsteps 1ss Reliquary 1ss Soul Porter 3ss Asura Roten 8ss Philip and the Nanny 8ss Haunting Cries 0ss Toshiro The Daimyo 9ss Command the Graves 1ss Corpse Bloat 2ss Sun Quiang 8ss Rotten Belle 5ss Asura summons a zombie 10” or so from Toshiro, walks and places scheme marker for P&N. Soul Porter pushes Toshiro and Yan Lo. Rotten Belle can drop a Scheme if needed (if your hand is awful). Then P&N double cycles. Toshiro tips out his spleen suffering 3 damage, Sun pushes into base contact and places a scheme marker (this could happen rather than belle’s). Toshiro then summons an Ashigau off his spleen and mindless zombie from Asura. Should be fairly easy to at least get 1 9 crow+ with P&N cycle. Sun activates healing Toshiro and both Ashigaru 1. Then heals Toshiro back to full as his first action and can then walk. One interesting thing is that the wording on the summon for Ashigaru says, “summon an Ashigaru and then it suffers damage...” which means Sun can push to each Ashigaru and interact if you really needed it for something - you’ll probably have some cards to get rid of. This summoning and card cycling can happen easily on T2 and requires very little effort. And since Ashigaru can charge for a 1 that’s not too bad for a T2 summon close to a fight. It is light on Chi generation but I had no issues gaining the Chi I need once things picked up.
  12. Yeah that would have been a solid pick up - I’m a little surprised myself really! But you’re right, Valedictorian with ram trigger to get ++ makes it possible to get a cheated severe for 6 on Kang fairly easily. And no stones... Also for the time being I’ve been bringing Carrion Effigy as insurance, 1 action to remove horror duel immunity within 5”. It’s not perfect and isn’t everywhere but it could help vs Kang while he’s alive. I think I’ll nearly always bring Decaying on someone, but I tend to play aggressively (hence my only Ressers masters being Reva/Seamus). Being able to cancel stones is good enough, denying healing is situationally amazing.
  13. I’ve only played Seamus twice now, so I’m definitely not the authority on him. However both of those games were very enjoyable. I’ve been using The Valedictorian as a dive buddy with Seamus. Valedictorian takes Decaying Aura and Necrotic Prep to make her a royal pain in the rear. With her 3” engage range, all her defensive abilities, and Seamus’s WP reduction aura the pair become incredibly hard to deal with. I dove into my opponent’s Mei Feng list on Turn 2, my two models vs Mei, Toshiro, Oiran, a couple of the Lion things in 10T, Chiaki. The Valedictorian finally died late turn 4. She only died because Mei RJed her kick damage flip. Every turn at least 3 models were paralyzed because he would use his cards to try to remove Valedictorian and then the horror duels began. It’s a solid way to lock down your opponent I’ve found, but it’s an imperfect strategy. I’ll be testing it more and see how it goes...
  14. Hi there! Weekly on Friday's, 6pm at The End Games in Charlottesville, Va we host Friday Night Malifaux! Next week (Nov 17th) will be a large focus on demoing Malifaux to new players and trying to grow our community. I'll have several small crews completely put together and ready to play with, so if you don't own any models and want to give the game a shot, come on down!! There will be an table setup for demos and a table setup running 50 ss games with our more veteran players. Something for everyone! Check us out on Facebook at Cville Malifaux, we have both a page and a group. Thanks and see you Friday! Lightningjuice Alan
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