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  1. Nikshe

    TTB "balanced" Drama Time

    I understood the idea of the book that "there is no balance in the firefight" but I surelly need some instrument for making party's enemies when I want to create weak/moderate/severe problem. Is there some official or approved method of creating encounters? Some sort of formula for calculating the summ of enemies' ranks or something?
  2. Nikshe

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    I just LOVE TheoryMalifaux. Good theorist can discuss Malifaux without any information about terrain, strategy and schemes at all. Also, neither fractions nor Masters are interesting for skilled theorist, and no models are named. Pure Malifaux with no distraction.
  3. Nikshe

    Ticket to Ride

    Also, if your players are "scavengers", you can use more neverborns, gamins, beasts and undead enemies. The Guild investigator looking for Fated is a good idea, but the group can be also considered as a threat by Arcanists after they eventually kill a smugler. Or they can be hunted by Frei Corps after murdering their squad. If every fraction in the city is the Fated's enemy, their money will not serve them well.
  4. Nikshe

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Well, my Nicodem was nerfed. And now you say that he will be vanished. Bad news. But Albus Von Schtook will be the part of the actual game now - that's good. I'm confused and excited now. Definitely should be a beta-tester. And sorry, but I will not buy new models until the release. My girlfriend has bought Mccabe's box for her Guild recently and she is little furious now.
  5. Nikshe

    TTB Henchman?

    Our Henchman is not into TTB, he is into Malifaux. I'm into TTB, I would like to run some open one-shots for new players, I would like to run a long sand-box campaign, but I don't really want to run Malifaix's tournaments. The question is: is there such a thing as "Trough the Breach"-only Henchman? Can I become a Henchman who runs several games every month and be supported?
  6. Nikshe

    July 2018 Errata

    Honestly, people, are you really want Wyrd to transform "Malifaux" into the game of equaly strong\weak models and just flipping cards for them? You're better in flipping - you're better in the game. It will be the best wargame ever. *sarcasm* Seriously, inventing tactics against different masters and bands is one of the best parts of the game. Don't ruin it because you are too lazy to build your plan of dealing with a strong - or "annoying" - model.
  7. Nikshe

    July 2018 Errata

    One thing you missed: Nicodem paid about 25 soulstones for Mortimer and the Emissary. First one just digs, second is more useful but he needs to be in 12" from Nicodem to create corpse marker every turn, so he will not fully translate his APs into damage/VP. That's 25 SS for preparing of summoning. For 25 SS Ramos can buy Howard and build the heavy alpha-strike and get some change. So it should be comparison of the Masters with 25 SS of their bands, like Dreamer with Teddy and Mr. Graves versus Nicodem with Mortimer and the Carrion Emmisary.
  8. Nikshe

    Nicodem Players - Dealing with the nerf

    Nicodem paid a lot just for a possibility of summoning. I mean Mortimer - he is about 25% of band's cost and does nothing but making corpse markers. If Nicodem wanted more, he hired the Emissary for 20% of the band's cost (and he is usefull model at the battlefield). Plus upgrades - about 50% of roster is about preparing the summon. Kirai, Molly, Asami, Dreamer - they need cash and cards (which Nicodem also needs), they don't really need more to start summoning (Dreamer can be improved by Mr. Tannen, but does he really need it?). It seems fair that Nicodem's summon was more powerfull - he paid a lot for it. Asura upped him a lot because she gave a corpse marker every turn for nothing AND she is usefull for all of the band AND she is cheap. She was broken, not Nicodem, and she is still broken while Nicodem now is our Ramos.
  9. Nikshe

    Nicodem Players - Dealing with the nerf

    They could just give the cost of 9 to Kentauri. They could rebalance Asura. But they decided to cut Nicodem's summon strategy. The King of Dead is dead. All hail the King! Since now I will play tournaments only with Reva. The Nicodem's box was just a waste of money.
  10. Nikshe

    July 2018 Errata

    Nicodem has never been broken - 5th book's models have been (Asura for 8, who thought that it was balanced? Change her, not Nicodem!). His good summoning was balanced by 1/4 of band's soulstones spent for fullpacked Mortimer, for nothing exept making few corpse markers. And now Nicodem's good sides are ruined and bad sides are saved. Well done.
  11. Nikshe

    Obsidian Gate Results

    And what about the "canonical" story end? Dead, sleeping or alive?
  12. Wow. I mean it - that's very good and the style is really similar to Doyle's tales'.
  13. Nikshe

    TTB Worldwide Campaign

    Oh, I got it. Silly me. Sorry.
  14. Nikshe

    TTB Worldwide Campaign

    I signed up but didn't get anything.
  15. Sorry, can you explain the meaning of the phrase? Never met it in any context