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  1. Nikshe

    What's the appeal to the Guild?

    Well, things are pretty simple in SW - there are the Good Resistance and the Evil Empire. In Malifaux it's not so simple: every fraction is pretty evil. May be Gremlins are exception - they are just comic mirror of others. The Guild is a MNC with all it's oppressive methods + propaganda + corruption. Arcanists are criminals from the 192X of our world's USA (unions connections, sabotages, murders and smuggling) + cannibals' cult + experiments with people. Ten Thunders are also criminals but more traditional (kill the family and use their kid as a thug - hello, Mei Feng) Neverborns are horrible crazy freedom fighters who are OK with eating people and making them loose their minds. Ressurectionists are maniacs and lunatics. Outcasts are brutal mercs who are OK with robbery and murders + two Tyrants who want to rule the world. And it's OK for me. It's much more realistic then a dichotomy of Good and Evil - it's sorts of evil. Just choose yours and try to pretend that your Evil fraction is actually Good.
  2. Nikshe

    What's the appeal to the Guild?

    No bone leg, no chicken-legs-house, no "I-am-the-guardian-of-the-board-between-life-and-death" theme. No Baba Yaga influence at all. Trust me, I'm Russian, I know our fairy tales. And Seamus is literally Jack the Ripper of our world's history, by the way. Like, it's the lore.
  3. Nikshe

    Newbie questions

    Or they have the Oxford Magical Theory which allows to auto-include a suit.
  4. Hola! We are running TTB games in Novosibirsk, Russia. We are going to run a "Wyrd Chronicles" scenario at 13 of October. Currently we have a full party of Fateds but you are welcome to join our bunch of players. You can contact me with personal messages here or with social media (https://vk.com/ttbnovosibirsk). Our usual place, "The Wizard's Tower" is currently moving to another address, so we will play at other place once. Date: October 13th Where: Wargames and historical reconstruction club "Rarog", Bolshevistskaya street, house № 48 Starts at 12:00.
  5. Nikshe

    Where to find more lore for TTB?

    That is about the Earth side. But it's very important for the world's history and Fateds are in the middle of events.
  6. Nikshe

    Where to find more lore for TTB?

    Not each one, but "Nythera" My point was about that "Malifaux" is centered on Masters' deeds, and TTB is about (un)common folks and their problems. Fated CAN be a part of metaplot (like in "Nythera") but their ways are simpler. Fatemaster needs less details about Masters' deeds (those are mostly secret things) and more details about everyday life in the city, because that is the most significant part of Fateds' life. Reading "Malifaux" books is not necessary but you can do it for descriptions. For example, it seems that Fated will never visit General-Governor's office, but they can visit some high class clerk's office, and Fatemaster will describe it similar to the Governor's one and Fateds' convoy will say something like "That dude want to copy the General-Governor's style, heh. Good luck with that". Of course, you can run adventures about being the part of the official story. But it seems that it will limit the choices for players.
  7. Nikshe

    Starting Earthside

    Use Corebook 2E Tarot, it's not linked to Malifaux, it's about learning during the Fated's life. Obviously, FM should cut some options for Fated when they start on Earth (like, no Whisper magic theory, no gremlins).
  8. Nikshe

    Where to find more lore for TTB?

    Look, "Malifaux" books are Masters-centered. And Masters are not the significant part of TTB adventures - their deeds are decorations of the Fated adventures. Some summary of the "Malifaux" plot is enough to use. What you need is other TTB books - about Bayou, northern cities and the new one, about the redcoats. And some big "Penny Dreadful" tomes, maybe. You has "Under the Quarantine", so you can estimate the mass of details about the world in this books. They are useful and interesting for those of players who know only the "Malifaux" plot (which is Masters-centered and pretty poor for details about simple folks).
  9. Nikshe

    Can queller enchant his own weapon?

    Yes, Queller can enchant his own weapons. Yes, Hannah can copy the enchanting to enchant her own weapons.
  10. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1UxNOVA6qLMZHdCK1eOjOHCt6arn1SBul Done
  11. I tried to rework Gwyneth Maddox from "Malifaux" to TTB to be a proper Fated's enemy in a case of troubles in the "Honey pot". Look at the file, suggest some changes, enjoy yourself. Gwyneth Maddox.docx
  12. Nikshe

    Monsters and Triggers

    Triggers can be declared if the useful suit was in the final result of the Fated's resistance duel (after cheating and picking the card) against the Fatemaster's character OR the suit is the part of this character's AV. The character's trigger should also meet the conditions of the trigger (after failing, after succeeding, after damaging and others). For example, the Widow Weaver (see the Wyrd Chronicles 37, it's a free recourse of useful things) has the attack named Venomous fangs and the trigger for this attack on masks. She wants to attack some Fated, so the the Fated should deal with her 17 Attack. The Fated draws a card and adds his Defense's value to the card's value. The Fated can cheat the Fate if only there are no in his duel. If the sum is 18 or more the attack was avoided. If the Fated failed to avoid the attack the Fatemaster should check if the card had the masks' suit. If there were masks the Widow Weaver can use the trigger (after succeeding). So the Fated can cheat the duel not for avoiding an attack but for avoiding its' trigger.
  13. Nikshe

    TTB "balanced" Drama Time

    I understood the idea of the book that "there is no balance in the firefight" but I surelly need some instrument for making party's enemies when I want to create weak/moderate/severe problem. Is there some official or approved method of creating encounters? Some sort of formula for calculating the summ of enemies' ranks or something?
  14. Nikshe

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    I just LOVE TheoryMalifaux. Good theorist can discuss Malifaux without any information about terrain, strategy and schemes at all. Also, neither fractions nor Masters are interesting for skilled theorist, and no models are named. Pure Malifaux with no distraction.
  15. Nikshe

    Ticket to Ride

    Also, if your players are "scavengers", you can use more neverborns, gamins, beasts and undead enemies. The Guild investigator looking for Fated is a good idea, but the group can be also considered as a threat by Arcanists after they eventually kill a smugler. Or they can be hunted by Frei Corps after murdering their squad. If every fraction in the city is the Fated's enemy, their money will not serve them well.