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  1. Hola! The adventure in Reedly began. Let's move to #34! We will start at 13:00, 22 of February. You are welcome to join us! Send me a message to do it.
  2. I see the Guild as the East India Trading Company in Pirates of the Caribbean films - greedy corrupted corporation BUT they bring laws and an order. And their enemies are bloody pirates - some of them can be stylish and funny adventures, but most of them are villains. So in my games the Guild is a lesser evil.
  3. Hola! Our Guild's agents are back to business! Reedly is waiting for him. Let's the Northern Aggression begins! We will start at 14:00, 16 of February. You are welcome to join us! Send me a message to do it.
  4. 16 SS, cause you need to pay a no-keyword-match price. And it seems that the Dispatcher is needed too, so it will be 19 SS. Didn't try it yet, but it seems to be pretty equal to the Whispered Kirai.
  5. There are two different abilities, so there are two damage sources of 1 Damage
  6. Revenants can just have +flip for Df\Wp duels for lowering Burning -1. There will be a point to burn non-Lampad\Draugr models every turn.
  7. IMHO, when Colette kills the dove Greed does nothing cause Colette kills it instead of using a soulstone. Or you mean that Greed can "intervene" into Colette's action after "I use a soulstone and...." phrase?
  8. Still no shipment for order 28373. It seems as no Happy New Year package(
  9. Hola! I forgot to make this anons for the 3rd act of our Innocence events and do it now. So make a cool face and pretend that it is few days before 1st of December, all right? It's time for the new mayor to rule the city of Innocence! And for rush preparations before the battle with Neverborn horde. We will start at 13:00, 1 of December. You are welcome to join us! Send me a message to do it.
  10. 2. No, you can't. Root skills are skills the parents of the Fated decided for him/her to learn, and Endeavor skills are his/her own things (and "The values provided by this card can be assigned to any of the Skills presented in this book (see Chapter 5) that the character does not already possess"). And I definitely sure that skills values are not cumulative at step 4 because there is no permission for them to be that way.
  11. Hola! I totally screwed it up and forgot to make an anons for the 3rd act of our Innocence events. Let's not forget about the final! Who is the mysterious enemy inside the town? Can new chief-constable win the battle against the Neverborn horde? We will start at 13:00, 8 of December. You are welcome to join us! Send me a message to do it.
  12. It can matters against Crossroads when the target is in auras of both Sloth and Envy
  13. Any chances to buy new Lucius box this BF? It will be the end of November.
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