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  1. Or just bring Lucius and use his Tactical Action. Slow minion will be cleaned from the Condition and make some useful Action. Executioners will be Focused even before their Activation. And you will have one more card in your hand.
  2. Seems that Perdita is your one-box-choice. You can build 50 ss crew of solid beaters. There are no scheme-runners but you can just kill the enemy crew first and do a little schemming.
  3. Reed once more the "non- Tactical Action" part)
  4. Well, Red Joker "has one suit of its owner’s choosing", so you should pick a suit first. That means you can choose not a crow.
  5. Sent my info. It will be good to balance some TTB materials.
  6. Well, she can be Protected by Drowned and the enemy model will not cheat. Works for me
  7. So, Kirai can be Protected by Ikiryo and hopes that the enemy model will fail the Terrifying test?
  8. No, he is not. He is strong mobile glass-cannon. He will fail against other mobile good Wp crews just because his own Keyword is a garbage. Try to run him against Von Schtook or Yan Lo and see. He can be nerfed if his crew will got a solid buff. There should be full Keyword reworking.
  9. Buy Emissary with mindless zombies for Seamus. It's a blessed union. For now Seamus is more effective in pair with another Master. I can recommend you buy a McMourning's starter for our dear doctor and a nurse. It's 23 soulstones and pretty good pair of models: the nurse will dose the doctor with a Poison for regeneration and the doctor will stab everything he can catch. Add Emissary for blasts and Seamus' reposition and two rotten belles for luring and Wp-hitting. It's 43 soulstones, you can buy an upgrade (I prefer The Wisper on Seamus - his gun's attack should not get a Black Joker).
  10. We have doubts already. Can this model give its target non-valued Conditions like Slow or Adversary?
  11. You can hire and deploy Witchlings as always. During the game Sonia can summon additional Witchligs as it says in her rules. Remember, summoned models can't exist "above" rarity - no 4th Witchling Stalker, no 3rd Witchling Thrall.
  12. What about new Dashel and Internal Investigation boxes? They were February releases, now they are March releases. But it is April already and Firestorm shop says that "The manufacturers aren't even sure what the current release date is for these at the moment". What is the status of this boxes?
  13. Von Schtook will thank you a lot for a Poison on your models too)
  14. One more time: in casual gaming people can DISCUSS their bands. Something like "Hey, I'm a new one and only have Zipp, so can you be gentle to me and pick something not an ultimate-contra? - Sure, let's do the Crossroads then". In your community somebody can be friendly and actually teach new ones about different Masters. May be give them a try of their own bands - just to show how other Master can play, different style. If no one can be that friendly (even Henchman) ... well, it's not a Malifaux problem. It's your community problem indeed.
  15. Well, then these players shouldn't go to tournaments, where Malifaux is a competitive game, with thoughts about victory but should play in clubs or hobby-centers instead and discuss their bands before gaming. They should eventually buy new boxes without crying "I bought one crew and now can't win every matchup!". "Malifaux" is business. Wyrd has very gentle way to motivate players to buy new boxes. And it is kind of cheap. If you can't handle saving 50 $ every month... well, there are elder players who want to sell disliked bands, there are auctions and sales.
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