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  1. That would make it look like crap in both themes. How about just leaving text color unmarked?
  2. My stuff is leftovers from this February post: plus this beastly pile of scrap*: * Note: Scrap may not actually yield scrap markers. Consult your necromechanist before use. (Marcus, Myranda, Jackalope, Sabertooth Cerberus, Razorspine Rattler, 3 Molemen, 3 Malifaux Raptors, Hoarcat Pride, Cojo, Slate Ridge Mauler, 2 Night Terrors, and Rogue Necromancy) Note that this bunch of stuff is not meant to be this month's pledge, I'm gonna try and do as much as I can and the whole bunch is just to show that they're still unpainted.
  3. Not gonna manage to finish the stuff today, gimme a mulligan and I'll push them onto the next month.
  4. Hey, what a coincidence, so do I! :D First, I'm gonna continue my unfinished minis from January: Batch 1: Mechanical Rider (12 ss) Scorpius (6 ss) 3 Steam Arachnids (12 ss) Steam Arachnid Swarm (8 ss) Photo of Batch 1: Then, bravely assuming I'm gonna finish the above with time left over, and IFF there's no penalty for pledging and not finishing as long as the monthly Soulstone quota is met, I add two more batches. Batch 2: Howard Langston (12 ss) Johan (6 ss) 3 Metal Gamins (12 ss) Arcane Effigy (4 ss) Essence of Power (3 ss) Photo of Batch 2: Batch 3: Union Miner (5 ss) Convict Gunslinger (7 ss) Malifaux Child if I find his hands (2 ss) Photo of Batch 3:
  5. Didn't manage to finish them, not without compromising on detail which I didn't want to do, I'll probably finish them this weekend. I'll take a mulligan for January, please move my pile of constructs to next month. And thanks for the SS clarification.
  6. What's that? Some communal project, or maybe non-painters leaving their minis for painters to come and paint at a whim?
  7. Nah, I have to do this today, tomorrow's the Infinity contest But come on, I'm aiming for a "good tabletop" quality, not contest-level stuff. Also, there are like 7 colors on those models, total. Including the base.
  8. Oooh, a monthly thread! I posted in the general thread, but just for the sake of organization: Sign me up for Tyrant-tier. I pledge the following models for January: 1 Mechanical Rider 1 Steam Arachnid Swarm 3 Steam Arachnids 1 Scorpius (yeah I'm totally not knocking off all-metallic models to have an easy month, no way) That should be over 30 SS for both M2e and M3e. Which are we using for the points costs, btw? Also, here's the "before" photo:
  9. Sign me up. I expect to do quite a few automatically during my painting, and more because of the 2019 painting marathon.
  10. You know what, screw it. If there are grim consequences I'll just booby-trap my house and flee beyond the Breach :v @Caedrus Sign me up for Tyrant-tier. (my questions above still stand though)
  11. I'm tempted to sign up, just a few questions before I do: - this is entirely on the honor system, right? No prizes except points, bragging rights and FPA, and no punishment except getting put on the List of Shame and booed? - since there's no prizes, do we even have to take pictures to show that the models are unpainted/WIP to start with? Or do we just post the end result and if someone decides to just post some models they had done months ago, they just suffer the shame of knowing they're a dirty cheating scum? - do WIPs count? I'm not talking just primer, but something like "has basic color and basic wash, still needs all the highlighting, details, finishing effects and basing"? - I don't get how the tier hierarchy works. Can I sign up as Tyrant-tier and drop to Master-tier or even lower if I decide I don't have enough time? And if so, and if I do it in the middle of the month, which tier does that month count towards? Would I still have to fulfill the reqs of the higher tier? - How many points do avatars count as? As an extra master, or differently? - Is there any way to get back a mulligan, like painting extra models in two consecutive months or something? I just learned about the contest so I'd be a mulligan short already. @Caedrus ?
  12. Holy crap it looks really good, I'll have to see if there's some group order for Black Fri... ...and dropped. OTOH, you just saved me money.
  13. Aaaaand I totally forgot to check the main site. :facepalm:
  14. Is there a full art or model render for the alt promos? As in, not only partial banners? Also, what are those:
  15. I think filthy rezzers should clean themselves. Let's not perpetuate the smelly gamer stereotype. As for thread necromancy, I'm all for it as long as it's on-topic. Answering a question 4 years after it was asked is not on-topic
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