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  1. I still hope to see the video report and in the new GG2. Did someone do it?
  2. Candy treats in a smaller radius and does not have normal protection.Serena will be used because there is simply NO better alternative. And this means new minus 2 hp and something else.
  3. the new faction will be stronger than the others counting on the fact that but in the future it will be slightly beaten but it will be pleasant to play in it at least 1 year and a half
  4. Rebalancing is to raise its price to 10 and remove versatile . And this is a breakdown.
  5. The question is why a Dreamer ? Stitched together make 1-2 attacks. damage 3 with a good chance to hit yourself . Saber-toothed Cerberus makes 2-5 attacks damage 3. (SS price is equal to their Hp) and if with Marcus, then 6 attacks.
  6. She just needed to raise the hiring price by 1 or 2 that would be fairer and more correct
  7. I do not know what Wird wanted to achieve with this GG2. A huge disappointment is what I feel, I was deceived in my expectations(it was stupid to wait for something smart). There were expectations of Bug Fixes GG1: with upgrades, some reasonable edits with thumbnails. Today, going to the site, I caught myself thinking that-I'm already afraid to buy any thumbnails Wird-I'm just afraid to waste time and money.
  8. Rebalancing needs a new rebalancing . It turned out to be too expensive for its capabilities. Therefore, the price of it..... will be added.
  9. An example is an indicator that the players who have taken a high place really play well, and not at all that the majority of players for this faction play as effectively. They want to have fun, not suffer because of the shortcomings that are obvious to the players of this faction.
  10. They do not want to or do not know how. This can be considered disgusting or forbidden. But the model of the half-blood/cursed-could be.
  11. Just a reflection. The faction does not have a model of mining Soulstone (well, we are stupid for 100500 years did not think to do this). Whether it's People. This is right on the History of the world and does not break it in any way.
  12. The difference between there is a treatment and can sometimes be treated if you win in battle, do you understand??? I see that there is no.
  13. Very funny nerf. "Winning the lottery is not a million, but $ 2 less.Very sad."
  14. You can count in different ways. Somewhere more models will be killed somewhere, the cards will be different - this is an accident. In my opinion, the hiring list will simply change. There will be more "heavy models". and the mechanics will be forgotten. And about that WW for hiring Stitched. This is a dead end. Give the Dreamer 15 HP ... 3/5/6 dmg ... remove the call. There will be Nekima v 2.0. also an option.
  15. Serena Bowman is popular - Making it worse. Why many people choose it is not important to us - we just make it worse. The Dreamer is played a lot - So he is very strong - we make it worse, EVEN worse,I SAID MORE !!! Maybe it's time to see WHY others play less, but laziness is invincible.
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