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  1. If in a duel against the Stitched opponent flipped the Red Joker. Can I use gamble your life?
  2. I'm Waiting For A New "Survivor's Mistake". The term is quite appropriate. If the dreamer is in the top, it means that he is "too strong" - a mistake. This means that the rest of Neverborn is closer to a piece of shit. Conclusion: let's make it shit, too. I was waiting for Pandora's improvement, a neat weakening of the Dreamer. A received a huge weakening of all Through the upgrade (B_jump). I look forward to the changes with horror.
  3. 74legion


    Just try to swap with your opponent for 1 or 2 games of masters let the game drag on you will understand what kind of master it is how it is played what are its disadvantages
  4. Dreamer is quite good in that he has models that can move other models by pushing them as well as the ability to manipulate the deck and some attacks on his models are able to ignore the shield or armor + there are a variety of models that you can take to your gang this is also +
  5. 74legion


    Fans of shouting about the nerf of opponents can achieve that these opponents simply will not be. Since they do not want to play with the shit that slowly but surely will turn those models that they loved. And then you will play a very friendly company of those about whom you did not shout
  6. 74legion


    When 10 thunders have a unit(Fuhatsu) that shoots at 12 with an invisibility upgrade this is not a problem. If neverborn has a unit or a mechanic that I don't like, then it should be broken and rendered unplayable.
  7. It has almost no models that play keywords(even new ones). No defensive abilities for basic models (Candy, Baby Kade ...). Models 4-6ss will not deal damage. They will die quickly. They can't stun you. misery will not work with 8. You need to meet a lot of criteria - you will not be given . Pandora can be unpleasant for an enemy who uses conditions. but this game is not about the leader. In addition, there will be those who will simply be invulnerable to it(Seamus). The faction needs a Smart boost. not all +100500
  8. Neverbons got a leap. Tell me how I will take this model as a Pandora. Sarcasm.
  9. Although we will not wait for the alignment. Waiting for a new faction.
  10. The person just loves Nekima and wants to play comfortably. Other similar masters have more useful features. (This is what he writes about. You get away from it and start climbing in particular. Damage, attack, triggers, play more.But it's not about them).Example: there are two cars 1) one sit down and go 2) the second one still needs to be manually repaired, spend money on repairs, go around three times then sit through the back door.... and overtake everyone.
  11. Since the 2nd edition, the average Damage in the game has become higher. They didn't add health to us - and where other factions have HTW and HTK, we have a void. The armor, with a few exceptions, is not about us. Manipulative mechanics have been changed and are now easily bypassed by focus. Shooting with 8 or abilities like Pandora with 6? Sonya creed(and not only her :)) with her 14th shooting and arson will ignite not only your models, but also your ass. Upgrades "great" - and so I recommend using 6T at once - to quickly congratulate the Opponent on the victory.
  12. Hi. I decided to start using the res. I would like to know who is the best player now who takes the 1st place? You can use a list of 2-3 of your favorites.
  13. Pandora is the worst master of the neverborn now. Protection is weak - and indicators of will and protection-and ability do not always work. The lack of melee gives her enemies bonuses - it's generally chic. There was a lot of writing about how well she played what her abilities are - but on the game table everything is different than in the card. Pandora is now a master of melee without the ability to keep the enemy close. It looks like the neverborn were testing TT. I will go after the quarantine to buy another not s***** fraction.
  14. On paper, it is very beautifully written, and in the game the enemy will do nasty things from a distance greater than 6.( you can not move / deal damage to the Enemy if it is more than 6 (misery condition) and this effect is only 1 TIME per activation. If an enemy is near (6) Pandora, it may NOT activate this model. And mood swings DON't work. A defense that Doesn't work is Very good for the enemy. And then the enemy takes defensive upgrades. And the Neverborns and Pandora get even sadder. And it turns out some with arrows and protection - and we without both.
  15. Mood swings Work for those who were activated at 6. Yes, surrounded by enemies can help. Or maybe pull a couple of cards out of you . And you can just shoot at Pandora from a distance of 6+. Tarif 13 is the Only thing that is more normal (but it is quite simple to pass a model with 6 WP). Plus models with ruthless. Dark thoughts are less than nothing. 1) Suit 2) distance 3) resistance stunned 4) you want to leave them to attack. There are many masters more thoughtful than Pandora.
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