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  1. On paper, it is very beautifully written, and in the game the enemy will do nasty things from a distance greater than 6.( you can not move / deal damage to the Enemy if it is more than 6 (misery condition) and this effect is only 1 TIME per activation. If an enemy is near (6) Pandora, it may NOT activate this model. And mood swings DON't work. A defense that Doesn't work is Very good for the enemy. And then the enemy takes defensive upgrades. And the Neverborns and Pandora get even sadder. And it turns out some with arrows and protection - and we without both.
  2. Mood swings Work for those who were activated at 6. Yes, surrounded by enemies can help. Or maybe pull a couple of cards out of you . And you can just shoot at Pandora from a distance of 6+. Tarif 13 is the Only thing that is more normal (but it is quite simple to pass a model with 6 WP). Plus models with ruthless. Dark thoughts are less than nothing. 1) Suit 2) distance 3) resistance stunned 4) you want to leave them to attack. There are many masters more thoughtful than Pandora.
  3. the problem is not that I can 't (or can 't) move outside of activation using Pandora's auras . The problem is the auras themselves. Too short. With 8 th aura(fictional) 1) impose stunned (if was able) move on 2 after can do 2ve attacks. With the 6th aura(what is actually there ) I 1) run up (minus the action), 2) stunned (if I can), 3) Attack. The enemy shooter stands still and makes either 2VA shots or a focus shot. Then the 2nd shooter comes up to him and they squeeze me out with fire (or I'm dead).
  4. About PANDORA. I was expecting something positive for her, but she only had her defenses cut. I have to suffer playing for her because I thought that the Nephilim and someone aggressively hurting? And it was not possible to make an upgrade for the Nephilim only, and the rest of the change is reasonable. Stealth on Samurai (shooting with 12 + flip) game does not ruin everything in the BALANCE, and IR on models of our faction breaks the balance?
  5. It's gorgeous. To take away from us what we can defend ourselves with - so that there is a choice not to be so aggressive in the game. Did it ever occur to you, uncle, to give US SHOOTERS with a stealth upgrade? Very impressed with the samurai's invisibility.
  6. The developer took offense to the faction (the worst game against stitched and reflexes-in an interview, he said ). And what do we see ? Useless upgrade.
  7. 1 buried model. 2 there is no failure of the duel. Can I dig it up in the placement zone. Or Should I do a duel?
  8. How mark vengeance works for Jorogumo. Does it work only on actions that treat or on abilities such as demise/feed on fear.
  9. It is necessary not to break the most popular and strong but to raise the weak. Pandora is in big trouble, and you're suggesting that we weaken the dreamer. Everything is fine, but I don't want to play Pandora through PAIN). There are other points.
  10. If sorrow is to consider only a couple of abilities and attacks, you might think that it is good. But it is not. Instead of 2 sorrows I will take 2-3 pupae for 3 ss. with stealth. And you can compare 2 things with 1 Siren Bowman or Carver. The choice is obvious. I look at the Aversion card and think why do I need this for 6 ... . I look and cry ....
  11. Mask is not embedded and have to spend a card (it may not be or it would be a pity, or a stone shower for masks). Yesterday I played against Shenlong - it resets the Chi and not getting the condition. PAIN. And there's Lynch who can't get stunned. So having inhuman reflexes is helpful against face-slapping fans.
  12. Share your experience of what upgrades you use on their models in the gang Pandora. I was able find the use of only 1) inhuman reflexes for the most Pandora(for escape under attack enemy) and partly Teddy. 2) Ancient Pact on 35 of stones souls not'm using. At 50 with a Wicked Doll sometimes. 3) Eldritch Magic seems me and at all useless. *** I use an online translator.
  13. Hello. Question: 1) candy and Pandora near. Candy does mass slow. Enemy 3 model duel failure (in the aura of Pandora). Will Pandora do damage to each enemy model or not. 2) the same situation plus ... model gets stunned by candy after slow. Will she take damage from candy (for stunning) if she has already taken damage from Pandora. I use online translator: (. Sorry.
  14. Carver is good. Use draw essence against 2-3 models. And the enemy will be sad.
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