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  1. BFOmega

    M2E Ramos

    I'm sorry, but no. The wording is "If it is still in play after suffering this damage...". It never suffered the damage, so it doesn't get the stone. I could even see an argument that even reducing one of it would make it not work, though I think that is more a product of it being an old model. Those aren't situations that would have mattered then, because there was no reason to spend a SS to get a soulstone, and Hoffman couldn't make Armor unignorable. Any other interpretation is contrary to how any other ability that occurs after damage behaves. Reading it otherwise is just trying to manipulate the rules.
  2. BFOmega

    Imbued Protection?

    Huh, TIL. Devours do though still, since they sacrifice
  3. BFOmega

    Imbued Protection?

    Execute triggers: Howard, Asami, Misaki etc. and devours ie Wendigo. Pandora mass 1 damage ping shenanigans too maybe?
  4. BFOmega

    Mei Feng Buff Idea

    I think it would be interesting if they went all in on the support side with her. She got more with the foundry walk speed and railwalking with friends upgrade. Maybe include add a trigger to use vent steam to railwalk, whether innately or on vapormancy. Could have something like any friendly auras from Foundry models in range of Mei Feng also extend from her. Most foundry models actually have an aura of some kind, so you could extend the bubbles that way. Or maybe something that just extend the range of foundry auras and pulses. Maybe on a zero action, since she doesn't have anything good there. First railwalk per turn as a zero perhaps? Or something that draws cards. Because she needs some kind of damn card draw currently. Doing all of these is probably too much, but it is an interesting direction to go with is, and could make the foundry tag matter more.
  5. BFOmega

    Who can take the most beating?

    Not only that, but December's Touch also gives armor 2, so you could bump up anyone's required min by 2 with that, or 4 if they're incorporeal.
  6. BFOmega

    M2E Ramos

    I'm curious, why Electric Summoning? I've never really gotten much out of that one, you already want the 8+ of tomes for summoning spiders, I feel like you'll just end up being starved for them more often than not. On that that same line, playing Ramos with only 3 SS seems pretty rough as well. I know the list isn't solely about summoning, but it's area denial and attrition, which spiders help with (plus the obvious of scheme running.) Do you not find yourself wanting more later in the game?
  7. BFOmega

    M2E Ramos

    So I had an idea for a crew with strike marker synergy as a goal, which would maybe be good in board control scenarios ( something like guard the stash/extraction/symbols.) Let's see what kinda discussion we can can get for it. Declared Faction: Arcanists Crew Name: Strike one 50ss Leader: Ramos - Cache:(3) Vox Populi 1ss Arcane Reservoir 2ss Leviathan Power Core 1ss Malifaux Child 2ss The Captain 9ss Patron's Blessing 1ss Imbued Energies 1ss Joss 10ss Bleeding Edge Tech 1ss Imbued Energies 1ss Union Steamfitter 6ss Slate Ridge Mauler 7ss Circus Bear 0ss Mobile Toolkit 3ss The main things I was wondering about: Leviathan power core might not be as worth it, since you're almost certainly using 1ap a turn strike markering. Could swap that out for one of his 2 SS upgrades, probably under Pressure or Arcing screen depending on how aggressive you're wanting to go and if you take Joss or not. Seize the day could be also be worth it. Joss is great, but you can probably flex him a bit if you want, since you have the steamfitter if you really need extra scrap. Amina would be good, more pushing, and making people not attack injured models could be fun if you surround them with injured spiders. Or just double down on strike markers with lazerus. As a side note, slate ridge mauler seems mean with steamfitter: armor 1, ItW, HtK, and 10 wds, plus possible healing. Nasty that.
  8. BFOmega

    Aionus in Arcanists

    He could be good if you expect some sort of bury bomb. Hitting them with the slow could make it hurt a lot less, if you can't outright kill them.
  9. BFOmega

    I know I just posted about Aionus but...

    I mean, if you're not running tutelage to steal his cast, this could be a combo for any master that want's the Mages. Kaeris and Colette have plenty of marker targets to push around, and that's a lot of good Prompt targets too. Playing support style Kaeris you probably have a good amount of cards as well, and a Flying Ch 8 ain't nothing to scoff at. Ironside's can be mostly self reliant, mainly wants the steamfitter and Amina, but that would be about it after her upgrades. Probably no for Ramos/Marcus/Raspy/Mei, though he could move around Ice pillars and Strike markers. Might want a Steamfitter in there as well for Sandeep, an Aionus that takes half damage -1 from everything and has regen sounds hilarious.
  10. BFOmega

    How to counter the December Acolytes in Henchman Hardcore?

    When you say charge, do you mean figuratively or as the game mechanic? Because the only one of his models that should really be charging anything is Snowstorm. Attacks have to have a symbol to be used in a charge, and you don't really want to be using those on the Acolytes or Silent Ones.
  11. BFOmega

    Ramos heavy hitter 35 SS crew

    That's a low stone pool for Ramos. I might consider dropping the Electric Summoning, I've never gotten much use out of it personally, and that puts less pressure on your hand and gives you an extra SS to use. Summoning is extremely strong in smaller pool games as well, so you want to be getting those spiders out there. Buffing Howard with the toolkit and then killing it with Joss for the scrap is probably the way to go, consistent and gets you 2 scrap right off instead of 1 so you have turn 2's scrap ready as well. Right now, it looks like you're alpha striking with Howard, which is a damn good strategy, if you know where to hit. In the lower SS games, he's also less likely to die from their counterstroke. Even less likely if you kill your target, so I think I'd maybe swap out Well Rehearsed for Imbued Energies, just to ensure that kill. Just make sure to save him till the end of your turn so they can't do much to him till the next turn.
  12. BFOmega

    Backdraft Story Encounter

    ...I'll be in my bunk...
  13. BFOmega

    Backdraft Story Encounter

    If it's anything like his namesake, scientist/engineer. Somebody at Wyrd is a S.H.I.E.L.D. fan
  14. BFOmega

    Models to use for Symbols

    IE Firestarter is probably pretty good for it, 15in flight that you can interact after is probably pretty good. Cassandra can get that without the flight as well (as can Howard, but he probably has better things to be doing...) Blessed can leap 7 and walk 10 + interact with IE, and has unimpeded, as can Cerberus. Myranda can taxi 12in plus her base too, but you lose IE for it, and would have to transform her turn one (not that that's exactly an issue generally) Mech rider would be an interesting choice for it, 12in walk and 4 in push + interact with IE, also unimpeded, though this needs an 8+ of tomes turn 2. Gotta be careful not to expose her too early, but she can handle herself against schemey models. Bit expensive though. Kudra and Ice Dancers are both quick and have butterfly jump, so don't have to worry as much about getting shot off the board before getting there. And all of this can be supercharged by Mages/Angelica/Captain pushes. There's probably some molemen shenanigans that I'm not thinking of cause I don't have them, and Marcus certainly has more options (silurids are good I've heard)
  15. BFOmega

    LVO GG 2018

    I'm not sure what you're reading, all that I see is white letters on dark grey, with a couple red and green things for differentiating crews.