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  1. Not just 10", you get the length of the shockwave marker too, so it's a bit over 11. I've wondered if she's worth the SS use upgrade to guarantee the tome for that trigger.
  2. That's kinda the point I think. They don't want 2 master lists to be the strongest things out there, so they limit them where there could be shenanigans.
  3. Amina for a nice stat7 obey and SS generation could be really good in some pools. Shoutout to Angelica, who can place a scheme marker over 11in away for a 5. In the right pool it could be good enough to give her the upgrade to let her use SS.
  4. Maybe they'll give her Gunsmiths and a second henchman? And though Miners are useful for Colette, they're out of keyword, so they're probably the most likely include.
  5. If you're just wanting toss, can get if from Cojo as well, or Banasuva if you bring Sandeep. Mei as a beater in a Sandeep crew probably wouldn't be that bad either, metal gamin/golem are in keyword for him, so she'd have some easy scrap to jump to, and she doesn't lose anything for not being a leader.
  6. Soulstone miner is up there if you're looking at more that just killing, though it's not terrible at that either.
  7. How late in the game was this? It would have to be turn 4 for her to have 3 focus and be able to do 3 attacks right? Unless you got her focus outside of activation. And honestly, an 8 stone henchman using a full activation with flurry + the obeyed action + at least 3 other activation's worth of resources taking someone down isn't all that absurd to me.
  8. Snowstorm looks like one, but the actual beast-y part is a spirit/manifestation I believe.
  9. BFOmega


    Metal Gamin seems the most likely choice.
  10. They don't exist yet. They'll possibly be in later waves of models.
  11. You missed the part about giving him back nimble, so he'd be psuedo-fast from that, unless you managed to not need to move that turn. Also, I didn't notice until now that he lost Flurry. That seems like it would be plenty to get him back to his old self, though I like the Trail->nimble and changing the grit. The power token idea is cool, or maybe not have to discard a card to flurry if that gets added.
  12. I feel like she'd be much more interesting as a board control master. She has the makings of it with Pyre markers and Up We Go, so it would be cool to go all in on that. Not sure how you'd fit any more on her card though...
  13. Taking Kaeris in Sandeep will almost certainly be better, because there's almost no way the third degree burns ability is worth 5 SS (the difference between Banasuva and the Eternal Flame).
  14. I'm not seeing this option. This is all I have at the bottom of my page.
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