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  1. Edek


    What's your experience with Brewmaster running mostly constructs? Something like this: I really like the idea of Whiskey Golem with Fast, Shielded +2 and double Demise.
  2. Iphone 8, iOS 13.7, app appears to be working correctly after update, awesome!
  3. Can Shenlong use The Dragon Commands to make himself use The Dragon Commands? I believe not because he already did his Bonus Action that turn but we're having a discussion in our local meta. For example Adaptive Tactics on Hannah Lovelace clearly states that a Bonus Action can be taken even if a Bonus Action was alread taken that activation.
  4. This is possibly pushing it, but wanted to ask any way. Wind Gamin (without any Sin Token) is within 6" of Gluttony. The Wind Gamin takes the Interact action to drop a Scheme marker. Now I want to ask about the timing. I can see it being like this: 1. Wind Gamin declares Interact 2. Wind Gamin gains a Sin Token 3. Wind Gamin chooses to drop a Scheme marker 4. Gluttony discards the Sin Token on the enemy model to drop a friendly Scheme marker instead. Is that how it's supposed to work? Or does the Wind Gamin gain the Sin Token only AFTER placing a Scheme Marker?
  5. So the fact that Scamper has specified Action or Ability is simply Wyrd being inconsistent with their wording?
  6. @Paddywhack the Summon happens as a result of killing a model (most likely an Action), that's why it would trigger Made to Kill. I don't see why the wouldn't add 'or Ability' to Made to Kill as they did for Scamper if it was supposed to work that way.
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