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  1. I truly appreciate oinkstoppable but my Rocinante Benoit crew says you're wrong about Bayou not using horsies
  2. So the argument is that since you have to physically move the model vertically you can't do that? I can live with that. Because looking only at rules you don't change your height if the terrain's height is ignored during the Push.
  3. Well, according to the FAQ What does “ignoring Terrain” mean? a) A model that ignores Terrain ignores and is unaffected by all of that terrain’s traits. If the Terrain is Impassable, the model may move through (but not end in) the terrain as though it weren’t there. and Height as a Terrain Trait as shown on pg 37 in the RB
  4. Can Mah charge onto a (let’s say) Sz3 terrain and if so does she have to account for vertical movement?
  5. Can I declare an Attack Action without any possible targets? The case is a Test Subject charging into a Pit Trap Marker and ending its Push not B2B with any models. Can I declare the free Attack Action to gain an additional +1 Injured. One declares the target in Step 3 of the Resolving Action sequence and if there is no legal target one skips Step 4 and Step 5 and goes to Step 6.
  6. As in the topic, what's your plan for that game? It feels miserable to play against and I don't really have a clue how to approach this.
  7. Squalers bring 2 useful things, some kind of ranged pressure and a model that goes to a War Pig in 1 action. If you have a 12+ of tomes, you get a War Pig and an Obey on him in a single action, that's massive. I believe in the podcast it's said that Ulix is not really Stone hungry but Card hungry. And it's true about the cards, but I've noticed I've been enjoying the crew more with 7 stones to start with. That allows to keep Old Major alive longer without discarding any cards and I use the Stones as additional card draw.
  8. I've positioned a Sz3 model that's physically way smaller than plenty of Sz2 terrains more time than I care to admit. How the heck Kandara is Sz2 when Mancha and Piggies are Sz3 is a mystery to me. Test Subjects are Sz2 and Brin who is the tallest model from the box is Sz1.
  9. He can be Sz4 with his bonus action Sz5 with the upgrade. This model is really disappointing, that's true.
  10. The third is somewhere in between. Thanks to his dynamic pose I think he's ok. The little sad sitting one is smaller than Gift Horses
  11. 1 War Pig is decent size-wise, but 1 is a joke. The big War Pig is close enough to the Sparkle Steed IMO. IMG_3203.HEIC
  12. Edek

    Bayou Smuggler

    Did anyone have any success running Bayou Smugglers? They seem to be able to draw a lot of cards in a single activation and can mess around with the opponents Scheme Markers but I'm not sure it's worth it in the long run. What's your experience? I'm worried their card draw is too random.
  13. Fermented River Monk with Inferiority Complex is great to pump up poison on Gamins as you can choose the trigger to give +2 Poison on the Gamin and the Monk (bully). It ends up being an 8ss model but with pseudo Armour 2, Chi and probably some Focus he should be ok.
  14. Edek


    With how the rules work I believe it's impossible to summon a Whiskey Gamin without it suffering at least 1 DMG. With double sober up the Slow is manageable and you can cheat in a low crow to get that double Poison from one attack. With Staggered to gain Shielded +2 you're not likely to actually do dmg to Cooper so Slow and Poison are the only actual effect you get with the Akaname's attack.
  15. Edek


    You only need Poison +3 to summon a max possible hp Gamin (Suffers 5DMG, Armour +1 reduces to 4DMG, with Poison +3 it goes down to 1DMG so best possible scenario). You can get that with a single Akaname attack and the end of activation Pulse. That is indeed the plan, but the Complex works so well with the Golem (Nimble + Swagger). If I activate Wesley or Tanuki after the summoning then the Gamin doesn't even suffer from Slow if I don't want it to.
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