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  1. I am on the same boat with Cyclops being the box to buy before Geryon. I find myself consistently reaching for the Cyclops before the Geryon in every list I build. If I had to choose the order to buy Savage in it would be as follows: Euripides Core (Green) Cyclops (Green) Insomnia Box - Serena (Yellow) Damned (Yellow) Geryon (Yellow) Hooded Rider (Red) Lyssa (Red) Crossroad 7 - Wrath (Red) The Howling (Red) Half Bloods (Red) Mysterious Fate (Purple?) Hinamatsu (Purple?) Puppet Show (Purple?) Purple
  2. Ran her tonight in Euri. She did what she always does, keep my models alive while doing a little extra work. I've honestly noticed almost no difference except that I'm more likely to commit her to melee.
  3. Did you every find out the specifics about this ruling?
  4. Mad Dog Brackett does the same. Still tied the games. You will know that Cooper is coming. You can prepare for him. You have to remember that you have Old Ways. If you know the shot is coming from the Master, hold your high card and Old Ways it. Or Soul Stone it if you can. Focus early to prepare if you have garbage in your hand Turn 1 or Stone for Cards. Bring three Bultungin to run schemes and drop 3 fifty mm Underbrush markers. Declare that you would like any forests in the table to be Dense, Concealing, Severe. Forget the killing game and try to score
  5. I lost by one point on Tuesday of last week against Mei Feng, 5 to 6. It was a super tight game and I played myself with Intuition and it cost me the game. I've got a Euri Vs Mama Z game scheduled for Tuesday. First time facing her and it's my opponents first time playing her. This will mark game number 8 with Euri for me in my quest to play him 20 times against other players. We should probably make a specific topic for these sorts of discussions. We could call it the Neverborn Casual Chat. Someone bring out ze comfy chair.
  6. To each their own. I've tied games with Parker at least twice now and used the screening tactic. A two Pillar screen is one card. If you can Old Ways it, you get 80mms of screen that Cooper has to send someone in to deal with. If you can go full hog and get 120mm across the center of the board, your opponent is going to have to deal with a lot of blocked sight lanes. That's just one turn, two cards and one HP from your master. I would willing trade one master activation to shut down the majority of a ranged crew's strength every single time.
  7. Cooper's rifles don't ignore LOS though. Use the Ice Pillars to create a screen to block LOS. Two of them will do and allow you to have cover to move up the board.
  8. I think it comes down to pillar placement at that point. There's a reason the ice pillars are the same height as Euri. I personally have not faced Cooper yet, but I've faced ranged lists and using terrain and ice pillars to block LOS is key. Gigants become very valuable as they can toss rocks without having to have those LOS lanes that Coopers crew will. Alternatively, you could play the Ice Pillar jumping game. The Harpooners are the only Apex models with Gunfighter. Teleport in Geryons with the Gigants trees trunk trigger and engage them so you take away their ranged s
  9. Both Lyssa's and Bultungin are weaker models imho, they don't make great bridges into other keyword. I didn't pick up Bults alone, as they came with Rougarous and I only purchased the Lyssas to be faction complete. I would recommend Pandora, Dreamer, or Nekima. Pandora is a smaller more tight-knit crew that wants to sit in one place. She's a very different play than Euri. Dreamer can run the board with the correct build (Widow Weaver, Bandersnatch) and his Terrifying models give them a measure of tanky-ness. Nekima is just unbridled aggression. Euri can beat f
  10. A good agreement is when all parties are equally dissatisfied.
  11. I'd almost trade out the Lyssas for two Gigants. The Lyssas stat 4 staggered ability is so low. Maybe even another Cyclops. Use Euri to throw down pillars and Cyclops to Frozen Runes - Jera. That way there is no resisting the ability, you just have to hit a target number and models within 2 inches of that ice pillar automatically gain staggered.
  12. Pandora's activation control would also not be out of place plus she brings Misery for Staggered, Slow, and Stunned. The poltergeist would synergize with Telekinesis and the Ice Pillars, but I feel like that's a trap as you would be removing Ice Pillars from the table.
  13. Cyclops are even stronger than you might think. Since they have a 12" range on their Ice Pillars and the Frozen Runes ability, they are going to be very good ranged scheme runners. They will also be good for Outflank, Research Mission, and Spread Them Out. I only wish they had their trigger built in on Ice Pillars. I think that if they had done that though, Cyclops (2) would have been an auto include in every Euri list.
  14. Agreed. Part of war gaming and mastering a particular army / faction / leader / master is taking those leaders you might think are worse due to changes and finding new and innovative ways to play them. In my humble opinion, when you can do that, you have truly mastered your army. I would go one step further and say that's the essence of Faux.
  15. A friend gave me the guild core for Sonnia Criid. I tried it out and enjoyed the depth of play to the game. I looked around at different sculpts for each faction and decided to choose Neverborn based off the models (I played Grymkin in Warmahordes). After that I just slowly expanded to be faction complete. I still have a few non-Neverborn models to get (Swampfiends, Paul Crockett) but I'm happy with my choice even having seen other armies played.
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