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  1. Pretty much the same tbh. Didn't notice anything out of order
  2. I've happily given my opponent 5 cards after wiping out a wounded hench/master with 5 irreducable dmg
  3. 1. Whatever @Flippin' Wyrd Jamie is playing. 2. Other stuff
  4. I personally loved Bete before last Wed's update. As she stands now she feels like a 6 ss model
  5. Im playing against Titania tonight, ill let you know heh!
  6. Correct. Ideally id love to be competative with a pure Redchaple crew but unless Bete and Sybelle get some love that wont be happening. Ive tried using Archie, Dead Rider and Grave Golem as big scary beaters but quite frankly nothing compares to Seamus and its well worth the investment.
  7. I was hoping you would jump on this Jay as im really interested in what you Wyrds have been testing. To clarify, im not using Seamus as a scheme runner in the most part, more as a mobile assassin. Ive used him for power ritual etc, simply because it made it easy but that was more towards turns 4 and 5. Schemes that require dropping markers etc I essentially use the mindless zombies as like a previous post stated, Seamus and Molly are not really stone hungry which allows me to burn stones on cards and Asuras apocalypse. I dont currently own any night terrors as ive simply never had a use for them but its payday on friday 😉
  8. Yes I agree with @Saduhem with regards to moving away from themed lists. I really tried to play pure Redchaple but found it really uninspiring. Ive tried to stick to fluff by using Seamus and Molly (afterall Seamus did kill her) with the exception being Asura who is too goo to pass up! Significant mindless zombies have the ability to really infuriate opponents and score points at a rapid rate. from what ive tested scheme runner wise, there is nothing that stands out and yes, Seamus seems to be becoming the factions new nekima.
  9. P.s, If Sexy Wyrd folks see this, for the love of the grave spirit show Bete and Sybelle some love soon 😉
  10. Hiya folks! Im a pretty experienced tournament player in the UK meta (currently 4th best resser player) and ive played a few m3e games now. id like to bounce some ideas im having on you folks and hopefully get some constructive feedback. Firstly id like to say im loving 3e, despite bete and sybelle feeling woefully weak. Im yet to loose but im playing relatively inexperienced players or people that are learning just like me. The current crew im running is as follows; Molly Necrotic Machine Rabble Rouser Forgotten Marshall Asura Roten Seamus Copycat Killer or Crooligan The crew functions well with molly adding fantastic defencive capability and card draw whilst seamus floats about killing things. Asuras significant zombies are great for scoring points and the marshall churns out punks to hold battle line. I started with pure redchapel but found it quite lack lustre. The crew seems to be fine of all strats and most schemes but im really struggling with the speed in which ressers die. Summoning still seems quite powerful and providing im willing to accept I will never go first, its fairly game winning. The issues im having are mostly around survivability and WTF the necrotic machine should be doing most of the time. Im pretty sure Molly should also be doing more than removing 2 markers for 4 cards and reactivating a punk but thats all i seem to do with her. Suggestions and experiences are MORE than welcome and appreciated at this point folks, lets get some debate going!
  11. Ok, dig graves first point is fairly easy. Second point not so much but providing I have this right I've found a way of making it very very easy. Asura summons 3 zombies at back of board. During their activation they loose insignificant and drop a scheme each. They then stand next to it and wave since they count as corpse markers, scoring an easy 2nd point at end of game. Am I getting something wrong?
  12. Ill also be dressed as said master on day 1 lol!
  13. Ill be playing fixed master 😉
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