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  1. Just installed it twice on my iPad, but it will not run (opens the "Crew Builder" screen then immediately closes). Uninstalled it then reinstalled it. Shut down and restarted the iPad to no effect. Additional info: Running iOS 10.3.3, but it is an older iPad (iPad 4 I believe). Happy to provide whatever extra details will help.
  2. I guess the other "balancing" aspect to the game is that you see the table before selecting faction and master. As designed there should not be a bad table for you as a player. In practical terms though, you may not own more than a master or two as a beginner (and you might be far less likely to read the table well), you may show up for a pick-up game with only one or two masters and at a tournament you may be stuck with fixed faction/master restrictions that are not part of the core rules. So yes, some recommended table guidelines/setups might be useful.
  3. Wonder how this would go in Reckoning?
  4. The timing is no doubt a coincidence but here it is: https://www.wyrd-games.net/m3e-digital-book-promotion?fbclid=IwAR29mUR7n5tHcZfP7629jC2CcZg7gUfD6ucEtfKsIsm1XIZXBdFr0ZoMCrM
  5. I think the point was that if you have ordered the book from Wyrd then you have bought the book. It might be a nice gesture of goodwill to speed up the delivery of digital codes to people who have bought the book but will now have to wait longer for the physical copy to be delivered. It isn't as if Wyrd would be providing anything they would not be providing anyway.
  6. Not something I had considered but the wording appears to be that "it is now the Acting model" p26 during its activation. So perhaps it is Unactivated --> Acting --> Activated . . . .
  7. If you know who you are playing - sort it out with them beforehand as described above. I've been doing that all of M3E - we even take a photo of the table set-up first. Then you know which faction, master, table, strat and schemes that you are playing and you just bring along the models you need for the game. If I'm going to a games night to play then obviously I don't know who I'm playing and we sort it out on the night. I generally bring two masters + crews I might want to play and just suck it up if I get unlucky on the opposing master, schemes and/or strats. It isn't how the game is designed to be played but it has to be practical as well.
  8. Difficult to use Stewie as a minion coz he's an enforcer . . . but I get what you are saying. I tend to use the dispatcher as the scheme marker as well, costs a wound but less setup. You can also use a Sarg. to relocate the dispatcher with a 6" place as well, if you have a low tome.
  9. Hoping for a versatile model based on Caine from Kung Fu - they could go nuts with the action names too.
  10. There are possibly other situations where you may not wish to pay the cost after declaring a trigger. Santiago targets a model and declares Frantic attack. M Frantic Attack: This model suffers 1 damage. Take this Action again. But he flips a red joker on the first attack and kills the model (or it butterfly jumps out of range) and cannot target another enemy model - he has to take the action again according to the trigger, presumably even if it meant targeting a friendly model? Is he required to pay the cost of the trigger or can he decline to pay for the trigger now that the situation has changed and the cost outweighs the benefit? I get that this might be considered player error, but if you can decline to pay the cost to stop the trigger resolving then declaring the trigger comes with less risk. Edit: never mind - you pay the cost when declaring, so you wouldn't know the outcome of the action before paying for the trigger. Ignore me . . .
  11. Possibly Leveticus' unmaking action is a clearish answer: "Unmaking - Target suffers 2/3/4 irreducible damage, ignoring Hard to Kill." If irreducible bypassed HtK, you would not need both . . .
  12. Not that I can see - no Dispatcher, Agent 46 etc in the Guild one anyway. The Faction Packs are really to update existing models fro M2E to M3E not for upcoming models that should have the cards with the models.
  13. Just checking that we are playing these correctly: Consolidate power can be used on themselves, Friendly Minion Only being the restriction. Which came in quite handy in a game yesterday. A New Horizon (Target a scheme marker) can be used to place the Dispatcher (Aethervox Broadcaster - Friendly Guard models treat this model as a friendly scheme marker - assuming that the dispatcher's rules remain the same as at the end of the Beta). Used this one yesterday to have the Dispatcher placed to catch up with Dashel who had moved ahead and avoid terrain in the way.
  14. In m2e hounds even took a little killing at df5 and 4 wounds. Sometimes scheme runners struggled to put them down efficiently - 3 wounds vs 4 is a huge deal. At least guild hounds are OK summons, you can loot their corpses, and pack mentality is more likely come into play to improve their survivability and effectiveness.
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