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  1. Something similar was in the FAQ though (From Section 5 on page 4): 6. Blade Rush – Is damage from Blade Rush treated as damage from the Charge Action? a) No. The damage from Blade Rush is generated by the Ability as a result of taking the Action, not the Action itself. Which leans towards damage from Stampede being treated as from an ability rather than from the action.
  2. Unfortunately my prediction of the next change to Journalist will be a nerf to Phiona. I think they'll look at how widely used she is OOK and decide that she needs to be toned down. While I agree with the process of nerfing overpowered models, I think Phiona should be seen as a symptom of problems in Guild instead.
  3. Watchers are good for their cost - there isn't anything really more mobile in keyword. You can always make them fast and use the toss from a guardian so they can move to safety after dropping a marker (10" toss followed up with a 2" push and two 7" flight moves and an interact somewhere in there). Make sure they have a power token on them so you can push out of engagement using their bonus action without using a disengage. You have to be careful with them but they are small and very mobile. If you are looking for something more robust then Hunters are OK options (and you already have these mod
  4. That's a tough one. Howard Langston, a Guardian(s), watchers are all things you might want in the future. However if you are playing arcanists and intend on collecting more from that faction, then the support staff box is what I would go for. In terms of what I use often, it is Joss and the mobile toolkit. I don't use the medibots with Hoffman, however other crews find use for the medibots even out of keyword. I realise it is probably just me, but loading Joss full of power tokens and launching him at the enemy is my idea of fun.
  5. I'm not sold on the preassembly either. I can't say I'm not personally disappointed. Unfortunately my experience with TOS models has not been great - this is far from the only badly assembled model I have. I didn't want to get replacements from Wyrd, even though I'm sure that would have been fine so I just cut and filled them myself and swore off buying any more. I can totally see the point of preassembly to help newer hobbyists, not just new to Malifaux players, but personally I'd rather have the control over my modelling. If there was some way of simply deconstructing them without damaging t
  6. I would agree with that. Bombs adds to the damage track for that action and the trigger adds armour piercing to damage from the action. Thus all damage has armour piercing. It would be different if the armour piercing only applied against the target of the action.
  7. There is a bit of newish 'information' in the M3e Guild faction book. We know that he is a Neverborn, but he conceals what kind of NB he is, even Zoraida cannot work out what kind he is. He can only shape shift to a limited extent, the story describes his hands changing to elongate with serious claws appearing. But Lucius had to have McMourning perform plastic surgery to make his face appear humanish - and even after that it is pretty horrible to look at. Dashel got a good look at his new face and either was satisfied he was a horribly disfigured human or didn't care if Lucius wasn't.
  8. I'm going to guess this was a naming mistake - Beebe's action is the same as the Steamfitter's "Welding Torch" melee action (minus the triggers and power token mechanic). So should have been named "Welding Torch" rather than "Modified Welder".
  9. If you are staying primarily in Keyword, what Pergli said seems fun. And I wouldn't take my advice but . . . some additional thoughts: Worth keeping in mind that only the Thrall and Totem are Witchlings in this list, which is important if you intend on making use of Sonnia's 3" hazardous aura (or her other bonus action for that matter). Thralls can also be a little slow without a witchling handler around and if you are using the ride with me on Sonnia, there is not much else you can do to get them up the board, so I think hiring no more than one is the right choice with no handler. Summon
  10. I am still hopeful they eventually flesh out the Asylum keyword one day . . . I wouldn't mind if they did have a keyword though - a common question from new players is what is new player friendly master, the starter box could guide them in that direction. Before when there were two factions in the one set, I'd have agreed they should not be tied to a specific master, so that players didn't have to overbuy to fill out the keyword. This seems an odd choice though, having a keyword from a master from an entirely different faction?
  11. I believe the Outcast one has all Syndicate keyword models (from explorers society) and versatile in outcasts which is why I thought that one felt off. I don't think they have a keyword from Outcasts - but we'll have to wait and see for that one. Edit for grammar
  12. I think if you see them as a starter box for Malifaux then that makes some sense - grab a starter box and play a few henchman games to see if M3E is for you - I don't know if that is really how people get started though? (I've got no idea about marketing) For me though, I'd also want them to really represent the faction as well. I'd want to be able to say to a new player, grab the starter box for your faction and then go with a master that they were drawn to and was New Player Friendly.
  13. It's an interesting question - the fact that the word "cannot" is the opposite of "can" in this case would seem to support your argument. I guess the problem is that "can" might mean "is capable of" or could also mean "is permitted to". The 14 year old next door can drive a car, but he cannot legally drive a car on the roads. What about a situation where the crew has no soulstones left - in this instance the model cannot use a soulstone (there are not any to use)? Not relevant for expert thief but is relevant for Control Collar on Sanctioned Spellcasters. Personally I don't think hav
  14. None at all, just the marketing of them as an "Starter box" for the faction seems off to me. I'm remembering back to my bewilderment as a new player trying to get a handle on the game. Edit to add: And to be honest, it is the outcast one that seems off - we have not seen to many of the others yet.
  15. For the most part they seem to be getting it right - or at least are packaging things in a reasonable way. For new players it seems more straightforward than M2E, which was also complicated by the cross faction mercenary system. And the packaging of the new new stuff like the ES boxes seems pretty good so far. However, I find the treatment of dual keyword and dual faction models to be a bit hit and miss. Sometimes they've got it right (Bayou engineering comes to mind) and sometimes they've got it very wrong (packaging Iggy with the Aversions is inexcusable IMO - think about the situation for a
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