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  1. As Adran said, focus on scoring, but also be aware that the armour two is only part of the problem. Hoff has one of the best heals in the game and does a decent job of condition removal too. If you think about an armour 2 model you've spent resources hitting for a severe 5 damage - probably focus, cheating to win the duel and probably a severe cheat on the damage - Hoffman just heals a construct for 3 on a relented duel and you're back to square one. (It is so good I've had at least three opponents ask to look at his card to confirm). But to do this he needs to be close to his crew and he can't heal himself. So a big part of killing Hoff models is to get them to spread out away from the bubble and then pick them off, anything near Hoffman is incredibly resilient.
  2. There have been a couple of thorough answers so I'll just add a couple of points. You say you have Mei Feng - is that her core box or just the single model (you seem to have a couple of odd models there)? If you only have Mei herself then you could consider using the fire Gamin as a proxy model for her totem for the time being (ask your opponent first). @Regelridderen makes a good point - if your hobby mojo is scratched by painting and modelling, then sure, it is best to stick to a single faction and build up crews by keyword, but sensibly buy whatever excites you as a modeller/painter. And don't forget to look for Versatile models from your keyword, if you are unsure which masters you might end up liking you can generally add some of these and they'll get used by several masters. In Arcanists, the Mechanical rider or Arcane Emissary/Effigy are worth considering (and they look great) and in TT again the Emissary/Effigy box if you can get it cheap - TT has plenty of useful versatile models. These can let you start playing with a full crew without committing to any particular Master (that isn't to say they work equally well with any master). The last part is that you'll probably want to play using the M3E cards (any M3E box you buy should come with them and some retailers are giving you the cards with the M2E boxes as well) - you can use the app but that isn't great for playing the game. Cards can be printed yourself by downloading the cards from here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wicc6rs8kg46bt7/AACUSxdWhyaHQYaD1cGf0nzga?dl=0 You can also get them printed by a professional: https://www.wargamevault.com/browse/pub/5162/Wyrd-Miniatures Or you can buy cards as in faction decks - the problem for you is that your might need to get a few cards from several decks (which is why I've listed this last). Ramos and the electric creation are in their own specific Dead Man's Hand Deck.
  3. That would be in the section titled Killed for anyone who wants the reference (Page 25 DRB): "Killed Models are most often killed as a result of being reduced to 0 Health, but some game effects can instantly kill models regardless of their Health." To add another one, a model can also be killed by being buried at the end of the game . . . .
  4. Thanks, I only checked the app to be honest, doesn't appear like the new art has been added yet. Does look better than the old model though.
  5. I don't think this is a new Arcanist model, but did anyone identify the model chillin at the back at Gencon? It kind of looks like Lazarus . . . but it (admittedly it is hard to tell) looks like it is in the same paler plastic as the botanists in front of it (certainly looks lighter than the hard plastic model just sneaking in to the right of frame). The starter box models are much lighter as well and outcasts (where you would expect lazarus to be) already have theirs. So assuming it isn't Lazarus and is a started model, would either be Guild or Arcanists out of what is left.
  6. Slightly weird one, because it doesn't really matter (you can just choose two different schemes), but I don't think assassinate and vendetta are a good combination of schemes in Henchman Hardcore. They are too similar and there is usually not a mystery about the vendetta target. I get that a 3' x 3' board is a lot of space and they probably wanted to use schemes that forced crews to engage, but I'd like a bit more variety.
  7. Was the same for me. First master (and may have been the only master I played through M2E - or about a year). I was going to like your post but then read . . . . How dare you mention Lucius in the same sentence as . . . her! But yes great sculpts, particularly the Marshal ones and new Justice looks amazing. I'm much more of an M2E sculpt fan for Lucius and the lawyers than M3E, to me his mask is far less elegant. I'm still crushed that we have not seen the pantomime cow models (undercover agents) yet.
  8. It should be in the app, there is a thread to report issues though if you still can't find it. This is from the browser version.
  9. I was going to say that Mortimer has one, but then checked and he has a new model I completely missed. Lots in Redchapel (Dead Dandy and copycat killer, Rotten Belle kinda, Dead Doxy etc). Maybe sloth is the only other one then.
  10. NuMah has a similar ability (except that it isn't a choice) with Pit Trap and Scrap markers. There was some discussion in another forum on this, but while we agreed it would have been nice if they had used "also", it is pretty clear they don't stop being their original marker (otherwise it doesn't make sense to have the ability). I'd imagine it should be the same here.
  11. I realise my original post is now on the previous page, but I'm not sure how it has lead to this point. My point was that there are situations in Malifaux where an object is two things at once, just because it is currently being treated as one thing does not stop it being the original thing as well. I was hesitant to post anything because the discussion didn't seem to be going anywhere . . . but thought it was worth raising. Having said that, I don't disagree on the interaction - a marker cannot take any action, so it seems weird to say that a Dove, which is being treated as a decoy marker, which takes an action as though it was Colette, cannot take an interact action.
  12. I'd agree with that - I don't think we will get agreement until a FAQ/errate. My contribution was about whether it also remains a marker/dove during the action and then what are the consequences to that - which has now come back around to the original sticking point.
  13. I didn't read the words "treated as this model" at all. That is not what the card says. Edit to add: Sorry that sounds a bit curt, I'm trying to pay attention to a seminar at the same time. What I read was "as though it were this model" to mean that we treat it as a Colette model for the duration of the action. I could be wrong.
  14. My argument is that the marker remains a marker and is also, for the duration of the action only, treated as a Colette model with Colette's stat card. The pseudomodel can take damage - only models can take damage and it's health is reduced. The marker itself does not take any damage. Once the action is over, the marker stops being treated as a model, has no health stat and has taken no damage.
  15. (Which was also me) Because you cannot apply damage to a marker, only a model.
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