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  1. I just finished a game with Zipp2 against Zoraida. He is very survivable. Arguably more so than with his original title. Between the defensive trigger and Captain's Challenge, most enemies will be on a negative to hit you. Add that to a very good card draw, and you'll find there's no problem having the tomes you need for the defensive trigger. Booty and plunder was much easier to get off successfully every turn than I imagined, and usually with 2-3 cards drawn. I found he wants to be pretty close to the action, especially where all the heavy hitters are. Both to pass out distracted to enemy beaters, but maybe more so to move your own valuable models into position with Full Speed Ahead. Not requiring LoS and ignoring models and terrain while moving, can make for some very nasty surprises. I was unfortunately facing Zoraida, though, so she just undid my movement shenanigans by obeying my models back to where they came from. As for offensive capabilities, I didn't find him very strong, but that might just be my playstyle. I used the cutlass quite a bit, but only used the Shockwave attack once, to no great effect. He's great at setting up (for example) Mancha in a good position and preparing your hand with great cards, so Mancha can beat face. I forgot about the Captain of the Infamy ability for free interacts all game, though, so will definitely need to get some more reps in. All in all, pleasantly surprised compared to when just reading the card. I'll definitely play him again in the near future.
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