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  1. Has anyone tried the bayou smugglers with Parker?
  2. It adds consistency to the crew, but you don't feel good about and you often wish you could skip him. (What he does is smack your Talos turn 1 and can unbury things)
  3. It would be all right if she was designed to be a scheme runner with interesting scheme running abilites. Right now her scheme feels incidental.
  4. But then I would unbury them with Karina or Aionus instead of trying to play the fast mini game @Saduhem Tara's double activation is the core of Tara's gameplay identity, but there's nothing else in her kit that would benefit from spacing out your activations, beyond the benefit of having two activations and 5 ap. I'm also unhappy with the uninteractive nature of just leaping around and interacting. Making Aiounus beast bomb more realiably wouldn't make him more valuable because, if you want to bomb, Tara does it better and the other model that's worth bombing with can't be bombed and is just sort of tacked on to the theme
  5. Most of the time I did that I don't need to redeploy most of my models. NB is move 6 and a 2" range and incorporeal, the wretches shouldn't be close to enemies except for certain purposes, in which case they are already there and the hunter often jumps up in melee anyways. The 2 models I'd want to redeploy are Talos, who I can't move around and Aionus, who I don't want in melee and is required for delaying their activation if I want to unbury on top of them.
  6. 12 HP is often enough to add another attack needed to kill her. They could probably up it to 13 without it becoming broken - but that might also be too much if they plan on anything else
  7. Liched


    I agree. If Pride becomes a mandatory hire in every competitive list then Of course that's a problem. Sadly it hasn't really been tested because of how the beta tends to work
  8. It also became problematic with "Glimpse of the Void" and similar effects. If you manage to bury like 3 models or for some reason the majority of their crew and killed the remaining models, would the buried models just be permanently buried since there's no ally to unbury to?
  9. I too, like niche actions and high-risk - high-reward actions. But when they are unintuitive/clunky in an edition that tries to remove it (say flipping your deck once, checking the cards and the flipping again or Aionus gaining arguably more value from running around smacking his friends). Or is high-risk, low-reward - and promotes a playstyle where I'm not interacting with my opponent unless they do a major mistake are all things that detract from my enjoyment (most of the time). And when your turn is either pre-planned to a T or relies on your opponent doing something incredibly dumb, I'm all in favour of mechanics that adds more interesting choices. Not that I believe Tara have had high-risk, high-reward this edition In my match yesterday, Tara did not once actually interact with my opponent and he was powerless to stop it. Which I don't think was fun for either of us.
  10. Strategy: Turf war, flank deployment. Schemes: Harness the leylines Search the ruins Take prisoners Power ritual Deliver a message Crew list @Liched Tara Blake Karina Aionus Scion of the Void Pride Nothing Beast - Servant of the Dark Powers Talos 8ss Turf war: 3 points Harness the Leylines: 1 point Power Ritual: 1 point MvP model and why: I mean, I have to give it to Tara for just scheeming I guess. Nobody did anything truly exceptional this game. And the obliteration crew is good and not bad. But it's very dull to play with and I would assume against. What I could have done better: If the game would have continued beyond turn 3, then I'd have played Tara a bit slower, summon more and dropping an extra scheme marker and I wouldn't have lost much. Crew list @Paradigm Youko Hamasaki Chiyo Kabuki Warrior Kabuki Warrior Bunraku Bunraku Charm Warder Geisha Tanuki 6ss Turf war: 1 point Search the Ruins: 0 points Harness the Leylines: 0 points So this match was 4-1 after turn 3 to Tara. Only like 4 models died during the whole match (3 on Taras side, 1 on youko) and it was a very dull because of a lot of failed flips on both sides along with terrifying being good if you don't have anything ruthless, but it was also an enjoyable match because of my opponent. So, some crew thoughts and what they did. The Obliteration crew is still very unfocused and not especially flavourful. I almost feel like a re-flavoured Misaki would be almost, if not more thematic than the current Tara. Tara: Having up to 5 leaps a turn is very good, but it doesn't solve the problem with her being boring. She scored 3 points by herself and helped set up a 4. out of 15 actions, I summoned twice, didn't use her bonus action a single time and walked twice and swung once. She's not very exciting to play at all, I think that she should be able to copy buried models actions, remove fast for reactivate on models and have a trigger to give fast to friendly models on her stutter time. Aionus: Ah, still bad, but not aggressivly so. He has potential, but it requires a lot of work on a model of poor strenghts and speed (and theme), but most of the time he just slaps around his friends for fast. The thing he does which is great requires a lot of set-up which is a little annoying - but mostly he just doesn't get anywhere. Drop his cost and /or give him agile and allow him to take two different zero actions in a turn. Another ability that would make him a little bit more appealing is if he models could also choose to unbury next to him when ending fast. I think he needs a combination of things, but barring an almost pure redesign, these are the things I'd suggest. Talos: The model which is basically just a worse Nothing Beast. Since my Nothing Beast was focused on this game, Talos just came in and smacked (buried 2 models) my opponents crew instead. Between no ruthless and no reliable armor-ignore, he drained a lot of recourses, after the nothing beast was dead of course. He doesn't do anything with his own crew and requries help from being slapped by Aionous or have the Emissary move him. An easy solution would be to give him an ability to be counted as an enemy when targeted by the "Stutter Time". This would make him chug along and have more synergy with the crew. You could lower stat for it or increase the TN when he's targeted. Just something The Nothing Beast: Was targeted and killed by a Kabuki Warrior. Did not respect their damage. So I can't properly evaluate it with the herald upgrade. However, it did it's job of draining recourses and being distracting. Would love for it to be upgraded to a minion (so that we can keep the void evolution line) or to a henchman. Or give him an ability to be summoned if Tara is the crews leader, but suffer 4 irreducable damage when summoned. Otherwise really solid and could be printed as is. Karina: Hooo boy - what is she doing? I've yet to find a totem as bad as her. She can't keep up with Tara, has no flavour, is move 4 and costs 5. I'm boggled by why she's so bad. The simple fix would just to be giving her Arcane reservoir - then atleast she would help Tara and the crew and we could just forget about her excistance. I think that the proper thing to do would be to have her be the summoner, but that's radical. I will however maybe try it out in a project. Scion of the Void: Finally, I was able to have her and an enemy buried - she only managed to hit 1 of 2 swings, but still. It happened. Mainly because my opponent wasn't aware of it and let his buried models be buried - but it was late into the game and we just had a flank each and any attempt to breach it would be met with death. For 6ss I guess I really can't complain all that much with her range, she just sort of feels "meh" to use. Pride: Died early in turn 3 because I forgot about his manipulative, but I see why people think he's really good. He's slightly less good however, when you are forced to play without a hand, since the "Cheat last aura" isn't useful. His damage and control is pretty impressive though and if the enemy can't deal with him he can be brutal I'd assume. The Void Wretch and Hunter: I summoned 1 hunter and 2 void wretches across 2 actions. They were decently inconsequental, one wretch dropping a marker. That's about it. still not sold on them and I don't think you'd ever hire either of them in the vast majority of games. A good question is if you can unbury in your deployment if you can't unbury with the "From Nothing" ability. Youko and her crew Youko Hamasaki: Mostly annoying. Interesting master that basically causes you to play without a hand. I think that she could gain another use for pass tokens, because after a certain point my opponent had so many of them. An interesting ablity to try and fit into there would be to give an enemy model a token that can be spent on a forced cheat. Could probably set Riddles in the dark to a flat 2 and add it as a built in trigger on Blackmail or Riddles in the Dark. Kabuki Warrior: Scary models. Killed Pride and the Nothing Beast and almost denied me a scheme point. Don't know if they are 8ss. I think you could add "Grit (True form revealed): This model adds a ram to all it's duels" since they are Kabuki (warriors). This would make them a bit more dangerous, since right now their cards are very empty. They are a minion however so I guess the potential of having a full uppgrades balances it out... (well not really) Bunraku: Seems to be completely fair models. A question is when the "Dissapear" trigger resets. We played it as the end of the Bunrakus activation, but rereading it maybe it's after the attacking model has finished their activation. Chiyo: Didn't really do anything so I can't really make a comment. Geisha: Finally a fine 4ss model, or decent atleast. Having them as a 1 off is probably good. Could maybe become a demise of ability of the Kabuki Warrior to become a geisha instead. Tanuki: Solid as always. Sadly didn't do a lot this game. But also wasn't awful. Charm warder: Having something that can ignore incorporeal is scary. A fair model. If I had something to improve it might be to make the crow trigger built in on the Chi blade. They seemed really cool however. I'll excuse my grammatical and writing errors by me writing a lot of this at around 2-3 in the moring. I'll let @Paradigm sum up and post his own thoughts wherever he please, but hopefully below
  11. Did they just keep a model in their deployment zone the entire game?
  12. I have never had the stance of "I don't use it, remove it" - I've always advocated for, it's super niche/bad, replace it with something else. If that has not been apparent I'll excuse my bad communication skills. Played a game versus Hamasaki today (will try to put out a battle report soon). Tara was a scheme runner and secured 3 points and summoned two times over 3 turns - but it was so dull, like the whole match was dull. I always feel like my best option with Tara is to scheme and leave the fighting to the Nb and Talos. Aiounus is still bad, just slightly less so now, but with his help, I could finally use the Scions buried Trigger but he mainly went around and gave models fast. Out of 4 attack actions, one was aimed at an enemy. Karina is, well, Karina - and by that I mean that she was very inconseqentual. My opening flips each turn was also really bad, so time warp meant wading through a lot of 1-6 before I could get anything higher. A question that came up was the wording on the Scions "Mark of the Void" and if you can unbury in your deployment zone if you can't end fast. Yes, stealing buried models would give her more internal crew synergy and make her more interesting and rewarding. Also, can the Nothing beast be promoted to a henchmen again? Pretty please
  13. Time Warp wasn't really a fun action because it would happen very infrequently (Crimson, you're probably the only person I've heard to get frequent use of it). Most people don't really like their masters to be scheme runners, look at the Seamus forum threads from earlier if you want proof. I think it's great that you have the option of having Tara run around and completing schemes, and she's certainly very good at it with infinite leaps - but it's not very exciting. Tara doesn't really have a role beyond scheming however - she doesn't support her crew all that well, she isn't a summoner in either versatility or interactions with her summons and she isnt a control master or beater either.
  14. Not really, because it's already very situational in when you can use it, and limiting it to once a turn would just make less effective when you get the golden opportunity. It would also encourage a behavior where people would feel forced to use it once a turn
  15. It's pretty highroll considering it's stat 5. Also, he had 4 actions, which you don't have in a row
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