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    I think he might have been referring to the ranged attack regarding the stat 7. Either upping his melee to 6 or making channel cost 1hp I think would make him feel better considering Joss only needs to spend a card and 2 tokens to deal more irreducible damage - and less recourses if he wants comparable damage. I think he even has the same damage track at the end with plusflip for 1 card + token. All of this at stat 6. (He can also use stones). The Aboms are in the same position as the Wretch - why would you ever hire into your crew?
  2. Yes, that's fair. I feels like there's playtesting around him. Condition crews are being played and they seem to in a decent spot, a bit awkward to play - but are pretty fun, or so I'm told. I guess it all sort of depends on how often they will decide to add or change models this time around - because we're already close to reaching peak models. But there are some models that maybe could get it, mainly because they feel off and underdeveloped... (Yes, I will derail every topic to talk about a certain Time-Void-Queen). And I think that would solve most of my issues at least.
  3. Isn't McMourning viewed as one of the best resser masters? So, if they aren't a problem, what's wrong with future proofing against someone not being able to play the game if facing a condition crew or taking some very suboptimal models to have a shot? It's kinda like saying we should have a faction with no ways around armor. Also, Taras problem extends long beyond the possibility of condition removal. I think there's a balance to be had. I think making Johans Rebel Yell just a little more reliable would literally solve everything (well,, not everything, but you know).
  4. I think think that pilfer as an attack is dubious at best personally - and it would be better on a trigger, thats for sure. I think the upgrade might need a redesign in general since it doesn't really fit beyond theme. Herald is for aggressive models, Soldier for Hire is currently also for aggressive and a bit defensive (but should be on more of a defense/reliability path if you ask me) and "Wanted criminal" is... annoyance? Maybe give the upgrade a "No witness" trigger, maybe disguised and probably keep swagger? Make the minion only ability "A secret passage" type ability - Basically have the same effect but with a bit shorter range and maybe have the wording "Fully within". So two of 'Swagger, No Witness and disguised' and then "Shortcut: Range: 10", stat 5, tn: 12. This action can only be taken if you're within 1" of blocking terrain. Place this model anywhere fully within range that is also within 1" of any Blocking Terrain" This would be thematic for something called "Wanted criminal". It now works as a niche for scheme runners on maps with blocking terrain, whilst also having some other uses.
  5. Even if you use it for samey, then it still wouldn't work. The game will always have moments that feel similiar or "standard" as long as there will be an optimal move to make. Ten thunders has a 5ss minion with condition removal and gives focus - Arcanist also has cheap condition removal, yet they aren't seen every match. And since the new crew hiring is a thing and most crews have synergies that doesn't allow a whole lot of OoC models then unless something is utterly broken. The thing I think will feel samey is that every time you pick a master + crew, you'll play almost the same line-up because most of the versatile models aren't super-strong generalists and a lot of crews don't have a big hiring pool. And will still see models hired into other crews at a larger rate because you might not have other options to cover that role and factions still exists
  6. That comparison doesn't really work since there's a lot of mechanics beyond chess and the fact the the models (pieces) aren't even equal in the first place. Locking a whole faction out of a certain tool will just increase the possibility of being counter very hard - and might also just leave them out of the competetive meta if it ends up revolving about conditions. Every crew can't have everything avaible to them, but each faction should. (Also, chess is a game about perfect information. So can we please stop with seriously using this comparison as an argument?)
  7. Yeah, I was really surised by gremlins. Ressurectionists are also in a weird place. Mainly most other factions have far easier, cheaper and more reliable end all or any.
  8. I think that having Soldier for Hire and Herald of the Dark power competing for the same slot, aka. A killy minion, is a problem. Since Unnatural Vigor is very good and often allows your beater to keep going on a bit longer (or in Leveticus case, getting some of that HP spent back). Drawing 1/2/2+1ss to me isn't good enough to send my high-damage minion after a bigger target. "This will fetch a High price" is also a very situational thing. Maybe giving the minion part of "Soldier for Hire" adaptive could be a good, but that would make convicts insane. So maybe we give it a "chasing fate" type ability to replace "This will fetch a high price", where, mechanic wise, you get a token that you can spend to gain either a suit or a +flip for one duel. Either have a choice between those two, or one of them. Most minions don't have triggers where paying 2ss for it feels valuable (except for Parker). I might be wrong however - and the convict would be broken with adaptive. The fluff reason is that, as a soldier for hire, you're though, you're reliable - and bounty hunter still feels a bit weird... Regarding "Wanted Criminal" making pilfer a trigger would be so dumb on models with built-in crows. I will come back to this one (and Soldier) when I'm able to formulate better thoughts.
  9. Yes, but all crews need some form of consistency. All of Taras mechanics can be resisted in some way. Fast to unbury? Can be resisted. Bury? Resistable. Being hit by the damage which is what you do with the crew because what are actualy synergies? Resistable (well that's obvious, but not all damage is resistable) And I can abuse game systems after just reading the rulebook, my friend can play fighting games whilst holding a conversation on his non-native language. Etc, etc. Just because somethin is or feels easy for some, it doesn't mean that games or their mechanics should be balanced or designed for them. Especially when it's sort of pointless
  10. They won't have a different TN on different models. That would just be confusing and one of their design goals is to avoid confusion and unnecessary complexity. In M2e, Glimpse had a Tn of 13, and even if the Wp on average was one higher that edition, it usually never happened. Lowering it to 12 will make it almost useless again - and back then it buried indefinetly
  11. The thing is that the only thing the bury will do most of the times is allow your one scheme runner to walk, charge and attack you, compared to being stuck in melee. Tara has a bit of an issue where once you start losing, you'll have a harder than normal time getting back into the game - and I agree that is a problem. @ShinChan There are many smaller and some bigger issues with her and the crew xD
  12. It's also the only thing Tara does - and if you get her out of the 8" Karina aura then she dies super quickly. Hunters are a pretty fair minion - and it's not worse compared too a lot of other crews who also triggers tests and/or discards.
  13. I mean, I have tried to. But it doesn't happen very often. The two damagin models in the crew is; The Nothing Beast and Scion of the Void (If you can get her and the enemy buried). You often want the Nothing beast to go after high prio targets in the back and soak up damage since he is a good beater, which also means that you tend to activate early and kill something that hasn't activated. Most of your models are in melee range anyways so unless the enemy has some weird defence trigger there difference between buried and not-buried is very small. Taras crew have very little in the terms of options to counter armor or conditions, which means you need to take hires that can't take advantage of it either. @ShinChan I think the reason she probably won't see a lot of competetive play is her reputation and lack of (meaningful) options
  14. Excuse me? Built in? Three models have it built in. Two models can stone for it, in a crew where Tara needs on average 5 stones to herself. Around 40% of the time you don't even want to use it because it's a free reposition or will make it harder to unbury your own models.
  15. I'm currently quickly going through everything
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