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  1. Linar

    How to Hoffmann

    It was me. For me Ryle is clearly the best option. It gives you more endurance and more damage than any other option. And the shot with the attributes of francisco is very useful.And with the nimble and his 0 he moves as he wants.
  2. Linar

    The guild at ITC

    Normally what I did was to use the machine puppet to position Fran. With the fast, the debt to the guild and the targeting system are 4 attacks of Ml 7 minimum 5 that with stone and ram you can go to 7.
  3. Linar

    The guild at ITC

    Yeah, that was me. I won all my games with the same 8 miniatures. Leader: C. Hoffman - 7 ss Improved Harness 1ss Field Mechanic 2ss Pneumatic Upgrades 2ss Malifaux Child 3ss Ryle 10ss A Debt To The Guild 1ss Numb To The World 1ss Francisco Ortega 8ss Wade In 1ss A Debt To The Guild 1ss Thalarian Queller 6ss Brutal Effigy 4ss Guild Guard 3ss Guild Guard 3ss I believe that together with nellie, its the strongest master.
  4. I have a couple of questions about the system: -Before starting the round, are the 5 masters that the team will play announced? -Once the match is chosen. Do you offer two more masters to the leftover master? Or can you choose another one?
  5. Linar

    Tournament JAN 27th 2018

    I hope to play with you in the tournament. Let's see if I went from second place to first. As for which masters are better, of course the triangle of Marcus, Sandeep and Rasputina is the best option. Maybe it´s excesive spending on upgrades and for me you have few activaction.
  6. Linar

    July 2017 Errata

    Exactly what is so good about tara?
  7. How many people will you be in the tournament?
  8. Linar

    Zoraida as Gremlin master and Will o Wisp

    But the skill requires it to be a neverborn model. Playing zoraida as gremlin is still neverborn model?
  9. Linar

    What makes Cassandra so good?

    With Colette always is a must, especially with malifaux child and her promp combo. Child promp colette push 3 which prom casandra push 3 then prom colette push 3 and prom whatever you want.
  10. Linar

    Mei Feng as TT

    Correct, the only reason to take hidden agenda is for still be a legal target for the Emissary's Rite of Strength
  11. Linar

    Mei Feng as TT

    I usually use what we call in my play group as wooden defense. Mei -Misdirection -Wings Kamaitachi Mctavish -recalling -Hidden agenda Porckchop Emisary -Conflux Of combat Toshiro -command The Graves 6ss The idea is to make 3 steam vent and play summon 2 komainus per turn with toshiro ,generating scrap with porckchop and emisary. Kamaitachi push Mei to move the bubble, Mei can push Mctavish or Toshiro, emisary auto push and give fast and push probably Mctavish.He can push himself with his (0) action too.At the end of the turn Mei push again fot the wings. You have a very hard and fast crew which it grows fast in number and have huge damage with perma fast Mctavish,
  12. Linar

    Frozen Marcus

    Hi guys! Here you have some pictures from my customize Marcus crew, i hope you like it.Sorry for the horrible photos... Marcus Jackalope Cerberus Cojo " /> Killjoy Myranda Malifaux raptors Guild Hound
  13. Linar

    The Sow

    You hate so hard all my crews Razhem . I hope, we can play soon