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  1. It was an intentional decision to clips the wings of the M2E-style massive alpha strike that Zipp's crew were notorious for. I don't think they need it back, and it give the Iron Skeeters room to be something more than an expensive taxi.
  2. Skeeters Fly and provide Concealment, no? Also Gracie's carry is a Push, not a Place, so is incredibly limited compared to the Skeeter's. I don't know why you'd take Gracie.
  3. For 6ss in M&SU you get free Shielded+1, cheap Shielded+1, with an option for an expensive/awkward Shielded+2 or Focus+1 (depending on the mix of Tomes, Rams and Power Tokens available). For 7ss with Hoffman you lose the free 1 but get a much easier repeatable Shielded+3. It's hardly stellar, but it's not bad. Models don't have to be strictly optimal in-keyword.
  4. DuBlanck

    10T Foundry

    I haven't used Shovel Faster! in any of my three or four games with Mei - Burning never stacks high enough to Shovel without completely removing it, and dishing it out didn't seem to come consistently enough to stick it on models I needed to Stun. Is there better Burning output in 10T? I played strictly in-keyword, and it didn't feel like there was much Burning output.
  5. Hidden Sniper: I like it, a lot, as it is. If it went up to St6, with the ability to stack hands and target back-line models, I think Lucius himself might be too much of a scalpel (never mind Agent 46 teleporting over there too). If Hidden Sniper got toned up, his friendly crew control would surely have to be toned down a little. Chaining AP: I've picked out a couple of kids to proxy as Changelings, I'll see how they feel to me. I suspect the general complaint that chaining AP feels uninteractive for the opponent will only be worse - it was a drag to explain clearly what was happening the first couple of times I used Lucius to Command a Lawyer to Obey an [Acting Model] to [finally take an effective AP], and explain when and why I was drawing cards. By the end of the game, my opponent interrupted me a couple of times with "yeah, you're doing the Lucius thing" to save my vocal chords. Perhaps if there was less mechanical incentive to add the extra Lawyer steps in, it wouldnt be done at every opportunity and would be accordingly less tiresome. Speaking of which... Card draw: Are folks still concerned by it? From my games without Changelings, significant card draw felt necessary to hit decent functionality, but I didn't do a very good job of getting into situations I could really abuse it - Scribe and False Witness' auras, chasing the Misinformation hits etc. Does it get only/mainly abusive when you have the extra 2-4-8 spare AP to comfortably cycle 7s into hopefully-better cards?
  6. @trikk perhaps we're just talking past each other at this point, but my point is that I think if any model is in a position where you'd be an idiot not to take Lead Lined Coat on them, then that model is either built or costed wrong. Obviously when writing you must consider the possibility of A46 or Lady J having Armour, but if they are built for a role that is likely to put them in the line of fire they need to be able to make back their investment cost without that armour. Perhaps LLC is the issue - too many things are too good with (or just need) Armour. Would gaining Shielded+2 (+3? +4?) at the start of each turn be any better? At this point I'm just speculating wildly though and drifting off topic though, my M3E knowledge here is neither broad nor deep.
  7. @trikk I did not give him Lead-Lined Coat, I wanted the stones. (Also I just don't use upgrades that heavily, and they seem pricey this edition.) I understand that he needs to balance aroudn that option being available, but general consesus seems to be that he should be wearing his heaviest available smoking jacket at all times, which I don't think is a good place for him to be.
  8. With Lucius, using spare AP (and Commands and Obeys) to drop Scheme Markers to proc the Investigator's Stand Back! for Pushes, you don't lose too much movement in your Turn 1 set up positioning, but usually drop enough markers that you can False Claim all day long later in the game without too much worry. False Witnesses are blinding at Detonate Charges and similar such schemes as a result.
  9. I played a game with Agent 46 last Thursday. Df5 is rough. I had to work hard to keep my two Lawyers in range and LoS to dump Shielded+4 on him as early as my activation order could afford, because my opponent was landing a lot of hits, and the best I could do was force -flips for damage. As I've said earlier, it was fine under low pressure or when I had cards in hand - mid/end of turns 1 and 2, when I could load my hand and put Shielded on him. Turn 3, I decided to spend the cards I had in order to get some work done first activation, and then he pretty much (should have) died before I could refresh my hand to cheat Df flips (unlucky top-decking and three of my five stones barely saved him). He ended up going down mid/end of Turn 3, chewing up my hand on the way out. He was doing work down to his very last wound, but once he died I had barely any damage output. Yes, before anyone asks, he bought me time to go and scheme and the indirectly earned me VP, but mostly because my opponent was disproportionately scared of him because he nearly one-rounded Hungering Darkness (through Incorporeal and cheating) at the end of Turn 1. With the schemes he'd selected he could have pretty much ignored Agent 46 and concentrated on flattening my other models with little trouble. I don't know if it would be good to give him Df6 or cheat second or something else, but at the moment he is slightly too fragile for my tastes, especially given Elite's typically expensive and support-y model pool. If he prints like this, it won't be the end of the world, but you will have to play very conservatively with him and his death spells the end of your significant kill threat.
  10. Are people using Changelings or something for their Command Chain Obeys? I never got that much mileage out of it, except when I was intentionally doing it sub-optimally because I find that Rube-Goldberg jank funny. I know his schtick is tasty hands of Severes, but early turn I didn't often find myself with the sort of hand where I'd comfortably drop high Masks, or even just high numbers (with TFTJ already on), through my Lawyers. At the top of turns, holding a sculpted hand on the wrap-around, it seems wasteful .not. to put those cards through Agent 46. After the first turn, my opponent was pressuring me to the point that trying to hold off and card cycle just to set up a 9AP Lucius activation would have lost me models and VP.
  11. I actually agree with this. Even if he doesn't get three 'real' AP, his output stayed the same 2AP, I'd rather he wasn't semi-tied to his crew. He used to be a free-roaming combat threat, but the current Grit situation makes it too obviously inefficient to use him like that, making him yet another Union blob member.
  12. From my experience, limited games, been a while, other disclaimers, etc.: I found the crew pretty card-hungry and TN-heavy. As @I'm a Teapot! says, taking too much of that card draw away would seriously damage whether this crew even works at all. I don't think it would be a good idea to remove both the Pass Token and the Following Orders draw. As inelegant/wordy as it is, ideally Following Orders would only trigger when Ordered during a more expensive model's activation (eliminating Changeling exploits). That does leave the FO text a bit longer and less clear though.
  13. For what Wyrd are charging for these models, advertised as "ready to play out of the box", the flaws in their models is a problem and not a small one. Quality control is not up to the standard of the price. As the guy said.
  14. I mis-remembered the cost disparity. I guess access to that St6 Lure on a +Flip might be a bit much.
  15. The Survivors don't look great but they don't look bad either. @bedjy - I was thinking more in the late game "I need an unengaged model over there" rather than flat being able to sprint across the board. In my few games with them, it wasn't too hard to have a relatively conservative/defensible rail network set up by the end of turn 2, such that a model could bounce from one flank to the other, or from my deployment zone to a hotspot on the frontline. With that in mind, and things like the Rail Workers' ability to fling doods 5" off into the sky, getting a runner through the lines is doable.
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