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  1. Absolutely - the problem of feeding resources to summoning crews remains very much an issue. It was more avoiding the tiresome swerve into "if the stars align, actually Dashel can summon XYZ". Obviously there's a large chunk of the community that haven't been getting table time, and I've seen more than one balance discussion drift away from what does happen and get lost in what could happen.
  2. These perfect theoretical maximums don't have a lot of value in a discussion about a two-player game.
  3. Related, the Rifleman can get to St6 and 24" range with Sniper. (I think. I don't have access to the app right now.) The Sergeant going to a St7 (they're Guard, right?) and not telegraphing the teleport is a nice spot.
  4. I was about to argue this point, but 8ss is a pretty big bite out of the Minions budget for the crew, and I certainly don't think he replaces Alan/46/output model of choice. Worth a go with Dashel, but I don;t think Lucius runs the right kind of crew for this gimmick.
  5. That's a bit of a wait without any real frontline beef to the crew. i know in theory Lucius can mill cards like there's no tomorrow, but his crew also needs to hit TNs a lot, and saving the good cards (and stones?) for Dashel's summoning puts a pretty tough limit on your early card economy.
  6. I really struggle with Kang - not because he's slow (RtR), but because after that initial pulse of Focus, he doesn't seem to do a great deal. St6 attacks and H2W with a heal is decent, but not really enough to tank. Guiding Presence comes up so rarely that I probably don't think to check for it often enough, but even when I do, that discard is expensive. Oddly the niche I've found for him is the short-range Hot Coals action - with Focus and a Tome, he should be Blasting Burning onto people. It's theoretically useful in pools where everyone loiters in the same place, like Ley Lines. (Losin
  7. There's definitely a very high ceiling to being good with Dashel, but the floor is pretty high too - the Dispatcher is absolutely the lynchpin of the summoning mechanic, and the summons that come in are often pretty limp. The significant problem with Guard is that it is easy to tech against them effectively with blasts/shockwaves, in my eyes. Much of the power-amplification comes from bubbling poor-Df models next to other poor-Df models. On top of that, either your opponent supplies you with Scheme Markers, or you summon off the Dispatcher that must sit in the backfield or die, meaning yo
  8. Recover Evidence also turns down Soulstone Miner shenanigans. I think Recover Evidence Ritual Binding is going to be something most factions have to build into pretty hard - it wouldn't surprise me if there are some factions that never take it (Ressurs? A lot of Guild?) and others that nearly auto-score it, much like a harder and more telegraphed Detonate Charges.
  9. Worth noting that you can make a square or a hexagon, if you want, as long as all corners are within 10" of each other - it's 3 or more Scheme Markers. Which is it? Don't have my book handy. I'm happy that Recover Evidence and Symbols of Authority are back, though it is interesting that Evidence messes with some crews' core mechanic so seriously. Tara's going to have a tough day, and I suppose it goes some way to nerfing Soulstone Miners.
  10. When I was playing her, I brought a Showgirl in Colette crews because I feel bad if I don't. For the price you get a Significant model that can drop or flip markers and... I guess Lure is fine too? In nearly every game I played with one, they could have been any other model and performed (ahah) equally well. Some part of that may have been over-cautious play, because one Focused hit can take her head off.
  11. Bring back Hulking Leap - Place within 4". The Steampowered Scoundrels episode suggested First Mate (citing that bloody great anchor he carries) as a candidate for the same treatment, which I agree with.
  12. I agree with both on Leap - too many models with powerful Place actions, and a bunch of them are too easy. I think making Leap counts as a Disengage would cripple too many scheme runners, unfortunately, but removing a few carefully chosen built-in suits would at least make some less easy-mode.
  13. Absolutely right that there are tools available, and grossly effective when assembled right, but the crew still feels soft and disruptable, and works harder to get results than other crews - particularly because a lot of their kit relies on suits from models that can't stone, but you have virtually no card draw to fish with. I usually put a Lawyer in my lists these days, but it is barely card draw - Tools for the Job is cycle, and I probably cheat a Moderate Tome for Impassioned Defence: Surge if I use TftJ a Mask to switch on the Obey. I tried a False Witness and Investigator combo for a
  14. Drop It! into a double-dog can put two Hounds in base contact with the target in such a way that you can dictate the direction of their Disengage Push, or force them to waste 1-2AP killing a dog and getting nothing done anyway. It's not incredible, but it is often inconvenient, and if they don't kill the dogs then it is still an AP gain even if that AP is generally better spent spoiling than achieving something. Negating this kind of issue is probably what Mr Wannabe McCabe is 'for' but as mentioned previously - nah.
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