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  1. Drop It! into a double-dog can put two Hounds in base contact with the target in such a way that you can dictate the direction of their Disengage Push, or force them to waste 1-2AP killing a dog and getting nothing done anyway. It's not incredible, but it is often inconvenient, and if they don't kill the dogs then it is still an AP gain even if that AP is generally better spent spoiling than achieving something. Negating this kind of issue is probably what Mr Wannabe McCabe is 'for' but as mentioned previously - nah.
  2. Resurrecting this in the wake of discussion in the faction balance grumbling thread. Anyone cracked it? I've not played Dashel a lot since my last post, but I have had notably better games playing him as an AP and board presence controller in schemey pools. Burying models in dogs instead of bombing them with an Executioner is maybe less fun but probably more effective, and that 13R can be many dog AP instead of one model. I do still find Cap'n Dash achieving little besides a variably-helpful summon (after a walk/concentrate-shoot-Drop It!) pretty regularly. I don't even get much work out of his concentrate aura either (but more on that later), but his bonus s always worthwhile. From the thread, I think @eddy is right re: card-hungry Vs card draw in Guard - save something to summon with, and a couple of suited Moderates for TNs, and suddenly you only have maybe one good cheat card and one or two discards left in hand. Most of the uncontested scheme marker shenanigans need a suit, and they are pretty vital getting the early summons up. That makes it hard to be a decent summoner (despite the broad stable) and still get work out of otherwise ok models. On top of that, they are pretty soft, suffering from a similar problem to Lucius in that the potential Ap advantage can easily be neutered by a couple of smart kills (c.f. @RisingPhoenix). @GrumpyGrandpa is right that there's stone generation and some problems can be mitigated by stoning for triggers, but I think not having better in-keyword outlets for them properly feels bad.
  3. I've heard more than a couple of folks, both in the podcastosphere and real world, say that your turn 1 should be taking over 30 minutes. If it is casual beer night, fart around all you like, but tournament games should be with crews you understand and can macro out half of the activations in seconds each.
  4. She is powerful, and you need to know how to play against her, and there are many specific tech pieces you can hire to make it easier. No, she doesn't need to be nerfed.
  5. Thank you for your service, Guardsman. This has been a useful thread both in actually helping me get Dashel sorted out in my head, and stopping me just reverting to Lucius entirely. I've definitely found it very limiting in my games - there are just enough TNs and similar that you need a reasonable hand, and that can often mean spending cards on utility that I'd rather spend on punching. The flipside of that is I recently killed the Hodgepodge Emissary by pouring dogs on it until it stopped moving, and that only cost me the summon cards - quantity has a quality all of its own.
  6. I'm not well practiced with him at all, but I did not get the impression that Augmented were generating enough Power Tokens to use them both offensively and defensively.
  7. This seems perfectly reasonable. Also, it drives me up the damn wall when models have such clearly anti-synergistic abilites like that.
  8. Replying here rather than in the general errata thread: I hired a Lawyer and Executioner in my last game, and it certainly felt like I had the crew under a little more control than previous attempts (still a little boned by a lack of Masks and Rams though). Somehow it hadn't occurred to me to buy the Drop It trigger during any of my games, despite having seen that option while reading the cards prior to trying the crew. You are definitely right that Plan Buttloadofwork is strictly secondary to finding almost any other way possible of getting that enemy marker out. Another limitation is my limited model pool - I have a single Mounted Guard proxy and no Wardens, so I'm mostly looking at Riflemen or chaff, since the Executioner is so egregiously difficult to get out. I was kicking around the idea of being able to summon without targeting markers, and in that case have the summoned model come on in contact with a board edge in your deplyment zone. I suspect that is thematically appropriate for summoned reinforcements, but not actually sensible in game. The summoning options are mostly slow-moving, so will have little impact except for Power Ritual, Breakthrough and Search the Ruins - where that mechanic would kill those schemes dead.
  9. Hero. Is 20th of 40 an expected placing for that player? i.e. Did multimultimaster help/hinder his play? It seems like 2-Master gets talked about a lot, but rarely 3+. I know the one game I played with 3 Masters (because it was gainst Zoraida and I was feeling salty) just left all three underwhelming because no-one had hte resources they needed to shine.
  10. Reading @Gaston's batreps has been terribly frustrating as someone only a few games into Dashel - I just never seem to have the Masks and Severes in my hands at the same time to get much out of the boss, so I'm mostly struggling to get work out of the summoning. We also play with a shedload of Concealing and big chunky LoS-blockers, so the Rifleman strats don't work terribly well either. I definitely need to get a lot more work in with the Mounted Guard before I throw my otys out of the pram though. I've definitely found this, but (disclaimer:) I only ran them with Lucius for a flanker-hunter. Assassin is great and all, Deadly Pursuit is undeniably useful, but there's a lot of Magical Christmas Land thinking (to nick a Guild Ball term) to justify the price tag.
  11. DuBlanck


    He's had a bit of a run out with Me Feng to good effect - Ruthless with irreducable damage, on a good stat with a reasonable spread, is solid. I play against a lot of Ressurs though, where Ruthless is valuable. As @Ogid says below, he's one of very few Ruthless options, the value of which is not to be understated. Add to that he's decently stodgy even without stones, and has a couple of utility powers.
  12. I'm reading cards in preparation to get him on the table, and it really seems like the Armour ignore issue is fine except into one faction so far - Outcasts being my primary concern, as @Bort said, because there are a whole bunch of already good attacks with built-in armour ignore or highly-accessible triggers. Are there any other factions it would be rife in?
  13. It's less of a matter of damage output, rather that (bar Choff Man) models that are tough enough to survive running up to hold the centre don't often get there faster than the opponent - I've regularly had trouble being hemmed into my side of the field, be it on the flanks or in the middle, because my opponent can put chaff on my side of the halfway line before I can get there.
  14. I think teleporting summonable Hard to Wound 4ss Crooligans are the problem in your case there, not Guild. Moving from Arcanists (largely mei and Colette) into Guild this year, Guild are slooow. Even playing mostly Lucius, with many little pushes and Obeys, everything feels pretty static. To top that off, there's a big advantage in being able to take the middle ground early, and the Guild's traditional "shoot gud" strength isn't much use when there's more range-disrupting terrain and few opportunities to score VP without engaging enemies.
  15. Naturally a limit of the time/format, but I agree - there's a load of non-versatile OOK picks that don't come up in these Deep Dives (regardless of the Master at hand) that often bear discussion. It might just be a factor of the game still being relatively fresh - there are phat stax of models to be tested, and I doubt many people have really stringently tested even half the available combinations. Things like the combo of False Witness feeding an Investigator and Field Reporter can be tasty, for example, but that's a reasonably expensive chunk that needs very specific circumstances to work well.
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