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  1. The only argument I can see against is that a couple of models might need tweaking/checking to make sure that (for example) that much consistent Burning application doesn't make the Kaeris' set-up too reliable. And Savage can choose how far they want to mill through their deck in order to leave a useful card on top for Old Ways-ing. Not big issues.
  2. I'm hoping some good soul will make M2E-style versions of the M3E cards - the wounds area is larger, clearer, and in a rarely-handled place on the card. This is the main relevant factor for me - unless the text is microscopic, it can be read, but you can't undo accidentally wiping an unknown number of wounds off when you picked the card up fifteen minutes ago. The new cards are big so that they fit all of the abilities on the front, but if the titanic art bits are reined in a bit I think they might be barely workable. The way the model rules are built now, there's not enough real estate front-of-card to use the M2E layout, unfortunately. We're just stuck with the new jumbo cards. Grumble grumble.
  3. I think official terrain guidance is exactly the sort of thing that needs to go into M3EGG now that so many objectives are extremely limiting on positioning.
  4. I know. It's still better for the game.
  5. This conversation is likely to bleed into @mythicFOX's thread about when we should do this stuff. I stand by my assertion that a significantly different deployment is a good influence on the game, and that 'horrible corner deployment set ups' should just be changed when they are revealed to be horrible. Set it up for good cover, and if it turns out that someone will be boxed in to the extent that it will spoil the game, rearrange the offending pieces of terrain. To remove Corner because it's often inconvenient would be both completely missing the point and an egregious case of baby-with-bathwater, when there is a far easier fix.
  6. My preference would be move "P&D Terrain" to between "D. Generate Schemes" and "E. Choose Faction and Leader". That way you can arrange the terrain so the objectives are doable, and still make informed choices about how important mobility/range/schemeyness are during Leader selection. I think it would be too limiting to find out at step H that you should have brought fast models to get from Corner to the other side of the board, or should have brought tougher models to face down Wedge. I like what you're saying re: not needing to set up terrain until you actually reach the table, and I agree that that is what often happens in practice, but I think the above points mean it's a better game when played 'optimally' if the official order has terrain before Leader/crew selection
  7. @trikk - that's exactly what I'm talking about when I say TOs should be willing to plan to avoid that, and players should be willing to shuffle terrain so that that is not an issue. If there's a house smack in the middle of the Corner's frontline, the players should move it to an agreed place to make the game playable, without necessarily completely devaluing the advantage of getting to choose deployment zones. Yes, it will be easier to funnel someone than in other deployments, but that's why taking mobility tech is an added requirement of crew design inflicted by the deployment.
  8. I understand why that's a valid grievance, but I don't think it's a problem with the deployment style. I think the value added by having Corner is well worth the additional work the TO might have to do to make sure tables are playable in Corner. Equally, I would fully expect any reasonable player to be willing to shuffle terrain a little to avoid a situation where one player will not be able to participate if they lose the flip. Yes, even in a tournament. If the TO has to be called over, then it needn't go further than "Move that cottage, it's going to spoil the game for your opponent", and anyone running a tournament should be prepared for and feel comfortable doing that.
  9. Who is suffering most from lack of mobility or lack of tricks to work around Pyres/Pianos/Pillars? Corporeal Ressurs? Trrrist tin men? The long arm of the law? Apart from (presumably) Zipp's, are there that many crews that could blockade the opponent's deployment zone before they get a chance to spread out?
  10. It was an intentional decision to clips the wings of the M2E-style massive alpha strike that Zipp's crew were notorious for. I don't think they need it back, and it give the Iron Skeeters room to be something more than an expensive taxi.
  11. I'm a big fan of Corner. It's one of the deployments that has a massive effect on crew construction, but actually focusing on mobility rather than speed-to-enable-alpha striking. Bring Flying, Leap, Incorporeal, marker destruction... Deployment is supposed to be one of the parameters that dictates your crew selection just like terrain and opposing Master. This is one thing I've been finding frustrating as a whole about M3E, so I can see why folks find it exacerbates the difficulties of playing Corner. Mobility tech in general seems less good this edition.
  12. Skeeters Fly and provide Concealment, no? Also Gracie's carry is a Push, not a Place, so is incredibly limited compared to the Skeeter's. I don't know why you'd take Gracie.
  13. For 6ss in M&SU you get free Shielded+1, cheap Shielded+1, with an option for an expensive/awkward Shielded+2 or Focus+1 (depending on the mix of Tomes, Rams and Power Tokens available). For 7ss with Hoffman you lose the free 1 but get a much easier repeatable Shielded+3. It's hardly stellar, but it's not bad. Models don't have to be strictly optimal in-keyword.
  14. Any chance of getting abilities re-named so that the name means what the ability does? Misaki's Waldo today has two perfect examples: Charge Through: She doesn't charge through anything, she hits it really hard. Confusing, since there are abilities that actually let you charge through stuff in the game, and there are a hundred other names that would signify hit harder on a charge. Extended Reach: She doesn't get a longer reach, enemy stuff can't take charge attacks. Call it Protected Ground or Web of Steel or Offensive Defence or something, because at the moment the name sounds like she has extended reach when she attacks or something.
  15. DuBlanck

    10T Foundry

    I haven't used Shovel Faster! in any of my three or four games with Mei - Burning never stacks high enough to Shovel without completely removing it, and dishing it out didn't seem to come consistently enough to stick it on models I needed to Stun. Is there better Burning output in 10T? I played strictly in-keyword, and it didn't feel like there was much Burning output.
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