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  1. I'm still struggling a little with Mei being counter-teched. Which Factions have the best/most prevalent access to armour-ignoring or reduction-ignoring tech?
  2. @Fetid Strumpet@NoisyAssassin Unfortunately, being the Arcanist sub, it's not an easy option for this side of the conversation. I've been really impressed with Minako and the Katashiro the few times I've seen her on the table. I haven't noticed much buzz around Mei on the TT side of things though - presumably Misaki covers the rapid strike and Shlong the damage output/resilience, or something. Or she wwas never particularly popular in TT in the first place. @KingCrow @frumpypigskin Joss does have Dynamic Generator to gain a Power Token on a Charge though, so that's two by Turn 2, with buyable triggers to gain more. I tried Joss out yesterday. Cursed Idols, Claim Jump(Kang), Vendetta (Survivor Vs Prospector) [Deliver the Message, Hold Up Their Forces, ...something] Mei, Emberling, Kang, Joss, Rail Worker, Metal Gamin, Survivor, Medical Automaton (Magical Training). Into a fairly standard Parker crew + Ashes & Dust. The plan was to skew one way, dominating the left Crow spawn, controlling the Mask spawn, and contesting the middle. Kang, backed by Juggernaut heals and the MediBot, chucks an Idol as early as possible and then declares Claim Jump, before bailing out and RTRing in to score the End VP. Mei clears out the Crow spawn and pushes into the middle. Gamin lays track and Rail Worker repositions or slaps people, Survivor splats people and/or fires scrap at them to jump in their face and interfere. The Rail Worker was there to use the throw set-up discussed earlier in the thread, to prevent the non-RTRs getting left in the dust. Worked a charm, and he moved in to bulk up my blob around one flank's Idol in Turn 2 - I didn't feel like it slowed him down. He then RtR into the central scrum to flip Kang out of engagement and into a scoring position to Reveal Claim Jump, which I don't think I ever would have got otherwise. I stand by my "min 1, max 2" judgement. Joss is decent - tough, punchy, not as slow as I assumed. Generating two Power Tokens and then cycling them with Power Transfer and his Generator(?) trigger was fine. Expensive, but I think I got my money's worth. Would hire again. The Survivor was brilliant. Being able to fire Scrap Markers at stuff was dead handy, the Focused damage output is pretty good (especialyl with the shoot again trigger), and it's really nice to have some proper range. Considering a "hire most games" stamp. The Medical Automaton did almost literally nothing all game, even passively, because I made a series of odd/bad/stupid choices with it. I think it is probably worth trying again, and actually using it this time. I didn't count on A&D being able to use my rails better than I could, doing mad damage, and being ridiculously tough. After the first shock and awe activation from A&D, my plan faltered pretty hard - A&D rushed 20" inches up the board, killed the Survivor (after Reveal VP, fortunately), then next turn rushed another 20" across the board to steal my 'dominated' Crow Idol (thanks to Parker being able to hand out Interacts). That's definitely something to look out for against Outcasts.
  3. I'm going to try that tonight - Kang, Joss and a Medical Automaton, with a Survivor to launch Scrap to try and make up for the reduction in Walking Forges that paying for the big boys necessitates. It's pretty much "models I intended to try before Nationals" soup. I'll let y'all know how it goes. Your points about Joss are all very valid, but the patented Rail Worker Pneumatic Launch System might help with that...
  4. I don't have a problem with in-game generated terrain causing Idol movement - that's part of the playstyle you can tech into, and counter-tech against. It is part of the strategy, just the same as blocking off access to the Idol spawn point without overlapping the point always has been.
  5. @Mycellanious So why not move Attacker/Defender right to the end of set-up? I'm not suggesting the way it would work at a tournament is that every game starts with a bare board, and players lay the table. That would be ridiculous. If the concern is exploits by gits, I'd think the few tables that might need TO-supervised shuffling of one or two terrain pieces to clear up Idol spawns would cause less grief than a call every turn or two when it spawns somewhere one player declares is advantageous to his opponent. If we're rules-lawyering to absurdity, then any time it doesn't drop on the 'natural' Idol spawn, I can make an argument that any opponent with a faster crew than me is advantaged by that location.
  6. I really don't know why the Corrupted Idols spawn isn't either "as close as possible to the point" or "reflip after choosing priority if the point is obstructed". Also, to reiterate the whinge, I really don't know why Terrain is before Objectives in game set-up.
  7. You have just reminded me to pack him for Nationals. He was in a solid 25% of my crews when I started Malifaux, and he's not been off the shelf since before the beta. I can see him being decently tasty being fed spare scrap for massive slaps, or getting flung over a house to land on the face of any particularly difficult opponent models. I don't really get Kang. Focus is great, and an early Turn 1 pulse to Focus the whole crew is really great, but he really doesn't do enough otherwise, and he doesn't hit enough of the crew with later-game pulses. I don't think I've used the "Discard to prevent Slow/Distracted" more than once or twice ever. The crew doesn't have more than one or two cards to waste against crews that spam those conditions, so unless he's just trundling along behind Mei and the Rail Golem to protect them before their big activation, I don't really see it ever being good enough to justify his cost. The only time I can see him truly being useful is in something like Reckoning where's there's not too much to lose by hanging a long way back, effectively setting up a 'local' Scrap Rail Network in your own half, and using Kang's pulse early Turn 1 and 2, and Concentrate Turn 1 on everyone else, to carry a load of Focus into the later game... And that still feels like conceding a bit too much area and momentum to the opponent.
  8. Am I reading it right that it remains entirely possible to accidentally set up a board that can results in one or more Cursed Idol spawn points being illegal placements? Remind me why are we doing Terrain Set Up before Encounter Generation again?
  9. Season 0.01? That was my first thought when I saw that clause too.
  10. DuBlanck


    He only needs to be 4" behind your front line to stop the 9-AP Agent 46 gimmick - if 46 is not assassinating your key pieces because Sparks is protecting them, he's paying for himself already.
  11. Based on previous statements by some folks: he's mobile, puts out decent damage (some at range), can gunk up the opponent with Pyres (when not Pushing), decently hard to kill (Butterfly, Df6, stones, Distracted)and is generally pretty independent on a wing unless a beefy lad is sent to hunt him. Presumably there's some Burning synergy available too.
  12. DuBlanck


    As a Mei primary player, I like using him, and I expect to bloody hate playing against him. Besides Arcanists, Lucius is my main side-horror, and switching off the ability to launder AP through the output models just ends the Elite crew. Molly probably wouldn't like it either, but she can probably work around that 6" aura fine... For all people are saying he's too easy to splat, the model that kills him is probably left in a significantly disadvantageous position after snuffing Sparks - and it probably needs to be a reasonably heavyweight model to get it done in fewer than 4AP, between Shielded and Scamper, so you probably trade pieces roughly comparably but you spend fewer resources on the counter-punch. Even if it somehow ignores the ping damage, carrying a stack of Injured is not fun.
  13. I only ever did it if I had cards in hand because it was funny, it was rarely efficient. As @Ludvig says, it's going to be worth it to get one more AP through your output models occasionally, but it's probably not something you want to plan on doing. Did this change late in/after the beta? I must have missed it. It makes Investigators waaaaaaaay less appealing, and unfortuantely makes Dopps a lot more so.
  14. Easy option: 3x speed video with general narration of key moments "scheme runners ran up the wings early, beaters and Master take the middle late, this is the first marker that scored Search the Ruins, here's the second". Bonus points: Explanations of the rationale behind moves. "Scheme runner dropped marker here so that 4" distance to the drop next turn will still keep it out of LoS of opponent." Hard mode: As above, with slow-downs to 1.5x to cover key actions/activations, e.g. beater fights, high-impact triggers, stuff that causes major board-state changes. This is how a lot of Guild Ball match reports are done (e.g. Don't Touch The Beard), but it is a bit easier with GB's 6-a-side with similar abilities, rather than Malifaux's 12-30 models on the table and wildly disparate model capabilities.
  15. This is the kind of stuff I'd want. "The core schticks are x and y, and the big gimmicks are a and b". It's probably the most useful thing I'm finding from the Floorheads podcast, the "it's not obvious from the individual cards, but Candy can bone your whole crew turn 1" or "McCabe will shred your whole hand or your whole crew in a single activation" points.
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