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  1. Ah annoyed I missed this. Assume it's too late
  2. All good points. I did go after big hits where possible but got punished with some rough flips. I wouldn't choose to go in to kirai again with Titania but sometimes that's the way it goes. Think I'd have a better time of it second time round though.
  3. Went up against kirai in corner symbols last night. Took Titania. Had a really tough time as kirai hugely out activated and had combo of incorporeal and vengeance was rough. Didn't help that a summoned shikome got to rogourou 3 inches out deployment and killed it top of turn 2. First time playing Titania, usually play tt, but really struggled. Felt like I would need to be absolutely on top of my game and get a bit of luck to stand up to the kirai crew. Will have to give it another try though!
  4. Sorry, that's what I meant, I know you can always charge, but she wouldn't be able to declare a melee attack.
  5. Hello, Sorry if it's come up before or I'm missing something obvious but pandora does not have a melee attack of her own on the card. Is she therefore unable to charge?
  6. Took mei (gumdrop) for the first time this week, in to outcast zipp in symbols. Took the golem and two gamin, one rail worker, Dawn serpent and sparks. Combination of totem, gamin and golem meant there was plenty of scrap around to ride the rails. Annoyingly I don't see me taking more than one rail worker or kang so not going to get much out of the nightmare box. That being said Kang is fine and the pulse focus is nice it's just that we are spoilt for choice when it comes to 9ss models and most are better! Bombs in your belly from sparks is good but he's obviously a model tha
  7. Spritz was not fun, still not sure if I put the gun in the right place but it's on there now. Left the lid off for painting but it did seem to slot on the top OK.
  8. It's good anti demise eternal tech as that heals 4.
  9. Hey, as long as its made clear to the opponent it will be fine. Maybe paint squeeler on to the base lip or something as well.
  10. We'd reached our initial limit of 16 but four more have been added so the link should work now.
  11. Tickets are definitely still available. I'll speak to the dice saloon and get them to check the link.
  12. Who do you find you are using for scheming if its not kitty? I suppose the huggy obey can be handy. Also with the new corrupted rules huggy is potentially good as whether he obeys a friendly or does it himself he has the potential to heal it back.
  13. She is great but I fear she may be massaged with the nerfing stick!
  14. Sorry if this has been answered before I did search but couldn't find anything. But who counts as killing the model if something with the karmic fate upgrade dies from the karmic ties. Seems like it could be a way to get around take prisoner for example.
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