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  1. I would second this. I wasn't sure about him at first but having used first mate a couple of times recently I've realised he's solid gold. Pretty survivable with butterfly jump and stones, good damage and crazy movement. Card draw too.... If you remember! He was mvp in my last match against raspy with collette and mei feng. Took a pounding from mei, put some wounds back in to mei, lept away, killed a wounded raspy and flipped two turf war markers in opposing half.
  2. Kiryn

    Wong crew beating

    I agree, I have only played him a couple of times but found the same thing. You need to go early with wong turn 1 to get everyone with glowy and fast and then he basically gets left behind when a fast crew moves up. To be fair it was flank so had to push up quick, if it had been standard this could have happened end of turn 1 maybe. Also you need to stay balled up initially to get the heal pulses out with the bokor. Maybe I was focusing on it all too much and actually you just need a key model or two with glowy and fast.
  3. What are peoples thoughts on taking BBB in to a zoraida crew. Feel like arcane res and the hand manipulation is worth it and he could hit the voodoo doll to hand out slow at a push.
  4. Currently building a zoraida crew. Grootslang looks a strong super mobile schemer / schemer beater. Think bokor are great, as above, hit them with the doll for glowy then they heal it back up. Potential for shielded and card draw too. Gators look good for cost, particularly with execute trigger for anti demise Think bad juju is sweet. Think big brain brin looks good, arcane res is just good and option to manipulate deck are things mamma z is going to appreciate. Like wisps for a cheap Lure, also like the look of adze for more speed and potential to scheme. First mate for an all rounder, beating where needed or scheming and denying.
  5. Kiryn

    Wong crew beating

    I have looked at the taxidermist, but they do seem expensive both in terms of ss and also literally money. Really annoying it's the only way to get stuffed pigs. Will look at getting some swine cursed. Do you think Sammy is a must? I see her in a scheme heavy pool but not sure otherwise. Am planning on taking BBB, but it's probably him or Sammy.
  6. So I'm new to the bayou and have decided initially to play wong. Like his theme and think there is an OK synergy however I'm worried he is going to lack bite. I don't really want to proxy alfonse but im struggling to see where the obvious damage is coming from if you don't take him. Thinking about taking gracie for some tank /beat and Burt. Will also take the pigapult for tossing Burt, piglets and bokor about. Is it a case of having a lot of fast models with glowy getting multiple average hits off.? Are swine cursed the missing link?
  7. So no line of sight required. That's what I thought
  8. Talking of the pigapult. The load em up action. Do you read that as place model anywhere in 18 inches with or without Los. The way its written suggests so, although that goes against the shochwave generic rule of needing Los. Although technically the schockwave comes from the model placed. What's the thought on this?
  9. Not fully done as the face still needs work, but quite happy with the skirt.
  10. I think a few of us are keen to travel up from Brighton if it's a one day event.
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