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  1. Who do you find you are using for scheming if its not kitty? I suppose the huggy obey can be handy. Also with the new corrupted rules huggy is potentially good as whether he obeys a friendly or does it himself he has the potential to heal it back.
  2. Kiryn

    Karmic fate

    She is great but I fear she may be massaged with the nerfing stick!
  3. Kiryn

    Karmic fate

    Great, thanks.
  4. Sorry if this has been answered before I did search but couldn't find anything. But who counts as killing the model if something with the karmic fate upgrade dies from the karmic ties. Seems like it could be a way to get around take prisoner for example.
  5. We're planning on heading round the corner afterwards for some beers in the unbarred brewery taproom. So Faux, pizza and top notch local beer.
  6. Kiryn

    The One

    Still not found it. Maybe Ophelia. Need some more time with brewie and mah too. Problem is I keep going up against outcasts and they can so easily take a lot of damage I tend to just get steam rolled.
  7. I'll be interested to hear the third floor pod on this. Seems like some good shenanigans.
  8. I'm in for some pizza... and some faux I guess.
  9. Kiryn

    Thoughts on Ophelia

    Had my first game with Ophelia last night. Reckoning in to Parker barrows. Pool was search, harness, take prisoner, deliver and dig. I took, Ophelia, franc with coffee for scheme removal (was a mistake I think) Sammy, raphael, rami, bokor and a lightning bug for more healing and scheme manipulation. I definitely didn't use Ophelia's upgrades well enough and hard some terrible cards late on but she still did some solid damage. Managed to take out rusty and mad dog pretty quick but it did probably cost me a reckoning point as it was too quick. Overall I like the crew, think that flinch and bigger they are give some good resilience. They are a little slow, might be tempted by the pigapult, possibly with pere ravage in to some games. Would like to try merris next time too. Only thing is that there are no obvious schemers in keyword, or am I missing something?
  10. Kiryn

    Bayou Zoraida

    What's the opinion on juju into ressers with the potential of manos and the anti demise. Without his demise juju really is weak. Potentially got a molly game in to corrupted. Thinking about swapping juju for whiskey golem. No regen on golem but armour two is solid. Might be able to squeeze both in but it's likely the first mate who will lose out. Guess golem would need inferiority too.
  11. Need to give the moon shinobi some more game time for sure. Stealth is definitely going to be good.
  12. I notice that there has not been much chat on Ophelia. I've not played her yet, but she seems decent, particularly as range is strong in m3e. Or it certainly seems to be when you're on the other end of it. Am I missing something or she just not liked? What sort of crews are people building when they do play her?
  13. Played brewie in to a strong levi crew a couple of times now and really struggling. The score has never been runaway but its so hard to keep models on the board so feel like I'm struggling from the get go. He tends to take rusty and mad dog and ashes and dust so a lot of threat on top of levi too. Killed a and d twice and got the core too the second time but it just cost too much ap and the storm was able to go off and kill my tanuki. Last game lost the golem quickly as non reducible is rough. Popcorn got mad dog and marlena but I was still left with a lot to do.
  14. Kiryn

    Bayou Zoraida

    I like the adze, very fast, decent damage with poison and or burning. Ability to easily heal in combat too. I've found that opponents go after juju hard. Mostly he's just stayed up but does need healing from bokor. That low defence is just savage. I feel like you need at least one other solid beater/tank to take some pressure off juju. I've taken the emissary to reasonable effect. Mech pork could work too as opponent is unlikely to bring anti armour against zoraida.
  15. Ah cool, good. I thought I'd misunderstood the rules.
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